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Apple Seeks to Explore the Metaverse with Its New Invention

Barry Douglas

ByBarry Douglas

Oct 16, 2022

Many famous tech firms see a massive opportunity in the metaverse. Meta, the Facebook parent company, has invested considerably in the prospect, while Microsoft acquired a renowned game publisher to set the pace in the metaverse space.

As for Apple, the Mac and iPhone maker will begin its journey into the metaverse with an expensive headset designed to bridge the gap between the virtual environment and digitally enhanced real-world use.

The company has been the industry leader in offering communication gadgets for years. But will Apple reciprocate that in the metaverse? Tech media has tracked Apple’s augmented reality plans since 2015.

Bloomberg is among the first media outlets to report the new Apple high-end headset that provides virtual and augmented reality functionalities. The headset could start selling in 2023. Ming-Chi Kuo, an apple analyst, pegs the headset price in the $1,900- $2,600 range.

Apple’s Headset Could Sell at a Higher Price than Meta’s New Quest Pro

The predicted price is notably high compared to Meta’s quest Pro mixed reality headset, which retails at $1,450. The Meta’s headset provides a glimpse of possible experiences with a mixed-reality headset that overlays digital content atop a user’s full color, real-world view, and more lifelike interactions, enabled by the tech.

Reports indicate that Apple’s headset will run on a powerful M2 processor from the company’s Macs. Also, It will feature cameras and sensors like ones that can accurately recreate users’ leg movements. Additionally, retina scanners will facilitate biometric security for making payments, logging in, and more.

Apple Looks to Develop Software to Support Its Metaverse Vision

However, such hardware is useless without compelling software. For this reason, according to Bloomberg, Apple is building a RealityOS operating system along with the experiential version of apps like FaceTime and Maps and avenues to consume media and collaborate with other wearers.

It remains to be seen if Apple’s ambition for mixed reality experiences and immersive online interactions will match the efforts of other developers in the space.

Although it is unlikely that Apple will embrace the buzzy metaverse term as the firm uses its unique branding. Besides, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, says he is not a fan of the word.

Barry Douglas

Barry Douglas

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