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Hackers Attacked OpenSea’s Discord Account and Stole $18k in NFTs

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

May 21, 2022

OpenSea is known as the most popular and most diversified NFT marketplace in the world. The platform rose to international fame last year, making room for NFT trading, minting, and bidding functions amid the rapidly growing interest in the sector. However, recently OpenSea’s Discord account was reportedly hacked.

It is worth mentioning that Discord is an online social media platform that allows streamers to make interactive video content and connect with their followers in real-time. The hackers, in this case, took advantage of a phishing site that is associated with YouTube’s main website. The hackers managed to issue a fake message to the subscribers of OpenSea Discord users.

After getting possession of the OpenSea Discord server, the hackers proceeded to send a fake message to its subscribers across the globe. The fake message told the followers that Discord has now partnered with YouTube, and they are about to release an exclusive mint. The users who invest in the fake exclusive mint will have a free pass to the new service.

Furthermore, the hackers also claimed that the users who invest in this fake mint project would be able to mint their personalized art collections and also enjoy other amazing privileges through this purchase. The hackers also conveyed to the users that they would be able to get this fake exclusive mint without spending a single penny. However, they further claimed that these mints were free for a limited time only, and the left out users could purchase the other stock from the OpenSea main market.

OpenSea Management Warns Users About Fake Link

Hackers also provided a link with their fake mint notification. The link reportedly directs the victim to YouTube Genesis Mint Pass, which is presumably a free version. Afterward, a notification was posted Serpent posted an alarm on Twitter warning people that OpenSea was under attack by the hackers and that users should refrain from clicking any links or following the directions issued by threat actors.

Hackers notably mentioned that there were only 100 free exclusive mint contracts that have been marked as false claims by cyber security organizations. Further analysis reveals that hackers planned to issue another fake message at hacked Discord server of OpenSea, claiming that 80% of the fake exclusive mint contracts are already granted to some lucky winners. According to analysts, hackers were trying to create an artificial FOMO. OpenSea management has claimed that they are still investigating the matter.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood, a valued writer at Big Trends Signals, uses his profound online trading expertise to produce in-depth guides and unbiased reviews, enabling traders to navigate digital marketplaces efficiently.

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