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Currency.com Exchange Review – Is Currency.com Really as Unique As It Claims to Be?

Robert S Barrows

ByRobert S Barrows

Apr 5, 2020

Currency.com Exchange Review

Are you someone who believes in the future of cryptocurrencies? Yes, there are millions of other people like you who want to back cryptocurrencies and see a world where only cryptocurrencies are the means of exchanging value. The world is slowly moving in that direction. However, you still cannot find many platforms where you can make you use of cryptocurrencies the way you want. But there is one platform that claims to be different and brings a lot to the table that no other exchange ever has in the past. That platform is called Currency.com.

Currency.com is by far the most unique trading platform that you can find on the internet. What makes it different? Well, there are more things than you might realize to prove that this platform is completely different from whatever you have seen so far. Let’s get into the details and find out the real selling points of this online trading platform.

Tokenized Assets – Something New and Practical

You have to thank this platform for bringing you something that is fully in line with the intended purpose of cryptocurrencies. If you still have to convert your digital coins to fiat currency every time you want to make a transaction in the world, you are really not making any use of the cryptocurrencies. That’s the situation millions of traders and investors from around the world face every day. They sign up with online exchanges and want to trade in various financial markets with the digital coins they have. What happens to their digital coins? Well, they are asked to convert them into fiat currencies like GBP, EUR, or USD to trade.

This can leave a bad taste in the mouths of people who want to make use of their digital assets. What they need is some place where these financial assets can be represented with cryptocurrencies. That’s what Currency.com is. This is the platform where every asset that you can think of has been converted into a tokenized asset. Yes, if you are looking at a particular metal or index on this platform, you can be sure that it is in its tokenized form. The benefit of this form is that you can use your crypto coins to purchase the tokens of the asset. You do not have to purchase the asset, but the tokens your purchase do represent its value.

These tokens can then be bought and sold on the exchange just like any other asset on the market. Have you ever heard about CFDs? They are pretty close to the concept of tokenized assets. When you trade CFDs, you are not trading the actual asset, but only a contract that reflects its value. In this particular instance, you have a token that reflects the value of the asset. The best part is that there is no other platform that tokenizes the shares of companies, indices, forex currency pairs, commodities, etc. This unique trading is only available on Currency.com as of now.

Leverages on All Tokens

By converting assets into tokens, Currency.com has already made them available for every trader in any part of the world. You can purchase these tokens or sell them whenever you want. You would think that this platform is only limited to this, but you would be wrong. Currency.com has gone the extra mile to provide you with unprecedented leverages on your trades. You do not get any huge leverages from any other online exchanges when you trade cryptocurrencies. However, when you use trade the tokenized assets on this platform, you can start with leverages as small as 1:10 and go as high as 1:200.

Yes, these are the leverages available to you when you trade. There is nothing quite like it on the internet to this day. These leverages are huge and give you an opportunity to earn big as a new trader in the market. The best part about the services provided by this platform is that you can use leverage on just about any asset that you can think of. Whether you are trading a particular cryptocurrency against a fiat currency or buying tokenized shares of Coca Cola with bitcoin, you can take advantage of some huge leverages.

Save Money While Trading

You might not know it if you are a new trader but your exchange can take away a lot of money from you. The exchange has many ways to deprive you of your money and cause you to lose all of it right on its platform. This way, the money you deposit with the exchange never comes out of the account. The exchange eventually benefits from this and you are left with nothing. How does it happen though? Well, the exchange you sign up with has many ways to charge money. The first thing you will notice is that your exchange is going to charge you when you deposit funds in your account.

When you sign up with Currency.com, you do not have to pay any unnecessary commissions on any deposits you make. In addition to that, you can withdraw money without spending any extra money. If there are any fees associated with the withdrawal, you can be sure that it is a fee from your bank, not the exchange.

Now, another important thing that you have to pay attention to is the spreads. Yes, spreads are the differences in buying and selling prices of the assets. Spreads serve as a way for online exchanges and exchanges to make money off your trades. However, a platform can decide how much it charges you on every trade in the form of a spread. You will not have to worry about losing your profits in spreads because this online platform has some of the most competitive spreads on all the assets. You can trade more than 1300 different assets from a variety of markets from all around the world, but the spreads are consistent throughout the asset index.

