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ActiveBrokerz.com Review – Is Active Brokerz a Recommended Platform For Crypto Trading?

Michelle Gilbert

ByMichelle Gilbert

May 18, 2020
Active Brokerz Review

ActiveBrokerz Review

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The world of financial assets is very vast. The vastness of the financial asset’s world brings with it many bright opportunities for investors. One of the opportunities embedded in the world of financial assets is that of trading. Financial assets trading basically involves investing a form of asset in order to make more of the same or some other assets. The goal of all asset traders is to create a considerable level of sustainable profit in the market.

Investing in financial assets holds a lot more opportunity than any other field of investment; this is because of the numerous financial assets available in the market. Some factors that surround the world of financial assets trade make trading in the financial market a little complex.

Financial assets investments basically involve trading with units of money, in simple terms buying and selling money with money. The fact that this market is based on money is why it is necessary to tread with care when approaching this form of assets trade. Money is quite volatile, and its value fluctuates with time. The value of money changes in the twinkling of an eye, and so, a careless trader can record massive losses if such doesn’t lose all of his/her capital.

As complex as trading in the financial assets market can be, some experts have mastered the art of trading successfully in it. Many of these experts have gathered their wealth of experience and used it to create a platform for other investors to trade successfully. This is what investment brokerage platforms do, they gather a wealth of experience in one or more aspects of the financial assets trade market and combine it into a platform through which investors can execute their trade orders.

When an investor sets out to start his/her journey into trading financial assets, the first thing such an investor needs to do is to set a list of investment goals which will guide his/her portfolio, investment style as well as investment career. After outlining investment goals, the investor then needs to choose a broker that fits the set investment goals.

Choosing a broker could also be a very tricky decision for investors. This is because there are tons of brokers who offer their platforms for investments in the financial market. Choosing one of the many available brokers may be a challenge, especially if there are many that fit into the investor’s investment goals. There are brokers who offer a diversified portfolio for investors, and there are others who base their platforms on a limited number of assets. Fortunately, there are some signs to look out for in choosing a broker for an investment.

ActiveBrokerz.com Review


Active Brokerz is one of the many available in the investment brokerage circle, and this is a review of its platform. At the end of this article, you should be able to decide for yourself if this broker’s platform is what you need for your financial and trading goals.


Trading platformMeta Trader 4, Mobile Trader, and Web Trader.
Account OptionsBeginner Account, Intermediate Account, and Expert Account.



Demo & Live Trading Account

Assets coverageForex, CFDs (Contract For Difference)
Trading toolsEconomic Calendar, Technical Analysis, Online Academy, Forex Cross Rates, Real-Time Chart, and more


AML Policy,

Tech Innovation Security Measures

Education and TrainingYes:


Facebook Education Group


A to Z Education Program

Documents RequiredTransfer Information (If Applicable)


Address Verification Document

Personal Identification Document

Language Options18 language options
Service ExemptionUnited States of America
Trading RestrictionScalping Policy
Customer ServiceEmail, Telephone, and Web platform Contact Form
Parent CompanyActive Brokerz
LocationBeachmont Kingstown; St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Active Brokerz is an investment brokerage platform located in Grenadines. This broker’s platform, according to its website, states that its trading process starts with its clients. Hence, the ActiveBrokerz platform is client optimized in all of its designs.

The class of assets available on this broker’s platform is optimized to help its clients make the best of their financial investments. The foundation of this brokerage platform was set by traders who have distinguished themselves in the art of trading. The Active Brokerz platform is an award-winning trading platform, which is easily accessible for all.

Due to the fact that the broker serves numerous customers from across the globe, it has provided several language options for its clients to interact with its platform. The services of the Active Brokerz platform are available in eighteen 18 language options.

All classes of traders are welcome on the Active Brokerz platform as it has three trading account options from which an investor can choose. The three trading account levels available in the ActiveBrokerz.com platform cover the investment goals of newbie traders, as well as expert traders of the financial assets trade market. Active Brokerz also has an option of a demo account and a live account. The availability of a demo account on this platform makes it even more unique, and this is because a trader who is not convinced of Active Brokerz’s prospects can open a free demo account to test the trade process on its platform.

The trading tools available for the use of investors and traders on the Active Brokerz platform are fantastic. The trading tools help simplify complex trade analysis into terms that a trader can turn into a trade order. The tools on this broker’s platform also help a trader plan ahead of the market for possible falls or rise in the market. With all the trading tools on the Active Brokerz platform, a trader is empowered to be well prepared for all possibilities of the market.

Education is another stronghold of the ActiveBrokerz platform. This platform provides numerous educational resources to help its clients make the best of their investments. The educational resources available on this platform cover the nukes and crannies of the financial assets trade market. A diligent trader will thrive very well on the Active Brokerz platform, not because the platform promises a 100 percent trade success, but because the resources available on the platform of this broker are enough to make any diligent trader successful in the art of his/her trade actions.

Account funding and withdrawal are quite easy on this brokerage platform. The Active Brokerz platform has provided several methods through which an investor can fund trading accounts on its platform. Similarly, the withdrawal process on the Active Brokerz platform is also reasonably convenient, as customers of the company can withdraw their earnings with ease.

Trade security is paramount to the administrators of the ActiveBrokerz platform as the broker goes to a great length to ensure the safety of funds and the trade activities of its customers. This platform has also kept a very open channel for client feedback and queries. Clients of the broker can reach the customer care team any time of the day via multiple channels, like email, Telephone, and more.

