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McLaren Automotive Embraces Metaverse World as It Partners with InfiniteWorld

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

May 20, 2022

McLaren is an automotive company operating out of Britain. The automobile organization recently announced its affiliation with the Metaverse. According to the official declaration issued by the company, McLaren Special Operations or MSO Labs is planning to launch a digital wing of the enterprise that is said to take the vehicle manufacturer to the next level.

MSO will allow the artists, architects, and engineers to come together and collaborate on a single project with Web3 connectivity. The Metaverse platform will allow the users to invite contributors from every part of the world to join the space and work alongside people towards a unified goal. Therefore, the McLaren project might progress significantly in terms of performance, productivity, and possibly popularity.

MSO will Issue NFT Collection

MSO or McLaren Special Operations is planning to integrate the resources from McLaren’s existing design staff for issuing limited edition NFT collections. On the other hand, the main focus of MSO in the Metaverse will be on creating virtual mechanical products that are not constrained by the physical laws of the real world. The team is planning to generate a theme project for virtual travelling and artistic expressionism.

McLaren Automotive official Twitter account shared the news about its integration with the Metaverse. Interestingly, the automotive manufacturer claimed that the company is looking forward to seeking what the digital community has to offer in terms of performance. The limited-edition NFTs launch date will be shared in the near term as per the management.

Gareth Dunsmore is the CMO at McLaren Automotive, who recently told the media that the company is planning to create a better and more interactive manner for increasing customer engagement. He further explained that the MSO LAB within the Metaverse could push the boundaries of reality by exploring the limits of a digital universe like Meta with Web3.

The customers of McLaren automotive will be able to get exclusive access inside the Metaverse MSO LAB that will introduce them to premium services and product options. Some of the exclusive rights include options like getting a private tour of the McLaren Technology Center, and the early joiners of the MSO LAB community can also win these exciting offers.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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