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MarketSpots Review – An Online Trading Service Provider Offering Multiple Trading Assets

Michelle Gilbert

ByMichelle Gilbert

Aug 9, 2021

MarketSpots Review

When it comes to investing in the online trading industry, you would see that the entire industry is swarming with online trading service providers. However, hardly a handful of online trading service providers prove truthful to the claims they make. At present, many people have money to invest but they do not know where to invest because they are not sure which online trading service provider is a legit one. If you are currently facing the same situation, then keep reading my MarkertSpots review and you may find the right online trading service provider once I am done.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options Offered by MarketSpots

Before I start telling you about MarketSpots service and benefits, the first thing I want to share is about its deposit and withdrawal methods. MarketSpots offers a wide range of depositing/withdrawal options that include the traditional Visa & Wire Transfers. However, MarketSpots also provides you with other online payment methods that include Yandex Money, WebMoney, AstroPay, and Paysafecard. Whether it is a deposit or withdrawal, you can choose to go with either of the method listed above.

KYC and AML Compliance at MarketSpots

If you are looking for an exchange that guarantees the safety of your funds and your personal/financial information, then MarketSpots is the right option. The exchange keeps the overall online trading experience professional and ethical by adhering to regulatory policies such as KYC and AML. Not many online trading service providers tend to adhere to the regulations. However, by not adhering to the regulatory policies, they not only jeopardize their operations but also your personal/financial information as well as assets.

List of Assets at MarketSpots

If you are looking for an online trading service provider that provides you with the majority of the highest profiting instruments, then you need to sail with MarketSpots. The online trading service provider is able to provide you with all major trading assets that include cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. These are the major online trading instruments that any online trading service provider can provide you with, backed by the experts at MarketSpots. This is the reason why you can trust MarketSpots when it claims that it can guide you in the best possible way with your trades and investment advice.

Customer Support at MarketSpots

The customer support team at MarketSpots is very experienced, empathetic, and are very knowledgeable even when it is pertaining to online trades. MarketSpots has spent a fortune training its customer support representatives to bring them to the level where they are today. All you need to do is write them an email and they will surprise you with a prompt reply. However, if you send them an email on Sunday, you may not receive a response until coming Monday as they are not available on Sundays. However, they are available 24-hours for the rest of the days in the week.

Trading Platform at MarketSpots

At MarketSpots, the online trading platform offered is exclusively for your trading activities and is available to no other online trading service provider. By launching its own online trading platform, MarketSpots has ensured it provides you with all the security and protection that you need when performing trades. MarketSpots’ trading platform is fully equipped with the latest and top-notch trading tools. Some of the tools include a market analyzer, advanced reporting system, reporting graphs/charts, economic calendar, and trading signals. Some other benefits it offers include access to thousands of assets, low spreads, leverage trading, demo-trading accounts, and so much more.

MarketSpots’ trading platform can be accessed through a number of devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Trading Account Types at MarketSpots

MarketSpots offers you five kinds of trading accounts that include Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Pro. These accounts represent ascending order of your experience and exposure in the online trading markets. These trading accounts have been set up after careful analysis of the trading markets and the investors interacting with it. If you are new to the online trading industry, then you can go with the standard account and upgrade your trading profile at MarketSpots depending on your experience. Starting from Standard and going all the way up to Pro account, the minimum deposit requirements are $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, and $1,000,000 respectively.

No matter the trading account you choose, you gain access to several general services through MarketSpots. Some of these services include leverage trading, discounts on commission, webinars, tight spreads, marginal loans, and so many other utilities.

Ready to Trade or Not?

The online trading industry is constantly growing and the challenges in the online trading industry are constantly growing fiercer. Therefore, it is very important you make the decision right away before it gets out of your reach. Despite the risks, the online trading industry is full of opportunities and gains, so make the choice right, so you do not regret it afterward.

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert, a skilled writer at Big Trends Signals, merges her online trading expertise with exceptional writing to produce detailed guides and insightful reviews, facilitating informed trading decisions.

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