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Kessler Hotels are Signing up for Cryptocurrency Payments Through BitPay

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Mar 12, 2021

Kessler collection luxury hotels have signed up with BitPay, and they will be receiving crypto payments from the customers. Email invoices will be sent to the customers who will be using BitPay, the crypto service for making payments. Many cryptocurrencies are being added to the tier which the luxury hotel will be accepting, and all four stablecoins are also included within the list. In all aspects of the financial world, the adoption of crypto-related payments is blowing off the roof, and for that matter, entertainment, sports, travel, and now even hospitality-oriented areas are accepting crypto-oriented payments. 

Multiple Financial Instructions Going Crypto

Kessler luxury hotel chain has partnered with BitPay, a crypto payment solution, the merger did go through, and as a result, the hotel chain will accept crypto payments as of now. This has become a live trend where travel companies, hotels, and even some bold names from the sports world partner with crypto services and accept crypto payments. Currently, they will have the capacity to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin as of now, but other stablecoins will also be accepted shortly, but their names have not been specified yet. 

A representative from Kessler Hotels got to the internet and made astounding remarks about how cryptocurrency has been paving the way for the travel and hospitality industry to grow, and thus partnering with BitPay allows them to do so. According to Kessler hotels, the demand and adoption for cryptocurrency are only going to get stronger and vibrant in the upcoming days. As the crypto market is continually treading forward despite all the recent price drops and tumbles it had to experience, so is the rest of the world in adopting cryptocurrency and bringing digital payments to the mainstream media. 

It will not only help travelers or people, in general, to pay for things and services with cryptocurrency but, on the whole, will keep the trend alive for secure payments with little to no hassle for the buyers and sellers alike. Bitcoin payments are convenient and cheaper than credit card payments, helping people have ease of mind and still getting things done conveniently.   

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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