Facebook may Add NFT Features in Novi Digital Wallet

NFT boom is everywhere, and by the looks of it, this seems inevitable as long as crypto adoption is on the rise. Many conglomerates, e-commerce systems, and digital media platforms such as Facebook are really tuning in nicely into it. Facebook, not so long ago, announced a delicate project that it was working on, which later turned out to be the development of its private crypto wallet that goes by the name of Novi digital wallet. The wallet is a success among platform users and those who want efficient and cost-effective crypto transactions. But with the rise of the NFT craze, Facebook is giving it a thought to include the NFT functionality within its wallet.

According to an executive from Facebook by the name of David Marcus, it is believed that the social media platform is actively pursuing ideas and theories to add various NFT and other lucrative options within its wallet. According to the executive Marcus, it is believed that it will be a positive and possibly a next step to take for the advancement of the company’s new digital wallet. The Novi wallet is built on the blueprints of the Calibra wallet, which the company was working on not so long ago and was termed under the umbrella project known as the Libra project.

Facebook’s Novi Digital Wallet is Famous Among Users

Unfortunately, it could not be turned into the big success Facebook wanted it to be and mostly received negative feedback from the active users that is why it was shut down. But the blueprints and the data which was initially worked on the project remained, and Facebook has used the data and research to build a new digital wallet by the name of Novi. In fact, multiple improvements have been made to ensure that nothing is repeated from the previous version of the digital wallet developed by Facebook into the new one.

Interestingly the new one is a hit among the users, and Facebook is now actively looking for new features to be included here, and NFT is a possibility too. Given the rise that NFT is witnessing at the moment, Facebook is making the right move as it will definitely find some rolling among the most extensive database of the active users that Facebook enjoys.

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