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EZDSK Review – Is EZDSK Scam or Legit?

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Feb 20, 2021

EZDSK Review

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As a new trader, the broker you select offers you everything required to begin your career. However, you have to spend some time investigating multiple possibilities to find the right partner. Only then can you find the ideal option that fits according to your demand. Now, you must have been looking for an online broker several times. Definitely, It isn’t an easy task; you have a range of exchange options and features for online brokers. Just a few of them, such as EZDSK, may be very easy for you to mention. Though, the list of online brokers is quite lengthy.

However, with a little research, you will be able to identify a suitable broker. You’ll have to research and spend more time, so you’ll be to hear that glad I did this for you. Many online brokers exist, but according to my research, I believe that EZDSK is perfect among all. Maybe you have your doubts, but I will try to eliminate them by telling you about this broker. Of course, when you know more about it, it will be easier for you to decide.

Why EZDSK Is a Valuable Broker?

In the beginning, the new traders always found struggling in the market. Once you get a trading hill and the world of online trading, it’s all easy. However, It may feel a little too humpy at the beginning of your journey. Perhaps, the new trader’s biggest problem is the lack of money to begin their business. The online brokers need to understand that they are targeting the market where they will find many students. Yeah, the students are as eligible to trade like anyone else.

But you can’t waste a lot of money while you’re a student. The broker will assist you here. Without costing a lot of funds, the broker can give you access to the best financial markets. I think EZDSK’s doing a wonderful job here. If the credit is due, you must give credit. I have to admit that EZDSK does better than many other brokers in this particular situation. Some brokers would not allow you to register with them except for a minimum of $10,000. On the contrary, this broker offers you access to a massive trading network worldwide with only $1000.

Well, the new traders are not certain about new things in the market. So, maybe you don’t know how the broker helps you save the cash as a new trader. Let me tell you if your broker keeps your money as segregated funds, your broker is good. It is the industry standard, and a broker should ensure that this standard protects its dealers’ money. You can be confident of the safety protocols because your broker meets the criteria.

So, what happens when your broker keeps the money in different accounts? Well, the broker assures you that your money will not be combined with your personal money. This way, the money will be in your hands in case a regulatory body begins to investigate the broker. Otherwise, as soon as the investigation begins, you lose access to cash because the broker’s accounts are crashed. While registering with a broker, make sure it protects your money via the protocol. You will be pleased to hear that the EZDSK strictly practices this protocol.

Account Types

The broker has given an option to customers of selecting an account out of many. The main reason behind many accounts is that every account opens new avenues to the users. These accounts include Basic account, Bronze account, Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, and Black account. Each one of these accounts has special features which make it different from others. What’s more, these accounts types suit investors who belong to different strata of life in terms of money. An average person should go for a medium-range account whose minimum deposit limit is average. On the other hands, wealthy men should join the premium account variant. I will brief you about these accounts types.

Basic Account

The title of the account shows that it has been designed for those who are looking for a low range investment plan. Due to its low investment amount, the number of features is also limited. I will recommend it to those who are at the start of career-making in the trading universe. A beginner can learn a lot about trading technicalities by choosing the basic account for trading. Let me introduce some basic functionalities of the investment plan. First, with the basic account, one will be capable of knowing a lot about the crypto world with the Learning Centre’s educational assistance. Second, a daily market review will also be at the service of the account holders. Third, stakeholders will get eligible to join the Pro webinar sessions.

Bronze Account

Bronze Account is an updated version of the previous with more attributes. The support agents remain in action for 24-hours a day and solve customers’ queries on an urgent basis. What’s more, the Bronze account holders are also fortunate enough to get price alerts regularly. The most stunning functionality of the investment plan is its attribute of account management. Professional account managers give 24-hours service to the owners of the account. With the help of account managers, traders can create a flexible portfolio.

Silver Account

The silver account involves more things than the previous two investment plans. Besides 24/7 customer support, earning centre, daily market review, pro Webinars, price alerts, account manager, it also supplies PIA trading signals. It is created only for those who can afford average investment on cryptocurrencies, neither too small nor too large. Its funding limit is more extended than the Basic and Bronze accounts. Access to the learning centre is also unlocked. With the broker’s trading academy, one can become a professional trader, but it needs some time. The account managers also polish traders’ trading skills and help them make the right decisions at the right time. Profit is possible at that moment when someone takes the right decision, and managers assist in the process. The silver account will only be opened if you have 25,000 for funding.