The services of this broker are not available for residents of the United States of America (USA), as well as some other regions of the world as a result of the policies that guard these regions. Aside from these regional exemptions, the Active Brokerz platform is available across the globe.



At the point of registration, the Active Brokerz platform presents two account options from which an investor can choose. These are the demo trading account and the live trading account. These two account options are the perfect complementary set for a successful trading career.

The Demo Account

This account option is best suited for testing trade actions. The demo account has all the features of a standard trading account, and the features are the same in the trading market. The charts in the demo account also show trends as they play out in the real asset market. The only thing that makes the demo account different from the real trade market condition is the fact that stakes on the demo account are not real. The trades executed on a demo account do not hold any real stakes because the account holder does not fund the account; it is funded by the Active Brokerz.

The value of the currency available on the demo trading account is only applicable for making demo trade executions, and nothing more. Profits made on the demo trading account cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other accounts. Profits can only be used to make more demo trades. Likewise, losses encountered while trading on the demo account are only deducted from the value of the currency, which was pre-loaded on the account.

The advantages of a demo account are endless. The fact is that the stakes on this kind of account make it easy for traders to execute their trade orders without the fear of a real loss. When there is a loss on a demo trade action, the trader has enough currency value to make more demo trades and keep getting better in the art of financial assets trading. The demo account is a very good starting point for newbie traders because they get to learn about the nitty-gritty of the financial assets trade market without having to involve their money in the risk process. The demo account is also a very resourceful tool for expert traders because they can test new trading styles on the demo account before involving real risks in the stakes of the trade.

It is actually advisable to trade and record a high level of trade success on a demo account before involving real stakes in your trade executions.

The Live Account

A live account is the same with a demo account in all regards except for the fact that the stakes involved in a live account are real. The user of the account funds the live account, and so the profit and losses incurred by live trade orders accrue to the funds of the account holder. Profits made on live trade executions can be used to make more live trades, withdrawn, or transfer.


The Active Brokerz platform has three live forms of account that a trader can choose from. These three trading accounts, like their names, signify, cover the needs of a wide range of financial asset investors and traders. There is an account available for every class of asset investors on the Active Brokerz platform. The three account classes available on the Active Brokerz platform are listed below:

The Beginner Account: This trading account option, like the name signifies, is a high point to start the art of trading assets. The beginner trading account has a minimum deposit and investment of €250. The account is suitable for newbie traders. Other features of this account are:

  • Online live webinars
  • Free daily market research reports

The Intermediate Account: The intermediate trading account option is suitable for those who have gathered some experience trading assets. This trading account has a minimum trading investment of €5000. The features of this account type are:

  • Access to top assets
  • Online live webinars
  • Free daily market research reports
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Three 1:1 live sessions
  • Online academy
  • 3 Months access to an expert advisor

The Expert Account: The Expert trading account level, just as the name signifies, is the perfect fit for traders who have gained a lot of experience in the financial assets trading world. This trading account has a minimum investment value of €20000. The Expert trading account is suitable for professional traders and those who can take significant risks in the market. The features of the Expert trading account of the Active Brokerz platform are:

  • Access to top assets
  • Online live webinars
  • Free daily market research reports
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Unlimited 1:1 live sessions
  • Online academy
  • Unlimited access to an expert advisor
  • Full access to our live trading room

These trading account options cover the investment needs of all classes of investors in the financial market.


The ActiveBrokerz.com platform empowers its clients for the best trading experience possible by exposing them to top-notch educational resources of the financial assets trade market. The educational resources available on the Active Brokerz platform include one-on-one trading sessions, full A to Z education program, in-depth webinars, Facebook education groups, expert education, Educational videos, eBooks, and more.

With these numerous educational resources, the Active Brokerz platform is just the success template for financial asset traders. All the customers of the broker, whether beginners or experienced, can find something resourceful on the broker’s platform.


The documents required to open an account on the Active Brokerz platform are:

Proof of Identity

 The proofs of identity accepted on this platform are:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • National Identification Card (Photographic)

Address Verification Document

 The documents approved in this category are:

  • Utility Bill (less than three months old)
  • Copy of Bank Statement (less than three months old)

These documents are required as part of the client compliance measure to keep the integrity of this platform.


The broker also provides several trading platforms for its customers to trade. The world-class MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is available on both the web platform and the mobile platform. Clients of the broker can access the MT4 trading platform on any internet-enabled web browser, like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and more. The Active Brokerz trading platform is also available on the mobile platform, such as the iPad, iPhone, and others. With the mobile trading platform of this broker, traders and investors can access their trades from any location and at any time.


The Active Brokerz platform has provided some channels through which a user can reach agents of its customer care. The channels through which a user can get through to the customer care agents of the Active Brokerz platform are:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • A contact us form on its website
  • Office address


The broker serves clients from different regions of the world and thus has provided multiple language options. There are eighteen different language options available on the Active Brokerz platform.


The broker secures the funds and investment of its traders by working with regulated banks to protect its customers. Clients also have full access to their funds using the secured accounts of the broker. Similarly, the broker employs the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international policy, which requires the broker to monitor the financial activities of its clients against any form of fraudulent practices.


The ActiveBrokerz,com trading platform is summarily a great place to put your financial investments as long as its platform suits your investment goals.

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert, a skilled writer at Big Trends Signals, merges her online trading expertise with exceptional writing to produce detailed guides and insightful reviews, facilitating informed trading decisions.

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