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Grayscale Investment Adds SOL and UNI

Michelle Gilbert

ByMichelle Gilbert

Oct 2, 2021

Briefly –

  • Grayscale expands its investment portfolio, adding Uniswap and Solana.
  • Also, the asset manager trimmed its Ethereum and Bitcoin investments.
  • More mainstream companies such as Stanley Morgan increased their Grayscale’s BTC Trust Fund investment.

Grayscale, a cryptocurrency asset manager, declared adding two digital tokens, UNI/USD and SOL/USD. The firm continued its protocol of rebalancing its assets investments, benefiting two coins in its latest move.

Meanwhile, Grayscale announced reducing its Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to add Solana and Uniswap to its properties. According to the statement, Uniswap holds around 1.06% of the firm cryptocurrency investments, while Solana accounts for 3.24%.

ETH and BTC Still Dominate

The recent actions come after the company rebalanced its assets in the past quarter, adding Cardano to its Digital Large Cap Fund. At that time, ADA represented 4.6% of Grayscale’s Fund. With its latest rebalancing, ADA accounts for 5.11% of the firm’s entire Fund.

Ethereum and Bitcoin still dominate Grayscale’s holdings. The latter holds 62.2%, while the former signifies 26.3%. As BTC dominates the cryptocurrency fund, UNI leads as far as Grayscale’s DeFi sector is concerned, with around 45%. AAVE comes second with 14.1%.

More Industry Dominance

Grayscale is the largest crypto manager in the United States and probably in the globe. The company continues to grip the market as multiple mainstream customers add their digital assets to its platform. Grayscale’s asset, BTC Trust, appears to enjoy increased traction from global investors.

More Financial Giants Investing in Grayscale’s Fund

While writing this article, Morgan Stanley’s Grayscale BTC Trust shares stand at 58,116, acquired via its European Opportunity Trust. Other renowned giants also added their cryptocurrency savings in Grayscale, expanding the firm’s crypto investments. Keep in mind that Morgan Stanley was among the firms that had opposed crypto assets in the past. However, the firm seems to take a turn as its investors keep pressuring on crypto inclusion.

Solana had shown massive expansion over the past months, attracting investors from different angles. Nevertheless, Grayscale has expanded its portfolio, adding coins with an impressive performance in the previous sessions. For now, market players can expect Uniswap and Solana to rise in value in the future.

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Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

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