MetaMask Users Can Now Connect their Wallets to Bank Accounts

Fluid Finance is a mobile networking organization operating out of Switzerland. The company has also become the first in the world to convert all its capital into Ethereum tokens. With its latest innovation, Fluid Finance is introducing a new feature for digital currency users that can revolutionize the industry.

The users can now open a Fluid account with the help of their active email address. This new account is much more efficient and faster in comparison to the customary bank and exchanges financial pockets for the users. The users who wish to access this new option will be able to download the mobile application from their respective app stores. The Fluid account can also connect with the Web3 wallets.

Fluid Finance System

Robert Sharratt is the CEO and founder of Fluid Finance. By explaining the various use cases and utilities of the account with a Fluid account, the users can have a lot of control over their financial transactions. He further explained that in comparison to the traditional online banking applications, the Fluid Finance system is many times faster and cheaper.

Furthermore, he also claimed that users could connect their digital currency wallets and their bank accounts in simple steps. The holder of a Fluid account can log in and make transactions from their bank and digital currency wallets for lesser fees and with higher speed. He also claimed that once people try out the Fluid account, they would not want to bother with an exchange ever again.

The users of fluid accounts will have the option to mint their bank account deposits into the native currency called DUSD without creating multiple accounts or paying big transaction fees. In contrast to an algorithmic stablecoin, DUSD is present in the form of real currency inside a Fluid account with insurance. The reserves in the Fluid account treasury provide liquidity for the users.

Since one DUSD is generated in exchange for a real USD, it means that the treasury backup can always be verified and balanced.

The owner of DUSD can purchase Ethereum tokens with their reserves for zero price impact with the help of a novel single-point liquidity pool rather than the customary AMMs like SushiSwap and UniSwap etc. The deposits in the Fluid account can also earn as much as 4% interest which is a bigger return than traditional banks offer.

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