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Cardano Top Developer Says Cardano’s Testnet is “Catastrophically Broken”

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Aug 23, 2022

Cardano, a crypto network that has gained immense success and reputation within the crypto market, is now on the brink of collapse. The Cardano testnet, which is in charge of storing the data of the user’s transactions and everything that takes place on the network, has become incompatible and incapable of working for which it was designed in the first place.

After running successfully for about two years straight, the latest Vasil hard fork upgrade has broken the testnet and is now incapable of performing any transactions, validation of the transactions, or any of the actions that it used to do without any problems before.

The developer on the team, Adam Dean, has said that this was because of the rush that Cardano had towards the implementation of a broken upgrade and the latest software client’s incompatibility with the said upgrade. This is what has broken the testnet and has made a few past days a nightmare for the crypto network.

Users have been suffering across the board; they are not able to mine crypto, make transactions or even receive rewards for the staking of their personal tokens within the mining pool of Cardano because of the inability of the Cardano network to facilitate any of it in a normal fashion.

Testnet Affected due to a Bug

The situation is now under control, but it has been termed ‘catastrophic’ by the developer Adam Dean who found this bug earlier than anyone on the Cardano’s blockchain, which continued to develop incompatible forks on the testnet.

Apparently, it was the latest software client for the stake pool operations on the testnet termed 1.34.2, which has now been revived to the previous stable version. The rush behind the implementation of the upgrade was what broke the whole thing off.

The parent company behind Cardano, Input Output, did ask the investors, the stakeholders, and even the end users of Cardano to put their confidence into this newer update as, according to them, it has been tested again and again. Unfortunately, this thing didn’t play to their strength at all. But now, things are apparently in control and are getting better with every passing minute.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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