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Amazon Partners with VeChain to Enable Carbon Management Services

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Aug 4, 2022

Carbon emission protocols have always been firm in their own doing and the world environment agencies have preached about these emission rates rather heroically but no one seems to care. Blockchain entities and decentralization leave a massive carbon footprint because of the excessive mining that takes place in this sector which is a serious threat to our environment. This is something that everyone should be aware of and simple awareness is not going to cut it proper protocols must be developed to handle this issue.

VeCarbon will Control Carbon Emission Rate

Amazon, the e-commerce tech giant has recently gone into partnership with VeChain, a crypto-based blockchain firm to control their carbon emissions and to keep them strictly within the applicable range. VeCarbon is the name of the initiative that VeChain has taken to control its carbon emission rate and to extend awareness to other companies and firms within the blockchain sector. Amazon has not only praised this initiative but has extended a formal proposal to become a part of it.

According to a recently launched report, VeCarbon will help Amazon to control the tech giant’s carbon footprint and to shrink it within an applicable range that is permitted by the regulatory bodies. For proper functioning of the VeCarbon platform AWS (amazon web services) has extended their support in terms of providing them with enough storage and a proper analytical solution that is catered to their very needs.

Some countries don’t even care where their carbon footprint lies, they just want to conduct business and make money by any means necessary. It isn’t like the environment firms in those countries are not active it is just that people and businesses are not ready to take any action.

China happens to be one of the countries that have taken zero carbon emission to heart and have even given the citizens a deadline that by a specific year their country must opt for zero carbon emission as it has recently become the law. What VeCarbon and AWS are doing is applaudable and a positive step toward making all digital solutions free from the terrors of strong carbon emissions and making them a friend to the environment.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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