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Dogecoin (DOGE) Uptick amid Premier League Presence

Erik Taylor

ByErik Taylor

Aug 16, 2021

On Saturday, The Athletic reported that Watford F.C, an English Premier League club, will have its players wearing the DOGE logo for this season. Such moves come after the sponsorship deal between the team and Stake.com, a betting company.

Sponsors appear to target the Premier League as it has proved to boast lucrative deals in the soccer world. Keep in mind that UEFA reported $6.92 billion worth of revenue in 2019.

Meanwhile, Watford is not new in the world of cryptocurrency. The football club supported Bitcoin in its 2019/2020 campaign. That was after its Sportsbet.oi sponsorship deal.

Crypto and sports tie-ups appear to rise recently. For instance, the legendary footballer Lionel Messi enjoyed cryptocurrency payments as part of its new contract with PSG. The star received a portion of his package in $PSG Fan Token. Also, Crypto.com, a crypto exchange, sponsors the Aston Martin F1 team.

“DOGE for Payments?”

Dogecoin has witnessed lucrative sessions over the past few weeks. The meme coin surged more than 41% in a week and over 63% in fourteen days.

DOGE remains 54% lower from its May record highs as its trades near $0.34 recently. Meanwhile, DOGE is up by a whole 5,817% as far as 2021 is concerned.

Dogecoin now ranks 7th, with its market capitalization standing at $44 billion. The Shiba Inu-themed coin enjoyed its highs due to the support from the crypto community. For instance, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promoted DOGE through his Twitter account.

Mark Cuban is another crypto enthusiast rescuing Dogecoin at the moment. The billionaire attribute the crypto market surged to the community. He went on to say that DOGE is spendable, gamified, usable, fun, collectible, and memified, making it the ‘strongest’ coin for online payments.

Mark Cuban explained how Dogecoin is cheap. With $1, someone can get 337 DOGE and enjoy being part of the fun crypto community.

The Watford F.C deals show that Dogecoin has a place in the crypto market as far as institutional investors are concerned.

Keep in mind that Mavericks owner stated that the NBA club might consider Dogecoin deals in the coming future.

What are your views on Dogecoin and the financial future? Comment below.


Erik Taylor

Erik Taylor

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