Learn Properly before You Start Trading

Learning the art of trading is extremely important for anyone. You have to realize that buying and selling conventional assets in the form of tokens is not something old. It is something new and that’s why you will not find a lot of information on the internet about this particular way of trading. Since you cannot find any information on the internet, you have to rely on the courses and training material that comes to you from your exchange. Again, many online exchanges have very outdated information on trading. They allow you to trade cryptocurrencies but there is no mention of cryptocurrencies in their training material.

You will fall in love with the way this online platform has arranged its training material. You can learn the way you want and at a speed that suits your learning style. The most amazing thing you will find right on the website is the trading dictionary. When you start trading, the biggest issue you face is that you do not understand the definitions of things because there is a lot of jargon used in every explanation. Once you have access to this dictionary from Currency.com, you will not have to worry about words and their meanings in any contexts.

Just so you know, there are complete courses available on the website of Currency.com for you to learn trading before you spend even a single penny on trading. The best way to learn is in real-time and that’s what you can do when you take advantage of the webinars from this platform. Yes, you can participate in live webinars to learn in real-time from the best trading experts. Learn from them, walk in their footsteps, and become a professional trader in no time by getting answers to all of your small and big questions about trading.

Trade from Anywhere You Want

The trading platform from Currency.com is one of the easiest in the world. You will know how to use it as soon as you land on it. On the other hand, many other trading platforms are infested with options that do not make sense to new traders. You will be able to see a list of all the assets that are available in tokenized format for you to trade. You can pick an asset from the list and click on buy or sell option to trade instantly. You have access to a variety of different charts and graphs right on the platform. Some charts show you the movement of value of an asset while others tell you about the volume of trading. You can pick one that makes the most sense to you.

What you are going to praise about the trading platform from this exchange is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. What makes things even more interesting is that you can sign into this platform from just about any operating system. You can use it on your desktop computer and smartphones. The exchange has provided you with a separate application for iOS and Android. So, it does not matter which platform you are on or which operating system you are using, you will have access to this trading platform from Currency.com.

Trade with the Peace of Mind

Is there anything more important than the peace of mind when you start trading? The biggest issue with many online platforms and exchanges is that they make hollow promises. They keep telling you that they take care of your interest, security, and safety. However, when it comes to practical proof of their attention to your security, they have nothing to offer. You cannot trust the words of online exchange just for the sake of trusting them. You have to make sure that the exchange is going to keep your money safe, secure your information, and provide you with all types of security that you need.

The much-needed peace of mind that every trader in the world deserves is available on Currency.com. First of all, you can trade with the peace of mind that your money is going in safe hands. Why? Because this exchange is authorized to offer its services through High Technologies Park of Belarus. This authority regulates the online platform and takes care of the interest of traders and investors from around the world that sign up with it. You are highly advised to avoid any online exchanges and platforms that only promise things but are not even regulated to provide their services. In addition to that, you have to think about the safety of your funds.

The first thing you want to listen to from the exchange that you have signed up with is that it is going to put your money in separate accounts. Yes, you need your money in an account that’s different from the one where the online exchange or platform is holding its money. That’s what you get with Currency.com. It is clearly stated on the website that the funds you deposit in your account will be maintained in a segregated account. Now, the website is also protected through SSL protocols. What it means is that all the information that you provide on the website gets encrypted and saved from any online hackers.

The money laundering policy is mentioned on the website in addition to the Know Your Customer policy. In short, this platform has protected traders and investors in every way possible. The platform cares so much about its clients that it makes the use of stop loss necessary when they trade with big leverages. Keep in mind that leveraging your trades can work against you as well, causing you to lose all or a major part of your funds.

Final Thoughts

In simple words, yes, you have to agree that Currency.com as a platform is a super unique exchange for trading assets in various financial markets. No other online platform has tokenized commodities, indices, energies, etc. the way Currency.com has. And just so you know, you can use your crypto wallet to deposit funds in your account with this online platform. This means, you will never have to worry about conversion rates and losing your money in service charges while converting your bitcoin or ethereum to a base fiat currency.  

Robert S Barrows

Robert S Barrows

Robert S. Barrows, a distinguished writer for Big Trends Signals, combines deep online trading expertise with superior writing to deliver comprehensive guides and trustworthy reviews for traders.

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