El Salvador’s President will Bring Awareness around Bitcoin in Latin America

The whole world seems torn when it comes to cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin. If you check the statistics and listen to the arguments the top leading financial advisors and business persons have to offer around Bitcoin, you will come to the fact that it is a fifty-fifty audience. 

For some, Bitcoin is an absolute necessity that will shape modern finance, and for some, it is a contender to the US dollar, which brings de-stability and chaos. This is something that is permanent and can’t be changed in any aspect, way, or form. To be done with it and starting anew, the El Salvador president Nayib Bukele has something amazing to share with the Latin American territory regarding Bitcoin.

Latin American Countries Adore the Idea of Bitcoin’s Adoption

He participated in the recent 2021 Miami Bitcoin conference and has proposed his desire to make Bitcoin a form of legal tender in his country; following in on his desire to do so, seven other Latin American countries have joined the race want to implement the same. There has been a surprising trend that is taking on as the senior officials from El Salvador and other countries have taken it to Twitter and posted their photos with laser eyes. 

This is the type of meme format in which red laser eyes mean a strong desire for something, and in this case, the desire is for Bitcoin to become a financial asset for various countries. The trend is viral and taking on even so in other countries such as Paraguay, Panama, and even Argentina. All the Latin American population needed was a single nation to step forward and adopt cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, and El Salvador’s president has done that, so adoption for the rest might not be much of a problem anymore. 

In this interesting turn of events, it is predicted that as the Latin American population has chimed in to adopt Bitcoin, the rest of the process, such as mining or development of infrastructure to support the idea of decentralization, should be completed without any problems. This means massive stability and price boost are gearing towards the crypto market.

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