Bitcoiners are Teaming up to Campaign for Nominating Bitcoin Creator for Nobel Prize in Economics

The mysterious personality behind Bitcoin creation carries a lot of question marks. Satoshi Nakamoto thought to be one person by some, and a group by others did not leave behind any traces. The Bitcoin Whitepaper was published a few years ago on the World Wide Web that introduced the world to the digital currency revolution. In the beginning, nobody took Bitcoin very seriously. However, as time passed, one after another bull run took it as high as $64,500 per unit.

Today cryptocurrencies have an overall market cap of about $1.5 trillion. According to many, Satoshi Nakamoto is an economic revolutionary for using blockchain technology for issuing digital assets and laying down the foundations of decentralized finance. The ghost creator can also be credited for paving the way for second and third-generation cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Cardano. Recently a tweet about the idea of nominating Satoshi for the Nobel Prize went viral on social media.

Crypto Maximalist Leader Michael Saylor Claimed that Bitcoin Creator should also be Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize

Lex Friedman is an artificial intelligence researcher and scientist working at MIT. He has initiated global online participation on the matter of Satoshi Nakamoto. In a new tweet, he claimed that due to the great contribution towards economic development, Bitcoin’s founder deserves to be a recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics. The tweet received an overwhelming response starting a debate over the proposition.  

While a good number of investors agree, others think that Bitcoin and DeFi are some of the most destructive inventions in human history. One of the people to take notice of the tweet was MicroStrategy CEO Michal Saylor. He appreciated the sentiment and claimed that Satoshi Nakamoto also deserves to become the next Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Saylor argued that, like other fiats, Bitcoin has managed to function and spread globally without enticing war or violence.

Should Bitcoiners Send a Request for Satoshi Nakamoto to Step Out of the Shadows for Accepting his Nobel Prize?

While almost all crypto proponents have endorsed the idea for awarding Satoshi Nakamoto a Nobel Prize for economics, it has also started other debates. Even if the crypto community manages to make this idea a reality with campaigning, whether Satoshi Nakamoto would be there to receive the prize is another question. Many think that it would be best if Nakamoto maintains his secrecy.

As the Bitcoin market has moved forward, many technical analysts have come to realize the importance of his absence. It has been claimed that Bitcoin kept progressing because it fitted the description of a truly independent and free market. If Satoshi Nakamoto is to walk out of the shadows now, it can cause detrimental damages to the crypto space.

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