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PrimeHolders Review – Is PrimeHolders Scam or Legit?

Michelle Gilbert

ByMichelle Gilbert

Jun 23, 2021

PrimeHolders Review


PrimeHolders logoA platform that will be used for something as critical as holding cryptocurrencies, trading, and storing funds need to be closely examined. The benefit of choosing the best platform when it comes to crypto trading cannot be over-emphasized. There have been several downsides to most existing platforms, and some have posed security threats to users. Being new to the world of crypto or digital asset platforms can make the whole process of choosing which to go with stressful. That’s why we have gathered all the necessary details regarding this highly recommended platform to make the process of choosing easy for you. This article will look at one of the very best digital asset exchange platforms – PrimeHolders. The PrimeHolders review will cover all you need to know about using the platform, like security, gas fees, payment methods, and so on as well.  


When it comes to deciding which digital exchange platform to go with, many features need to be considered, like the efficiency of the platform, transaction fees, and a host of other things that will be encountered while using the platform. Several exchange platforms have unique perks; hence deciding which to go with can be a little confusing. Also, the more popular exchange platforms tend to have exorbitant fees on transactions and as a result, finding an alternative becomes necessary.


Introduction to PrimeHolders


PrimeHolders is a cryptocurrency exchange platform owned by BlockEx LTD, a blockchain-based company that provides cryptocurrency exchange services as well as financial services geared at the financial market. 


PrimeHolders is a unit of BlockEX LTD that only focuses on digital asset exchanges. Since its inception, it has provided top-notch services to users in areas it has a license to function. 


There are a lot of reasons why users and traders highly recommend PrimeHolders. PrimeHolders enhanced features distinguish it from other exchange platforms. Its features have kept its percentage patronage high since its launch. With its strong security standards and advanced integrated software, it has become successful in winning the hearts of beginner as well as professional traders.

PrimeHolders website


Features of PrimeHolders Exchange Platform 


Let’s quickly look at the features of PrimeHolders that separate it from the others and why you should use the platform for your trading. 

User Interface


These days many people access the internet via their mobile phones instead of desktops or laptops. Services that have their users in mind ensure that their platform is mobile-friendly for smooth navigation whenever their users are on the platform. PrimeHolders is one of such services. The platform is mobile-friendly with a super easy-to-understand interface. There is no stressful process involved with using this platform, whether you are trying to create an account or place a trade or sell your funds. 


What most traders love the most about its interface are its swiftness and responsiveness. Time has proven to be money, and the crypto world is a perfect representation of this. Every trader with experience knows how important time is in placing and closing trades. With PrimeHolders, you never have to worry about time or system lag. Everything works very smoothly. 


Platform Policy


PrimeHolders policy is created to ensure the safety of traders and a smooth trading environment. All registered members are required to provide details that let them know their customers and where they are trading from. This allows some sort of regulation for a completely unregulated industry. 


Users on the platform are verified members. Hence trades and investments done via the platform have some level of safety as the platform is effectively screened for criminals and scammers who may want to leverage the opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting traders. 


Registration Process


Unlike some digital asset exchange platforms with rigorous procedures for account creation, creating an account on PrimeHolders requires just five minutes or less. Yes, everything has been simplified. You don’t need to involve a third party or consult anyone. 


Since the PrimeHolders platform currently has no web application, you have to get on the platform via your internet browser, which is super easy. All you have to do is type in PrimeHolders on Google, and you will be taken to the website’s sign-up page. Hit the sign-up button and follow the step-by-step process that unfolds. 


You will be required to provide very basic details like first and last name, a username of your choice, your username could be anything. While choosing a password, it is best to keep it complex. Fancy names are not so helpful here. Make sure your password is a combination of letters, numbers, and at least one special character. Your password will be way stronger than when only letters or numbers are used. 


