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Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or Legit?

Rodion Azarov

ByRodion Azarov

Mar 5, 2021

Genesis11 Review

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If you are looking for the best option to invest your money and start a trading business, you are on the right platform. Most people who are new in the field of digital currency and trading are confused about the safest and easiest platforms out there. It’s always a little confusing at first, so we are here to make those confusions go away. Genesis11 is an easy-to-use forum for cryptocurrency trading. People can invest, trade, exchange, and purchase without the fear of their data being stolen or the risk of horrible rates. In Genesis 11 review, people will find all the explanation which is needed to understand the broker.

What is Genesis11?

Genesis11 provides retail and institutional investors with almost 130 tradable instruments and the benefits of access to over 1000 financial markets. They give the trade margin of 15 % for maximum profit and a hundred percent access to liquidity order books. These books contain information on the top currency pairs available in the market.

Genesis11 provides you with various convenient approaches to understand the world of Forex trading within one spot. For newbies and even for experts, they provide consultant services given by high-reputed crypto traders. Professional analysts are also available to give trading signals and guide you with important information. Now that you are a little familiar with this trading firm, let’s dive into some of its important features.

It is a versatile broker where a new comer trader will find every tradable asset. He does not need to go for broker for crypto trading and to another one for Forex trading as everything listed on one broker.

Instruments For Trading

To dive into the ocean of the Forex market, the first and foremost strategy is to choose a broker. There are hundreds of brokerage firms working in the Forex market, but a common school of thought is to choose the best among them. You will choose the one that will boost your earnings by providing multiple platforms for trading. There is a psychological reason that it is a common curiosity of a beginner to experience multiple financial markets and get exposure to using various trading options. While reviewing the list of brokers and their market facilities, you will note that most of the firms are just focusing on cryptocurrencies, ultimately limiting their investors’ trading opportunities. To build a diverse business portfolio, you need to go through all options you have. The more will be the available options, the more money you can make.

When we talk about the tradable instruments, Genesis11 is not going to let you down. The brokerage has facilitated its customers with several different instruments for trading at any time of the day as different markets are open for trade 24/7. The brokerage firm is also offering several categories of assets to boost your earnings. These amazing instruments include indices, stocks, ETFs, Forex, energies, and cryptocurrency.

By working on this prestigious platform, you will always have a chance to get the exposure of working on more than one trading instruments while to learn the different market scenarios for trading with multiple assets. Another golden benefit of trading with more than one asset is the volatile and speculative nature of the forex market; therefore, on Genesis11, you are provided with a lot of trading options by using multiple assets.

Genesis11 website

Trade Execution Through Web Trader

In the world of Forex, where you are purely dealing with money, assets, and stocks, everyone is running in the race of making more and more wealth. For this purpose, investors are always finding the best trading option through which they can achieve their maximum goals. This is the reason why you need a reliable platform that provides you with easy and modern tools for business. Most of them require you to have an expensive and updated smartphone in which you have to install the application software of that particular brokerage firm. If you can’t afford such a smartphone, you will not be able to use that platform.

There are a few brokerage firms where you can have access to your trading account just by visiting their website. Such a fast and easily accessible trading option is provided by Genesis11, which is through web traders. This has been developed by using the cutting-edge-technology. The program is privileged with some amazing intuitive tools and many other modern features for the trade’s easy and fast execution. Here you have multilingual options as well as the data for comprehensive market analysis. You are also equipped with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Besides these, there are some other features like the economic calendar, price alerts, live chats, and analysis tools. You can execute your trade with a single click having the advantage of using as many opportunities as possible.

Trading Through Experts

This is a modern and automated form of trading where broker trade objects on your behalf; you can also name this type of trading as the trading truth strategy managers the reason is that the broker has hired many expert strategy managers to perform successful trades where they see the opportunity to make a profit. This service provides you with financial freedom as well as time freedom. You don’t need to do anything; you don’t need to worry about your trading activities. You also don’t need to invest your time in the market as the broker does everything on your conditions. You can set your conditions with the broker, like when to participate in business on your behalf as well as when to leave that position. Only you can decide the amount of money you are investing in any particular business and the amount of profit you want to get before closing. The transparency of the business is ensured all the time, and you do not need to have any fear of your accounts. When you adopt this option, you are not required to see the market happenings all the time. You can complete your other activities while making money at the same.

Algo Trading Facility

It is also known as algorithmic trading. It is a modern form of trading by using your analytical abilities. Here you enter or exit the trades as a result of comprehensive analysis from charts and computer-generated codes and algorithms. Here you are carefully monitoring some variables like price, time, and volume. Trading through algorithms is a fast-growing trading instrument because it helps you make precise decisions with a high success rate. It doesn’t matter; if you are a beginner or an expert in the Forex market, Algo trading will earn you more by saving your time.

CFDs And Leverage Trading Facility

If you don’t want to use your trading funds, this is the best instrument for you. CFD provides you with an opportunity to trade without using your credits. CFD is actually “Contracts for the differences”, which means that you are investing in an asset by signing a contract with the broker without buying that particular asset. One important thing that you should note is that you do not own a particular asset at the end of the contract, but you can check your return or pay the loss according to that asset’s new value.

CFD trading provides you with an opportunity of trading at high liquidity because your investments are not being used. At the same time, you have a chance to use your money to invest in other trades. CFD trading, however, is quite risky, and you must be mindful of the outcomes before contracting on your investments. The facility of CFD trading has also been provided from this novel platform of Genesis11.

Leveraged trading is equipped with the presence of several options for investment in multiple assets. This is important to build a diverse business portfolio. Broker has the contribution in your funds called the leverages.

