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Finantiko Review – What to Expect from this Broker?

Helen Dyer

ByHelen Dyer

Dec 9, 2020

Technology and the internet have brought about a massive change in the business world. Nearly every industry has felt its effects and has evolved to keep up with the advancements. The world of trading is no different; there was a time when trading involved physically going to the markets for consulting with brokers and making deals and investments. But, those times are behind us as online trading has become one of the hottest trends of the last couple of decades. Particularly with the introduction of cryptocurrencies in 2009, online trading saw a boom and the markets haven’t slowed down since then.

The potential of the financial markets to help people in making massive returns, even with a small investment is not lost on people. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose your own times, decide how much you want to invest and whether you want to opt for trading as a career or a hobby. There is no need for you to have years of experience or even in-depth education. However, there is one aspect of traditional trading that still exists and that’s the role of a broker. They are just as crucial to the process today, as they were before.

Brokers will be your bridge into the financial markets and they will provide you with the assets, platform, tools and resources that are part of the trading process. But, how do you go about finding a firm? It is not very different from finding something else online; run a search on Google and you will have a list of online brokerages to choose from. But, like every other thing you buy, this also requires some research on your behalf or you may end up making a mistake. Your goal should be to find a reliable and authentic one that can offer you the assets and tools you need.

Can Finantiko do that? This brokerage was founded by a company named Tikmedia LLC, which is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It specializes in CFDs (Contract for Difference) and its website is available in English and Polish. But, what can you expect from this platform? Can it meet your requirements? The only way to determine this is by taking a close look at it:

  • Trading Instruments Available

You should know exactly what trading instruments can you trade with Finantiko in order to ascertain if it has the one you are after or if it gives you room to diversify. You will not be disappointed with the options here because the firm has ensured that all kinds of traders can find the instruments they want. You can trade in the world’s largest market i.e. the forex market with the highest daily trading volume. You can find trading pairs, including major and minor pairs, along with exotic options. EUR/USD, GBP/TRY, NZD/USD, GBP/CHF and USD/NOK are some of the options.

You can try indices, which include major ones like FTSE 100, S&P 500, DAX 30 and Nikkei 225. Finantiko also allows its clients to trade in the stock market and buy and sell shares of companies like Microsoft, Aurora, Google, Apple and Amazon. You can also trade different commodities both soft and hard, with the former including corn, wheat, coffee and cocoa and the latter including gold, silver, palladium and aluminum. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple are also available at this platform.

  • Trading Accounts Offered

To be able to trade through a broker, you first need to open a trading account with them. You will find four account options available at Finantiko, since this company is offering its services to traders from all backgrounds. Whether you are a newcomer in the trading world or a skilled trader, you can find an account designed for you. The options begin with the Bronze account, which is the most basic one meant for novices. It provides customer support, access to one-on-one training, financial courses and trade size of 0.01. The second account choice is called Gold and this one is for intermediate traders with some experience in the market.

They are given access to educational e-books for learning the ins and outs and the trade size is adjusted to 0.1. The third account choice offered by Finantiko is referred to as Platinum and this one is for advanced traders due to which it comes with an analyst manager and even webinars while trade size is adjusted to 0.2. The last account choice is referred to as Diamond, meant for professional and expert traders, so it gives access to every feature offered by this platform and a trade size of 0.5. In addition to these accounts, the broker has also added demo accounts to enable traders to do some practice and get acquainted with the trading platform.

  • Trading Platforms Incorporated

One of the most crucial aspects of any broker is their trading platform because you will spend most of your time using it. After all, this software connects to the markets and is used for opening and closing trading positions. At Finantiko, you will find the SIRIX trading platforms available to you. There are three versions of the platform that you will find; SIRIX Station, which is the desktop version that can be downloaded on your PC, SIRIX Web, a browser-based platform that’s accessible through the website and SIRIX mobile, which include apps for iOS and Android platforms.

This allows traders the freedom to choose a version they are comfortable with. Each of these platforms boasts a highly intuitive user-interface and is equipped with some of the most high-tech trading tools in the market. You can find an economic calendar, margin calculator, charting tools, price alerts, and market news and also benefit from one-click trading. The platforms are fully customizable and can be navigated easily, even if you are a newbie and haven’t traded before. You can see results in real-time and try a variety of order types.

Final Thoughts

When you know what to expect from Finantiko, you can start trading confidently and rake in the returns.

Helen Dyer

Helen Dyer

Helen Dyer, a notable author at Big Trends Signals, uses her extensive online trading knowledge to construct insightful guides and meticulous reviews, aiding traders in their digital investment journeys.

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