Gold Account

If you want to open the Gold account, the minimum amount fixed for the funding is 50,000. As the name suggests, the trading features provided by the account are outstanding. Account management is superb as financial experts assist people in the execution of successful trades. However, the account manager will serve you for only six months. Your life can be changed forever if you are ready to dive into the crypto space with the gold account guidance. Financial education facilitates users in making wise decisions about trading as it educates people about the industry’s pros and cons.

Platinum Account

The platinum is even more premium in nature than the gold account. It provides PIA trading signals and comes with a premium functionality known as a personalized trading strategy. Other than this, all functions of the account are the same as those offered with the previous accounts. This account can only be opened if you have at least 250,000 in your bank account. For your kind information, the account managers’ service age is 12 months for the Platinum account.

Black Account

The black account is the most premium one out of all. The account’s features include a learning center, daily market review, 24-hours Customer Support, pro Webinars, account manager, price alerts, PIA trading signals, personalized trading strategy, one on one trading trainer, and exclusive position access. The funding limit is not stated on the website as there is a need to connect with the account manager for more details. First of all, it is not recommended for beginners. Secondly, only whose investors who have years of experience in the trading world should select this.

Active Customer Support

EZDSK is a highly renowned crypto broker when it comes to the question of active customer support. The support services are managed by an experienced team comprising highly dedicated and hard work people. You can see the support email is mentioned in the lower section of the website’s first page. In the end, it is also written that support hours are from 7 am to 2 pm UK time. The negative point here is that the online chat facility is not available for users. People who are already trading cryptocurrency are satisfied with the customer service of the company. The old customers’ positive feedback is another proof that the customer support section of the website is operational.

User Interface

The user interface creates a first impression in the mind of a user about an online trading firm. Therefore, it should be clean as well as simple so that traders should not get puzzled or confused. EZDSK’s developers have created the website with an easy-to-use interface, and even beginners can use it without learning from anywhere. When a trader lands on the site, he has access to all site options and sections. The various departments, including cryptocurrency trading, refer a friend, accounts, about, and login button, are pasted on the website’s upper side. So, it’s an easy job to access your final destination point. The overall theme and images incorporated in the platform are catchy and attractive, which bound people to use the platform.

Trading Education

The trading academy of the company is one of the attractive things which I like the most. Under the title “Trading Academy”, you will find everything which is necessary to know about the trading space. Here you will find the basic terms as one cannot succeed in this field without having a strong grip on these terms and definitions. It’s like a child learning alphabet before making a word and then a sentence. If someone wants to become a successful person, he should go from zero in this field. The more you become aware of the trading world, the more you earn a profit on trading.

Similarly, comprehensive educational material is also available on trading tools. Professional traders know the fact that they cannot win big without help from trading tools. So, it’s advice for beginners that they should also learn how to use the tools if they make up their minds to become successful persons. The major educational courses offered by EZDSK include advanced lessons, CFDs and stocks, trading strategies, economics, ECN, social trading, meta-trader tutorials, meta-trader mobile, beginner course, and trading market. Similarly, e-books are also available on the topics including terms, beginner strategies, glossary, global trading, trading psychology, capital management, market analysis, basic technical analysis, advanced technical analysis, and advanced strategies.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto trading seems very difficult for some people, but it is not. It is simple and more profitable than traditional trading. In the traditional space, investors wait for years to earn a profit if the shares of companies increase in value. But in the crypto world, one will not have to wait for years as digital assets make upward trends in days. The fate of hundreds of people had changed after they get into the field as they bought digital assets when these were trading at low positions. But now their prices have gone to the sky. With exceptional growth in the crypto space, a lot of companies and firms dealing with crypto have emerged. EZDSK is one of those crypto-powered companies that come forward to educate people on how to become financially independent by trading potential cryptocurrencies.

