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TradeFred AU is an ASIC licensed and regulated FX and Crypto broker with good trading conditions, an easy to use trading platform, a social trading network, various methods of payments and over 200 assets for trading. It is among the first brokers to introduce a social cryptocurrencys trading network within its trading platform and we have given TradeFred a total score of 4/5 stars.

TradeFred Review

Just like other parts of the world, Australia also has a large population of people who want to start their trading careers. However, these are new traders and they don’t know exactly how to take a start. Choosing a broker is one of the first things for them to do, but how to identify the right broker is something they need to understand. If you live in Australia and want to sign up with only the best broker, you might want to consider TradeFred as one of your options. Let’s find out what you need to look for in a broker and simultaneously know why TradeFred is one of the best choices you have available.


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Things to Look for in an Online Broker

Proper Regulation

There is a slight difference between regulation and proper regulation. If you browse online, you will find out that most of the brokers are regulated today. That’s because the brokers have realized the importance of getting regulated. If a broker wants to win the trust of the traders from around the world, the first thing it needs to do is get regulated. However, not all the brokers are regulated in the country you are in. When you choose a broker, it is best that you pick it based on its regulation in your country. For Australian traders, this is what makes TradeFred one of the best considerable options out there.

You have many regulated brokers on the internet but not many are regulated in Australia. Australia’s most trustworthy authority that regulates the online brokers is Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). You are in safe hands if your broker is regulated. However, you are in the safest hands if your broker is regulated by ASIC and you live in Australia. ASIC ensures that the broker you have signed up with is operating transparently and following all the regulations of legality in its operations. If there is anything wrong, the regulatory authority is there to take care of that.

Access to New Markets

When you compare the online brokers, you will see that the oldest ones have the highest number of financial assets available for you to trade. However, you don’t always have to judge the broker based on the number of the assets. Today, you have to focus more on the new and emerging financial markets. You should consider yourself lucky that you are living in a time where some new markets are coming into being. Cryptocurrency market is one of these emerging financial realms where you can get a huge return for the money you invest. However, you will not see all the online brokers offering you access to this market yet.

There are only a few that are taking this huge risk. It is a new market and the risks are high because of its volatility. Even the oldest brokers in the market have not yet made cryptocurrencies available to their traders. Some bold brokers that have brought cryptocurrency trading to their traders include TradeFred. When you sign up with this broker, you get access to the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world today i.e. Bitcoin. You can exchange this Bitcoin against some of the most well-known, stable, and liquid currencies of the world such as EUR, GBP, and USD.

In addition to getting access to the cryptocurrency market, you are also getting some leverage on your trades. With leverage, you are able to control big trades and reap the benefits of the volatility of this market. Of course, high volatility also means high risk but you can always learn proper trading before you put your money on the line. TradeFred has enough educational material available on its website that you can get access to when you open an account with this broker. You don’t necessarily have to open the most expensive account to get access to this valuable training material.

New Trader Help

A broker should be committed to helping new traders with their trading careers. You don’t get attitude from every broker. Some brokers are making more money from their old brokers than they are from the new ones. This is why their policies and features are geared more towards this market. On the other hand, you have TradeFred with its features completely in the favor of new traders. First of all, you can start an account with this broker with a very small first deposit. Once you have made that small deposit, you have access to the best financial markets and assets of the world including digital coins.

You will also be trading on the best trading platform of the world. MetaTrader 4 is where you will be doing all the trading. However, if you want to move away from the desktop version and trade using your mobile device, you can do that too. You will get all the help you need from the broker as a new trader. For example, many of the trading tools are available for you for free. You can use these tools to help you with speculation and making predictions on the assets. When you sign up with the broker with real funds, you will get trading signals on a daily basis. These trading signals tell you what position you should assume when trading a particular asset. Not to mention, you can also take advantage of the trading education to learn all about trading and the trading platforms.

Bottom Line

While there are a lot of other features that you can look for in an online broker, the three mentioned above are the most important. These are the particular elements that will contribute to your successful trading career. If everything else is fine but these areas are not properly covered, you will struggle a lot in making a successful career in trading. Do not forget that as an Australian trader, you need to see your broker being regulated by ASIC. You have the peace of mind of ASIC regulation when you sign up with TradeFred. You won’t find many other brokers that operate internationally and have regulation from ASIC.


Bitcoin Era Review

Best Trading Robot

86% Declared Win-rate
✔ $250 Deposit
✔ Accepts Credit Card
Try Bitcoin Era With TradeFredRead Review

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  1. Amelia Sowerby Reply

    I signed up with TradeFred 4 months ago and at first I was not seeing any profits or anything special but after a few days an account manager called me and gave me some educational material and I started gaining some good profits after that. So far everything is mostly well. I hope that I start getting even bigger profits in the future.

    Amelia, Jesmond NSW

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