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Coca-Cola to Auction its NFT Collection for Charity

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Aug 1, 2021

Coca-Cola, one of the most tenacious beverage brands globally, is planning the release of a sustaining collection of their own non-fungible tokens, which will help the company collect donations for Olympics international. These NFT tokens are all but ready and available for auction at OpenSea marketplace; the company is in charge of orchestrating this auction which will begin on 30th July.

A famous digital designer named Taffy has worked with Coca-Cola to design this specific batch of the NFT collection. Loot boxes inspire the core theme of this NFT collection from video games, and these have unannounced surprises only for those who have secured a token for themselves in the auction. Then there are these special boxes with a specific Coke cooler and a bubble jacket that a person can wear and will be able to use in a VR construction called decentraland, which is entirely Ethereum based.

This specific NFT will also contain a special card and an audio profiler designed to play specific audio featuring a Coca-Cola bottle opening. Some other audio profiles that are preloaded in this token include the beverage splattered into the glass and the sound of fizz coming out as one pours their Coca-Cola into a glass full of ice.

If some of the bidders want to bid using their Ethereum stash then, they are welcome to do so until 2nd August through OpenSea. The Coca-Cola global trademark president Salmen Careaga issued the following statement when asked about the Coca-Cola NFT campaign. “Every NFT contains such substances which are near to the heart for us; these elements are being recaptured and modelled for the virtual world in a more fun and exciting way.”

Coca Cola mentioned that it would be donating all the proceeds by selling these NFTs in an organized auction to the International Olympics for special people. This is an organization that is aimed at halting differentiation between people who have intellectual disabilities. Opening bid is not yet available for this auction organized by Coke, and the practitioners will be able to view the starting bid when the auction starts.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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