In addition to name, username, and password, you will need to provide a verifiable email address and phone number. Unfortunately, residents of the United States will not be allowed to create accounts on PrimeHolders as the exchange is yet to be granted a US license. Other country residents can fill in their country names and move on to the final process. Agreeing to the terms and conditions stated is mandatory. Although it is not in PrimeHolders’ culture to create unsuspecting rules, reading through will help you familiarize yourself with their policy to better understand the platform for a guaranteed smooth experience. 


One last step, and your account will be live. As part of their security measures, all users must provide a government-issued ID, national identity card, driving license, or international passport to verify and approve their accounts. This takes a very short period of time. After all of this is completed, the account will be active, and you can head on to trading or other transactions immediately. 




The digital asset world has experienced a boom lately, with so many people wanting to be involved in the digital finance space. This has also created room for criminals to initiate criminal activities. To create a safe haven for traders like you, PrimeHolders has made their site super secure with highly advanced technology. You never have to worry about your details landing in the wrong hands. 


Also, their compliance with the anti-money laundering and know your customers’ global policy ensures that people without verifiable identities are locked out of the platform. As a result, the platform is very safe to use for trading. 

PrimeHolders security


How It Works


PrimeHolders is aimed at helping to begin, and expert-level traders maximize their profits in the market. With a swift and easy to access global trading platform as well as guides for trading, traders are only a step away from amassing profits from their trades. One rare feature PrimeHolders possesses its provision for skilled trading on the platform regardless of the trader’s experience. 


Payment and Withdrawal Means


There are some digital asset exchange platforms that do not support fiat currencies, making the use of the platform difficult as users have to get wallets from third-party sites. On PrimeHolders, there would be no need for a third-party wallet. 


PrimeHolders allows users to make deposits and withdrawals via their debit or credit card or bank transfer. The platform will be guiding you on the technicalities involved with whichever mode of payment or withdrawal you desire. This allows users to be well informed about all that will happen during transactions as PrimeHolders is not known to initiate any form of hidden charges. 


A Huge List Of Assets Available For Exchange 


The crypto world is so large, but the big players remain the top three and most popular coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. The buzz around Crypto coins may leave inexperienced traders and investors thinking these are the only available coins or the only coins thriving in the market. PrimeHolders sheds more light on this. 


The PrimeHolders platform has a plethora of successful coins to choose from and trade with. Inexperienced traders can grab the opportunity to familiarize themselves with less popular and upcoming coins while leveraging the benefits that these coins possess. Though Bitcoin and Ethereum take center stage, all coins have unique benefits that skilled traders can maneuver. 


There are lots of exchange platforms that do not come with this feature. This is one of the reasons why PrimeHolders has been largely patronized in the previous years both by skilled and beginning traders. 


Efficiency of Trading 


When deciding what exchange platform to go with, the efficiency of the platform for trading matters the most. This is because the efficiency of trading is one factor that will hugely control how successful your trades will be. 


The crypto world is ruled by volatility, and time is the biggest most deciding factor of what market prices will be. Hence, time is very important to every trader that knows what they are doing. Due to this, no one wants a platform that would not be efficient in executing trades when they are initiated. 


PrimeHolders, based on the reviews of users, has an efficiency that is close to perfect. Of course, there will be occasional imperfections that would be encountered on the app, but they are always swift to fix it. If you would want an efficient platform with a high level of responsiveness for trading, PrimeHolders is just perfect. 


Trading Speed


Trading speed is very important for the success of your trading. It is a well-known fact that brokers receive your order for a trade at a later time than when you place the trade. Traders are often encouraged to be mindful of timing and place trades at the appropriate time to maximize profit. However, when brokers execute a trade order late, there is really not much that can be done. 


The good news is PrimeHolders is a broker that will initiate your trade at the fastest time possible. This way, you wouldn’t miss out on the price you have placed an order on. You can easily monitor market prices via your PrimeHolders account. Traders who have used other platforms before PrimeHolders have testified to the swiftness with which orders initiated are executed by this broker. 


