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CEO Of Tron Foundation Justin Sun Resigns

Gilbert Perry

ByGilbert Perry

Dec 18, 2021

News coming from Tron camp reveals that C.E.O. and founder of Tron Foundation Justin Sun has resigned his position at the foundation. In a series of tweets shared, Sun expressed his delight at what the Tron protocol has achieved so far while also indicating that the Tron will become decentralized in 2022. 

Sun Takes Up a New Position As Ambassador

Sun will be resigning as head to follow in a new diplomatic path.  The founder has accepted to become the ambassador of W.T.O. and permanent rep. of Grenada, an island nation located in the Caribbean region. The crypto entrepreneur also stated that some nodes would be withdrawn, as twenty-seven reps. will take charge of the community. 

Speculations quickly surfaced that Sun would be leaving entirely and have nothing to do with the protocol. However, he quashed those rumors, stating that he wasn’t retiring but stepping down from an active position to support the current Tron infrastructure. Sun will be working entirely in his new role as ambassador and still be involved with Tron. 

With his experience, Sun will bring crypto education to the Caribbean nation. Speaking of his new role, Sun said that developing countries like Grenada have massive potential to become a crypto nation and Singapore. He added that its closeness to the United States, a country renowned for crypto use, would benefit the nation.

In early December, Sun hinted at his new position when he posted that he was up to “something big.” Immediately, a follower responded jokingly by saying that the news had better be worth it. 

Top Executives Send In Their Congratulatory Messages 

Several congratulatory messages started pouring in from all quarters after his announcement as W.T.O. ambassador on his Twitter handle. Three Arrows Capital’s Zhu Su and Andre Cronje of Yearn’s Finances were amongst those that congratulated Su on his appointment.

Sun’s move came due to Tron’s decentralization. It implies that he wouldn’t have taken up a new position at the W.T.O. if the Tron Foundation was still in existence.

His Twitter handle suggests that Sun might have gotten the ball rolling. His new Twitter handle now reads “H.E. Justin Sun, with a bio detailing his full name and new position. 

Caribbean Nations Becoming a Crypto Space

The Caribbean region is gradually gaining appeal in the eyes of crypto entrepreneurs. Major exchanges are beginning to open offices in several countries in the area. Recently, FTX exchange relocated its headquarters to the Bahamas. 

Barbados is another island nation with a crypto presence. In early December, the country launched an office in Decentraland, a metaverse. Puerto Rico is known as a tax haven for crypto entrepreneurs. 

Gilbert Perry

Gilbert Perry

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