DeFi Protocol PolyNetwork Offers Mr White Hat An Advisory Position

As per the reports circulating, the crypto platform will not hold the hacker behind the recent attack accountable for his or her misconduct. The DeFi protocol has proposed to give $500k and a position in the advisory role for the hacker in question.

As per the reports, the crypto platform team are looking to get the expertise of the hacker by offering a position to become the topmost security advisor. Furthermore, the company has intended to send a bounty worth $500k for the hacker who, according to poly, is referred to as mister White Hat, even though the group had in prior experience denied to take up any sort of payments offered by the DeFi company.

The Network has close to no obligation to held Mister White Hat criminally responsible since the team is certain that Mister White would immediately return complete ownership of resources to Poly Net as well as its customers. As discussed in earlier public statements and comments, the DeFi firm is appreciative of Mister White’s exceptional contribution to the DeFi Organization’s security improvements.

On the 10th of August, experts stated that about $610m had already been taken from the crypto firm, the BSC, and Ether. Following that, the hacker spoke with the DeFi Firm’s team via incorporated texts in Ether payments, promising to refund the cash. The DeFi firm has stated that it considered the hack to be ethical hacking conduct and rewarded Mister White $500k. The DeFi firm’s team stated that it expects additional professionals such as Mister White to still be engaged throughout the program’s future growth since they think the hacker and the firm match the aim of building a safe and resilient distributed network. The perpetrator restored all or most of the cash $33m in USDT, however did not provide the login info to the wallet the DeFi firm put up for the transaction.

It is a remarkable set of circumstances for the person who is responsible for Decentralized Finance’s greatest breach to be granted a prize and a reportedly salaried job at the firm that had been the focus of their hack. Though the scammer’s information has not yet been revealed, the Beijing security firm SlowMist issued an update immediately just after the announcement of the breach emerged, stating that its experts have verified the assailant’s IP address, device fingerprint and email.

“The DeFi firm stated that they are appreciative for Mister White Hat’s outstanding contribution to the firm’s security improvements. Although there are some misconceptions at first owing to inadequate communications systems, the firm currently comprehends Mister White hat’s dream for Decentralized finance and the digital asset ecosystem, which has always been in accord with Poly Net’s aspirations.

Multiple users had momentarily would be unable to use any wallets. The developments of the previous week appear to have culminated in increased media exposure, mostly on the Poly Net. As per Google stats, awareness of the Decentralized Finance project jumped to a record high on the 11th of August and has been significantly higher than it was when the film debuted in the previous year.

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