Trading Cost


The cost of trading has been one of the traders’ biggest worries in choosing a broker. Most brokers charge processing fees, trade fees, and percentages on transactions. When all the fees are summed together, it amounts to a whole lot. 


On PrimeHolders, there are no processing fees or transaction fees. You never have to worry about any hidden charge or account fee. The only fee traders are charged is the trading fee, which is only 2% per trade. This is way lower than what other brokers charge, which has made PrimeHolders the favorite broker for many.  


Highly Secured Platform


How do you trade cryptocurrency safely? This is a question on the minds of many, considering how risky cryptocurrency trading can be. Asides from having a strong password and keeping your details safely, you need a secured broker. PrimeHolders’ top-notch security ensures that your assets are protected anytime. The account verification policies also help keep the platform safe from fraudulent practices. 


When you know you are in safe hands, you can easily initiate trades without fear of your details and assets landing in the wrong hands. The platform is highly secure, and anyone looking for a secured broker can rest assured that PrimeHolders will meet their needs. 


Availability of Advanced Orders 


Advanced order is a feature that allows traders to trade safely while maximizing profit and minimizing loss. On PrimeHolders, the limit order and institutional account type let you stay on the safe side of trading. 


A limit order is set by the trader, and units will only be purchased on your behalf when market prices fall within the stated range. Outside of the range, no units are purchased. This helps you stay at the top of your game while managing the amount staked in the market. 


Also, there are stop-loss orders and a host of others to either stop a sell or buy decision when the market trends are no longer in favor of the decision taken by the trader. PrimeHolders keeps you safe, helping you minimize your loss to the barest minimum. 


Freedom to Copy Trades


All expert traders have a strategy they follow which allows them to maximize their profit when trading. This is because they have spent quite a lot of time studying the market, its trends, and its behaviors. They know the best times to make a profit on a certain commodity, when it is best to hold back, and when it is best to sell. 


Beginning traders lack this form of knowledge and experience to help them have a smooth trading experience. Many beginning traders make a lot of hurtful losses that could be avoided or minimized before they learn the ways of the market. 


On PrimeHolders, such losses will be nonexistent as the platform comes with a feature that allows traders to copy trades. That is, if you have found a system that works, you can easily integrate the strategy into your style of trading by directly copying the trade on the platform with the feature provided. This will help you enjoy a better trading experience while studying the market as a beginner or intermediate-level trader. 


The Facility of Leverage Trading


Leverage trading accounts on PrimeHolders allows traders to be able to make use of funds provided by the broker for trading. This feature allows traders to maximize profit on the platform while having a feel of what bigger trades are like. 


However, traders who use the leverage trading feature must take caution to ensure they are trading safely, as wrong buy decisions can have their entire capital wiped out. 


Good Customer Support 


PrimeHolders customer support has been said to be effective by users that have contacted them. They have an email address that can be used to reach them. Any questions or issues reported to PrimeHolders customer support are usually responded to in less than 48 hours. 


Their customer support attendants are highly receptive and willing to help you handle any issue you may encounter while using their platform. Also, if you need clarification on anything like the use of the platform, their policy, how to initiate trades, and so on, you can easily reach out and get clarification. 


Frequently Asked Questions Section


As an alternative to contacting customer support, the frequently asked questions section is a part of the platform that publishes questions asked by previous users and answers provided. New users can get clear and direct information by navigating this section for questions they may have that have been answered. 


Users can as well publish their questions in this section, and answers will be provided almost immediately. This section remains an alternative to customer support but not a substitute; hence customer support can be contacted for extra clarification if need be. 




PrimeHolders is an efficient platform for trading. The platform has all the essential features required for an effective trading environment. This has been one of the most used exchange platforms over the years. So far, there are no records of PrimeHolders users seeking alternatives as they are quite satisfied with the way it operates. 

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert, a skilled writer at Big Trends Signals, merges her online trading expertise with exceptional writing to produce detailed guides and insightful reviews, facilitating informed trading decisions.

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