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Ethiopia Deploys Cardano Blockchain to Review and Record the Academic Performance of the Students

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

May 4, 2021

Cardano is a blockchain platform planning to provide the world with a scalable and customized decentralized platform. Users can make swift and cost-effective crypto-based transactions, launch their NFTs and incorporate blockchain into their dedicated tools, which has confirmed its partnership with the Ethiopian government. This association was announced way back, and it was only limited to registering the teachers and staff, planning of the lectures, and other resources for students, but now it will also tend to the record-keeping for the students’ academic performance. 

The overall target that Cardano has to hit is about 5 million, out of which about 700k are the teachers and staff while the rest are students of various schools situated in Ethiopia. This is a solid move, and this coming from a third-world African country confirms the consistent adoption blockchain systems are currently seeing.

Cardano Blockchain is Helping Ethiopia with the World’s Most Elegant Education System

The project will be focusing on introducing a region-wise system that can track the students’ current performance and underline the areas where it is lacking, and more improvement can be catered towards. But the primary objective would be to achieve a process that can keep a record of the student’s academic performance and can’t be tampered with. The security that blockchain-related technologies and systems present enterprises with are the real reasons behind such elegant adoption of decentralized systems.

To tackle the fraudulent entry into the university and accrediting their degrees, the system will be issuing the students with blockchain verified digital certificates and transcripts. This will definitely keep the fraudulent activity out of the way and cease to strain scammed job applications using fake degrees or transcripts. Employees or the job providing enterprises will be able to confirm all of the student’s grades and achievements via the shared blockchain-backed system; this also removes the need for relying on third-party systems and processes. The project is going to cover a small number of schools and educational infrastructure at the moment, but the growth will be made exponential once its success rate bounces up and all doubts are made clear.             

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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