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XTRgate is a trustworthy broker with good trading conditions, an easy to use trading platform and various methods of payments and assets for trading. It is among the first brokers to introduce cannabis stocks trading within its trading platform and we have given XTRgate a total score of 4/5 stars.

XTRgate Review

The world of trading has experienced an exponential rise in popularity as it has now become possible for people to trade from the comfort of their home. Now you don’t have to venture out to find a broker who can show you the ropes and help you trade the asset of your choice. Online brokers are plentiful and all you have to do is make a choice and get started. Among the best options, XTRgate has proven itself to be one of the most trader-friendly brokers and it offers them a chance to trade in a wide array of financial markets. Even though XTRgate is a new addition in the world of online brokers, it has quickly ascertained the needs of its audience.


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This has allowed the broker to expand its operations rapidly and is now serving clients in more than 60 countries around the world. Primarily, XTRgate offers CFD (Contract for Difference) trading, which means that instead of trading the actual asset, you will speculate on the rise and fall of fast-moving instruments.

However, this is not all that XTRgate has to offer. It has combined some of the best features of all brokers out there to provide traders with an all-in-one solution. Some of the numerous offerings of the broker include:

A Versatile Trading Platform

Whether you have a positive or negative experience with a broker depends on the trading platform they have made available to you. If the trading platform is a good one, you will have a pleasant trading experience. When you sign up with XTRgate, you will have access to the popular and well-recognized MetaTrader 4. Every trader, no matter if they are new or an experienced one, have heard of MT4 if they have even a slight interest in the trading world. It is a convenient, user-friendly and cutting-edge platform and enables you to have the same experience no matter which operating system or device you use to access it.

It comes with some of the most useful features available such as Expert Advisors (EAs), which enable automated trading, something that’s highly appealing to new traders. Apart from MT4, XTRgate also offers its users the option of using a Web Trading platform, which can be accessed in any browser. This does not require any downloads and installation, which adds to its appeal and boasts numerous charts and graphs and other tools that can be incredibly useful during the decision making process. Lastly, the broker has also added a Mobile Trading platform to its arsenal as it recognizes the need to make decisions on the go. They are available for Android and iOS smartphones and come with all essential and some advanced features as well.

A Huge Asset Index

As you will read in this XTRgate review; the company has one of the largest asset indexes among the brokers in the market as it allows you to trade over 2,200 underlying financial instruments easily. One of the best parts about the broker’s asset index is that it is flexible i.e. it continues to add new options with time. You will come across plenty of brokers that don’t add any new assets to their platforms and continue to boast about what they already have available. However, in order to keep up with the market, brokers should continue adding assets and this is exactly what XTRgate has done.

Otherwise, people would simply switch to a different broker. This is one of the major reasons why this broker is now offering its users’ access to the cryptocurrency market as it has become a hot commodity these days. If XTRgate would have chosen to ignore this market, its client base would have been highly disappointed and may have gone elsewhere. Yes, the crypto market is undoubtedly volatile, but the high risk also promises high returns so the broker has given options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to choose from if a trader is willing to take the risk.

Apart from this option, the broker offers you the ability to trade precious metals, indices, soft commodities, energies, foreign currencies and stocks. No matter what assets you decide to trade, XTRgate offers you some of the best rates in the market and allows you to take up any position you are comfortable with. You can take advantage of these markets in any way you like. However, one of the most unique offerings of the broker is that of Cannabis stocks. Cannabis is being widely accepted and this gives it a lot of potential. Traders who want to take advantage of this possibility can buy stocks of some of the top Cannabis companies including GW Pharmaceuticals, Cronos Group Inc., Aurora Cannabis Inc. and Tilray Inc.

Easy Account Signup and Management

Another factor that can have an impact on a trader’s experience with a broker is how easily you are able to create an account and start trading. Obviously, once you have made up your mind to become a trader, you want to get on with it right away and if the process takes too long, you might be tempted to switch brokers. This is another issue that XTRgate has considered and so it has made the process of opening an account as simple and easy as possible. Another challenge that traders have to face with other brokers is the fact that they are required to deposit a huge initial fund, but only get access to minimal features.

Again, this is not something you have to deal with when you decide to use XTRgate as the initial deposit requirements are very low and you will be able to open up your account in a few minutes. Secondly, you will also come to see that even the most basic account offered by the broker is equipped with a variety of advanced features. For instance, both basic and advanced account holders can have access to leverage of about 1:200. There are some documentations such as proof of ID and address that you will need to provide, but this is just routine and for your security because the broker wishes to keep your transactions secure and your confidential information safe.

