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IQ Option Loss Recovery – You Are Out of Luck, Aren’t You?

Jerome Palmer

ByJerome Palmer

Jun 25, 2020

Are you someone who wanted to live a financially stable life and tried signing up with an online broker to start trading? Did you sign up with one of the very famous online brokers, called IQ Option? The broker has been advertising its services a lot in recent days. Whether you are online searching for a product to buy or playing a game on your phone, you will find its ads everywhere. However, the broker has to provide great services in order to win the trust of the traders who wish to sign up with it from around the world.

Money Back
Money Back is a fund recovery organization that helps people who have suffered losses from many brokerages and trading platforms, you can recover your losses now finally, with the help of Money-Back.com

If you have suffered a big loss while trading on IQ Option’s trading platform, you are not the only one. Here is how things seem to go out of hands when trading with this broker.

IQ Option Loss Recovery – How You Lose Money

So, just because you lose money with an online broker does not mean that the broker is completely a scam. In some cases, brokers make mistakes, but they are not willing to admit that they made a mistake because it can take a toll on their image. That’s something you might become a victim of when you sign up with a famous broker like IQ Option. So, the trading platform from this broker seems quite advanced. You can also say that it is one of the best trading platforms of in terms of speed, graphical user interface, and ease of use. However, the platform can experience problems at times.

At other times, things seem a bit different on the platform, but they change completely when you enter a trade. So, you might notice that when you enter a trade, the price of the asset starts to fall. Every time you enter a trade, you notice that the price of the asset starts to fall. It is not always a natural price movement. Sometimes, the systems created by online brokers are rigged. They show you a price different than the market price of the asset. You see the price of the asset on the chart, you make up your mind to trade it, and as soon as you buy that asset, the price changes.

Such events are pretty common when you sign up with online brokers. Now, it could be the fault of the system. Perhaps, the system is lagging and showing you a difference price than what is in real time. You trade the price you see on your screen without realizing that the order will be entered according to the real price, which is not appearing on your screen. Whatever the may be, you don’t deserve to lose money like this. Whether it is the platform or the broker, you went for a trade whose particulars were not clearly disclosed to you. The broker should return the invested amount of the trader in this case.

However, that’s not always going to happen. IQ Option loss recovery is not as easy as you might think. When you tell the broker about the mishap, the broker does not always trust you. And that’s where problems start. There is nothing wrong with the position that the broker is taking either. If there was a problem with the trading platform, there is nothing the broker can do about it. However, what the broker can do is compensate the trader in some way. What if the broker decides not to compensate you in any way? Is there something you can do?

IQ Option Los Recovery – There’s Something You Can Do

First of all, if you have lost a trade because of a problem with the trading platform, you should get in touch with the broker as soon as possible. It is highly advisable that you take screenshots whenever you enter trades. The moment you enter the trade, you should take a screenshot of your screen. This shows what the price of the asset was on your screen when you entered the trade. You can then send this screenshot to the broker as proof. You can send an email or use the online contact form and attach the picture your inquiry.

If you have suffered a huge loss that you can’t take, you should contact the broker on the phone straight away. However, how well the broker treats you depends on the scenario. If the details of the event are vague, the broker will not return your money. That’s where you have to find other options. First, you should check if the broker is regulated. If yes, you should immediately contact the regulating body whose name is mentioned on the website of the broker. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find the regulatory body that regulates IQ Option on the website of the broker.

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to get in touch with the professionals at Money-Back.com. because Money-Back is a service that has come into being just four years back to help traders who continue to become victims of such scams. As astonishing as it may sound, there is no other body that can help you as much as Money-Back can because that’s exactly the purpose for which the company was created. So, you can contact your well-wishers and tell them all about your issue. Give them every detail as clearly as possible. You can even qualify for a first free consultation so you can discuss your case with professional lawyers without worrying about paying anything out of pocket.

Final Thoughts

IQ Option loss recovery might have been something impossible just a few years back. Yes, the broker is supposed to be answerable to you for its actions, especially when there is a regulatory body in the picture. However, sometimes your case is so weak or vague that you can’t get any help from the regulatory body as well. Not to mention, the regulating authorities wouldn’t want to close and seal the websites of the brokers on single complaints. However, you can expect maximum action taken against the broker when you approach the right people, as mentioned above.

Money Back
Money Back is a fund recovery organization that helps people who have suffered losses from many brokerages and trading platforms, you can recover your losses now finally, with the help of Money-Back.com
Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer, a prominent writer for Big Trends Signals, leverages his deep knowledge of online trading to craft comprehensive guides and unbiased reviews, equipping traders for market success.

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