Let’s have an example to understand this statement about Genesis11. Consider an investment where you are offered with 1:100 leverage; it means that for every $1 addition to your account, the broker will add $100.

It`s a great trading tool that gives you a chance to invest in those stocks which are somewhat higher than your affordable value. Similarly, trade using leverages can also be very risky. Therefore, you need to watch out before doing over investments.

Top Features of Genesis11

Before you make your decision, we have enlisted some of the major reasons and features for you to choose Genesis11.

Advanced Trading Platform

You should consider many important factors and features before choosing the right platform for yourself as they can influence your whole experience of trading. These factors include customer reviews, the company’s reputation, policies, and safety features. But in our opinion, consider the right platform first, as it is the most important feature a broker can provide. Platforms can be chosen for the specific trading markets and needs, for example, stocks, shares, bitcoins, etc. Some brokers prefer to design their platforms, while others choose the already existing ones for their trading platforms.

Generally, to use this type of software, you will need to upgrade your mobiles or computers; after that, it allows you to download it from the Play Store or Apple Store and avail of its services. This software is commonly referred to as web traders. Some traders use this software either by logging into an account or by visiting the website.

Genesis11 gives you full control of your trading with online and mobile applications. In case you have an account, you can start trading right away from anywhere in the world. Genesis11 is considered the best platform because it does not require you to update the software again and again; also, it grants you the option to choose the language of your interest as it is multilingual. Some other features provided by Genesis11 are the latest charts, easy and fast operation of trades.

Furthermore, Genesis11 has provided its users with Algo trading, which is an ultra-modern trait that allows you to participate even while being inactive. Here a broker will trade on your behalf by following the conditions that you will provide. So with Algo trading, you can trade with ease, as this broker never goes outside the conditions delivered by its users. So we recommend Genesis11 to fresh traders due to the versatile options and features it has laid out for its users, e.g. navigation and a user-friendly interface.

Regulation Policies

Regulation is considered the most significant factor while looking for a trading firm. People often lose all their earnings through online trading because the brokers are not regulated. When a trading firm is regulated, usually, a third party overlooks the financial issues that may occur in the future. Thus regulation is the easiest and most effective way to build trust among traders.

Advantages of Complete Regulation

The strong regulatory policies also exhibit many advantages. And for that, we are here to explain some of them to understand its importance. A fully regulated brokerage firm means it cannot use customer’s money for their use and have to act according to the rules. This ensures the safety of your funds.

This means that the firm is not authorized to meddle with your funds. And in case of any suspicious activities, the authorities will take action against such firms. Any action against the law will result in the broker being seized of its powers.

Since Genesis11 is transparent with its regulation policies, they follow regulatory conditions such as AML (Anti-money laundering) and KYC (Know your customer). The KYC policy will require you to put only the information that is absolutely essential, for example, proof of identity, house address, and copies of your passport. While the AML policy helps eliminate the threat of illegal transactions from your account. Genesis11 also provides you with complete information about their terms and conditions and regulatory policy. So we recommend Genesis11 over other brokerage firms, and if you ever come across an unregulated broker, put its name in the blocklist to secure yourself from being scammed.

Banking And Payment Options

Genesis11 offers three types of account funding to its customers. These are enlisted below as:

The electronic wallet allows smooth and fastest transactions within minutes. It’s the latest generation of e-wallets which enables you to make online transactions through your mobiles and laptops.

Payment via credit card or debit card is the most common and widespread transaction method in today’s world. It permits you to make purchases, transfer money and take loans. Any person is authorized to have a credit and debit card at legal age.

Wire transfer is generally used to transfer money and funds from one financial institution to another across the globe. This traditional method of banking is also provided to you by Genesis11.

Many trading firms and brokerage companies do not consider making payment options and banking easy for their customers. This leads to many hidden fees, long waited approvals, and limited payment options. Therefore Genesis11 gives you easy funding options like credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and electronic wallets. But to use it for a transaction, your credit and debit card needs to be international. The minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal money is $250.

Safety and Privacy Features

Genesis11 offers financial products like CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, and stocks. This attracts cybercriminals to invade customer’s private information and assets. This is the reason why the security and privacy policies of a brokerage company are an essential element to consider while trading. That being the case, Genesis11 imparts special care for their user’s privacy.

Genesis11 advises their previous and new users to familiarize themselves with security protocols. These protocols include your private information like name, forms of identification, DOB, and social address. They will also require information about your financial status at the time of registration.

Some other privacy protocols include the utilization of cookies, disclosure of your private information, third-Party, insolvency and Consolidation, payment details, pulling out policies, and mailing information

In case of any corrections, the customers are informed through their socials. Genesis11 also uses encryption software to encode private information. Furthermore, this online trading firm is regulated, meaning it lies under the law, and the third party/ authorities are keeping an eye on the broker.


The selection of a reliable and legitimate brokerage firm is a hard nut to crack. After going through all the key attributes of Genesis11, you must be curious enough to experience these features. This is especially if you are a beginner because this platform is providing you with comprehensive exposure to approximately all the trading scenarios while utilizing several modern tools.

It is usually said that you can’t predict an ocean’s depth without actually diving into it. Similarly, you can’t have the perks of trading with this prestigious platform without actually signing up. If you are still hesitating to choose Genesis11, you can try a demo account that is entirely designed for or beginners while having all the real account features. For further queries, you can ask from the customer support centre, which is active 24/7, or you can also visit their website.

Rodion Azarov

Rodion Azarov

Rodion Azarov, a prolific writer at Big Trends Signals, harnesses his extensive online trading knowledge to produce comprehensive guides and authentic reviews, aiding traders in the digital marketplace.

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