Cardano Founder Claims that New Upgrade will Make Cardano Compatible with Different Browsers

In a new YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, shared a new and exciting upgrade for the network. According to Hoskinson, the development team is currently working on an upgrade that will make Cardano compatible with different browsers and smartphones. The upgrade will be backed up by the Plutus app that could enable JavaScript.

JavaScript is currently the most popular programming language on the web domain. It allows the website designers to provide support for their websites, applications, and programs to run on different formats like desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. As per Hoskinson, the backend of the Plutus application can run on JavaScript to make browser compatibility possible.

Cardano Network may Overtake Binance and Ethereum

Speaking at CryptoBriefing, Charles Hoskinson claimed that smart contracts are an important upgrade for the Cardano network. He further added that with the help of smart contracts capabilities, Cardano would be able to surpass widely used crypto ecosystems like Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum 2.0.

This will allow the Cardano investors who prefer lite applications to access the network without any difficulties. The lite or lightweight clients can have the option to conduct transactions without having to download the entire blockchain.

The IOHK, now known as IOG, announced the launch of Alonzo hardfork for the network last month. The Alonzo upgrade is crucial to introduce smart contract capability on the network. It will take place in three phases, namely blue, white, and purple. When all three phases are deployed successfully on the network, it will mark the completion of the Goguen Era.

After the Shelly phase, the Goguen Era is aimed to make Cardano a decentralized network. Each Alonzo phase deployment would introduce more features on the blockchain. Each Alonzo phase takes 90 days to become fully functional. Cardano development team has confirmed that it will be inclusive of an ERC 20 token converter to give Ethereum tough competition.

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