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A Doctor Paid $60K in Bitcoin to Hitmen to Kidnap his Wife

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Aug 14, 2022

The use of cryptocurrencies for illegal activities on the dark web is an open secret; people use BTC and all types of cryptocurrencies for the sake of getting their way and hiring help or buying illegal products off of the dark net. A strange case has emerged as a neonatologist, Dr. Ronald Craig, illegally hired a hitman off of the dark web for the sake of frightening his colleague and kidnapping his wife. It has been said that he paid somewhat $60K in Bitcoin to the anonymous hitman that he hired for illicit purposes.

The whole thing began as a result of his wife asking for divorce consistently,and he denied her the right to a divorce, she then threatened him about going to court, and that is when Dr. Ronald set the whole thing into motion. He went on the dark web to hire illegal hitmen for the task of assaulting one of his colleagues; he requested that the wrongdoers break the hands of the victims and show it to the doctor as proof. He then wired almost $2000 worth of Bitcoin for a job well done.

FBI’s Investigation Reveals Everything

FBI, when it started to look into the matter, found out that he was using a pseudonym on the dark web, calling himself ‘Scar215’, and the password that he did use was ‘Mufassa$$’. Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there and asked the culprits to do one more job for them, which was to kidnap his wife, take her to a secure location and then inject her with cocaine. He was of the notion that her wife might drop all the charges that she planned on filing for a divorce and would continue to be with him, working together to sustain their marriage.

FBI was on the matter from day one and was lucky enough to obtain evidence of the communication that took place between the hitmen and Dr. Ronald. They put the whole thing to an end, and now the neonatologist is looking at almost eight years behind bars for the crimes that he did commit.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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