Crypto Market Sees to Strong Movers as SOL and ATOM Demonstrate Strong Gains

It seems that the entire Solana and the Cosmos communities are in very high spirits ever since the year 2023 has begun.

Things are proving to be very promising for Solana and Cosmos investors as they are seeing the prices of the assets hit higher levels.

It is important to mention that the entire crypto market is demonstrating the same performance but these two are among the top gainers.

Their performances have gained the attention of many investors in the cryptocurrency market. As they are highly bullish, many investors are joining the groups to invest more in these assets.

It is time to have a look at what kind of gains and profits these assets had to offer the investors in the recent trading sessions.

Solana (SOL) Recorded an 8% Surge

The data suggests that the trading price of SOL has recorded a significant push in the recent trading session. The report shows that the value of the asset was pushed by 8% in a matter of 24-hours.

Prior to the push, the value of SOL was trading at a low trading figure. The price chart shows that the asset was hovering at a low of $11.05 prior to the rally.

As the rally hit the asset, its value surged to a higher level. In just a matter of 24-hours, the asset’s price climbed all the way up to a high of $12.02. It was the peak trading price SOL had hit during the day.

It was the fifth consecutive day that the price of the asset has continued rising for Solana without any interruption. Throughout the sessions, the bulls have overpowered the bears.

They have not let them take control of the trend even for once and have continued with their strong buying activity.

The bulls launched the rally at the end of December and it is still on the right track for investors.

The performance chart shows that prior to the launch of a strong rally, the bulls found it difficult to come closer to $11.80, a ceiling level.

This meant that the bulls had to exert higher buying pressure to cross the ceiling. Just as the bulls were able to achieve that, a strong rally was triggered.

This led to the trading price of the asset getting pushed to a higher level. The rally has continued since then and the worth of SOL has only been pushed higher.

SOL’s RSI is also on the same page as the market sentiments, as it has been climbing higher. With the price of SOL breaking the ceiling, the RSI also started to move in upward territory.

So far, the RSI has climbed to a high of 50.83 and it is gradually making it closer to the major resistance ceiling at 53.00.

It is worth noting that SOL had not reached and crossed the RSI 53.00 score since November 6. This means that if the RSI manages to hit that level and cross it, the rally may gain even more power.

Cosmos (ATOM) Recorded a 4.40% Surge

Just like Solana, Cosmos (ATOM) has been recording a significant surge in its trading value. The asset’s value has been climbing higher, which is a positive sign even for neutral investors.

They know that they can become part of the trend and help push ATOM’s price even higher. It has been three consecutive days since the price of ATOM has been climbing higher.

Prior to the rally, the price of the asset was at a low of $9.77. This is when the rally kicked in and the trading price of ATOM was pushed to a higher level.

The value of ATOM was pushed higher by a 4.40% rally, elevating its price to a high of $10.22.

Just like SOL, ATOM’s RSI is also showing an upward movement. If it continues moving in the right direction, more investors will keep lining up to support the rally and push its price higher.

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