EZDSK is offering many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Furthermore, you will find hundreds of pairs against Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has made its name in the trading world because it offers high return, which is not possible with traditional assets. Recently, it reached a new all-time high of $54,000 after getting above the $1 trillion market cap. If it goes with the same speed, it will outperform Google in market cap. The reasons behind its fabulous growth are Bitcoin’s limited supply which makes it even more charming than gold bullion. Many renowned personalities in the traditional space are making speculations that the top digital currency would outgrow gold in the long term. Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment convinced asset fund managers to join the crypto venture. Big institutions are making investments in the top digital asset, which would push Bitcoin above $100,000. So, it’s your time to bet on Bitcoin before it’s too late. Invest in EZDSK and makes a lot of money on trading. Don’t miss the chance, as it’s a golden opportunity.

Ethereum is the second-biggest crypto asset in the world by market cap. This is due to its huge avenues, which is given by Ethereum blockchain to crypto companies. The majority of the crypto companies are developed on the Ethereum blockchain because it’s more feasible and efficient. The total locked value on the Ethereum network is now above $30 billion- a big amount. Due to heavy institutional investment in Ethereum-based crypto projects, the price value of Ethereum has increased manifold. The value recently touched a new all-time high. Traders should also add Ethereum in their portfolios as it has a bright future, similarly to Bitcoin. Traders should also go for other crypto assets which are growing at exponential rates.

Top-Notch Attributes of AZDSK

Till now, you have learned a lot about EZDSK and its services. But there is something which I am going to share with you. Following are the things that make EZDSK popular in the world of traders and investors.

Low Commissions

In cutting low commissions and fees, EZDSK has made its name at the top of the list. Moreover, there are no extra or hidden charges that satisfy traders the most as most brokers in the market deduct fees from users without even telling them. It is a piece of extra advice for you that do not create an account with an online broker unless you know everything about the trading firm. But for EZDSK, you keep in mind that it is a reliable site and will tell everything with transparency. The fee schedule is competitive and charming and will move your heart with joy. In this way, a beginner can make thousands of dollars by creating an account with the trading broker. On deposits and withdrawals, there are no fees at all. What’s more, it does not hide any kind of fees as everything is written on the website.

Privacy Protection

If someone is privacy conscious, there is no need to be worried as my top recommended broker, EZDSK, will take care of users’ privacy. It has employed various measures to prevent the manipulation of customers’ personal information. It usually happens with the companies that they collect data about the users and then makes money by selling it. The misuse of customers’ data should be forbidden as it may give rise to a lot of issues for people in the future. EZDSK, on the other hands, considers it one of the responsibilities to prevent sharing of data with a third party. Furthermore, it has implemented the best encryption protocols to encrypt sensitive information. Here on the platform, privacy protection is maintained, thanks to its dedicated and hardworking team.

Powerful Web Trader

The Web Trader of the company is made easy for both professional and new traders. It is suitable for modern traders also as features are synchronized with the latest technology. There is an option of downloading the Web Trader on a mobile phone as well as a computer. What’s more, a user can open and trade assets with the Web trader anywhere in the world as there are no restrictions or limitations. The user interface of it makes it more pleasant and appealing to the customers. Web Traders tools are the most effective tools ever in the market, which makes trading more beneficial and fruitful.

Refer a Friend and Earn Money

It’s a very easier task to refer a product and earn money on this. You are helping the company, and the firm is rewarding you back. EZDSK also provides an option for people to earn money by referring the broker to friends and relatives. Keep in your mind that ESDSK offers more rewards and money on referring as compared to its competitors.

Download Mobile Application

The mobile application of EZDSK is also available at your doorstep; download it and make trading easy and reliable. Users can download the mobile application from both Google Play and App Store as it will run smoothly on android and iOS phones. The more you use the mobile application, the more you love it.

Is it Secure?

Yes, it is a secure trading broker encased with high standard security walls. Once you join it, you will never leave the site as it offers users mental satisfaction in terms of security. The software used in the making of the broker site is well designed enough to beat the cyber attacks. However, if a trader wants to know more about security, he can connect with the broker’s support team.


EZDSK is owned by a registered company known as Matrix Markets Ltd. The broker is specialized in cryptocurrency trading and helps both professional and beginner traders in making money on cryptocurrency trading. Its top-notch features include a competitive fee structure, dynamic user interface, professional team, wide range of digital assets, and security standards.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood, a valued writer at Big Trends Signals, uses his profound online trading expertise to produce in-depth guides and unbiased reviews, enabling traders to navigate digital marketplaces efficiently.

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