Various Account Types

Most online brokers you will find will offer you the choice between two accounts; one standard and one for professionals. But, these are two extremes and there are lots of traders out there who don’t fit either criteria. So, what should they do? They should sign up at XTRgate because here they will find multiple account options and one of them will suit their needs. In simple terms, there are four account types you will find at XTRgate. Each of these accounts has been tailor-made to meet the needs of a certain kind of trader and to help them in having a seamless and convenient trading experience.

The first account type you will come across is the Starters Account and this requires no introduction. It is designed for those people who are fresh into the trading world and have absolutely no background or experience. Trading conservatively is the right way for them and this account gives them the freedom to do so. This account has a minimum deposit requirement of 250 EUR/GBP, which is easy for even beginners to meet. They will also be given some training to help them grasp the basics. The spreads are fixed for this account and traders can also use Expert Advisors (EAs) if they want automate trading.

The next account option is referred to as the Silver account and it is one that’s incorporated for traders who have had some experience in trading, but are still not ready for the big guns. They can put their experience to good use through this account because it allows them to expose themselves to a bit of risk, but not too much that it will lead to major losses. XTRgate allows them to access webinars through this account, which is an excellent opportunity for them. They can talk to experienced traders and market experts and get their insight and advice about what to do and what to avoid.

The Gold account type is for traders who are serious about their trading activities and are willing to take big risks so they just might reap the rewards. You will have high leverage and fixed spreads here, a personal account manager, access to daily market alerts, the latest news and numerous other tools and features that the broker has to offer. The last account is called the Premium account and this is for VIP and professional traders who are quite ambitious and trading full times. There is a bonus policy for them and there is also one-on-one training available. An expert consultant is also provided who is an industry expert and can update them about any market changes and new trends.

Multiple Payment Options

Deposits and withdrawals can often be a hassle and one aspect that almost always troubles traders. Therefore, even new traders are a bit apprehensive when they learn about the hassles associated with depositing and withdrawing money with brokers. XTRgate has attempted to simplify this process as much as possible and has provided a wide array of methods at your disposal. You can select one according to your convenience and preference. Debit and credit cards are available, which translate to fast and easy deposits and withdrawals. Several cards including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Delta, Diners and Solo.

While this is a quick method, it has a higher cost as compared to others. There is the option of making a wire transfer if you don’t mind waiting for a few days because it is more time consuming. However, banks may charge you for the transfer. Electronic payments are also supported by XTRgate because these have become immensely popular and they are quite handy because they allow for immediate transfers. Neteller and Skrill are just some of these options.

Lastly, XTRgate has kept up with market trends and has introduced crypto payments as well where traders can use Bitcoin for making their payments and withdrawals. There is a crypto wallet also provided by the brokers where traders can keep their coins safely when they are not using them.

Responsive Customer Support

Customers are a priority for XTRgate and this is evident when you take a look at the customer support options the broker has provided. They have given several avenues that traders can explore, depending on the urgency of their query. An online contact form is available on their website that can be used for sending them a detailed message. If you are not comfortable with this option, email is also another option to consider. For urgent queries, phone numbers are provided to the broker’s three offices.

The agents are friendly and responsive. They are prompt in their answers and try to be as detailed as possible instead of being vague. This has helped them earn a lot of points with their customers.

In-depth Education

In regard to trading education, XTRgate has managed to excel and this also works in the broker’s favor. The training and educational material becomes accessible to traders as soon as they open their account with the broker. Furthermore, you can find this information in a plethora of formats and access it in whatever format suits you. There are e-books for those who prefer to read and video content is also available for those who want to do it fast. The webinars are the way to go if you prefer to learn live from skilled traders and experts.

All options have been made available to you at XTRgate and it is up to the traders to take advantage of all the resources at their disposal.


XTRgate is a trustworthy broker with good trading conditions, an easy to use trading platform and various methods of payments and assets for trading. It is among the first brokers to introduce cannabis stocks trading within its trading platform and we have given XTRgate a total score of 4/5 stars.


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  1. Madison Hague Reply

    Very helpful in sharing details for investing etc. Have seen good profit in the last few months. See what will happen in future. Thanks for your time XTRgate.


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  2. Terri W. Borst Reply

    Quite good and reliable broker. They provide all the necessary services and tools for effective trading.

    • Big Trends Signals Post authorReply

      It seems that XTRgate is becoming really popular as of late!

  3. Carolann Coleman Reply

    Good Solid Broker, great execution, numerous markets, low costs, good technology. It’s not a very easy platform to learn if you are a newbie but as a broker for executing my trading strategies, this is a very good place to trade.

  4. Jimmy Reply

    XTRgate is really the best place if you are looking to invest in cannabis stocks.

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