Michael Saylor: 10 People Can Triple the Price Value of Bitcoin

If billionaires agree to invest in Bitcoin, the price will explode, and the market cap can reach trillions of dollars. Michael Saylor puts a similar case for Bitcoin’s price gain if people having billions of dollars enter into crypto space.

Billionaires can Explode BTC Value

Michael Saylor, the CEO and founder of MicroStrategy, puts an interesting perspective during his talk at the podcast called “Once BITten Podcast.” According to Saylor, there are few people who could make a significant effect on BTC price value if they dedicate only a small portion of their total wealth. If one has a wealth of a total of $100 billion, he could invest $500 in the top digital currency in anticipation to get a 100% return over it.

“There are people that’ll put $500 million into a bad idea. If you’ve got $100 billion in your portfolio, you might bet $500 million expecting you’ll get 100 to one return 1% of the time or 5% of the time and think that’s a good idea.”

Instead of small investments from large numbers, if few people having unlimited capital invest in Bitcoin, the price could increase three times. “It’s important that 100 million people embrace Bitcoin but there are 10 people that can triple the price of Bitcoin,” Saylor added.

While giving an explanation, he said when a billionaire invests in the primary cryptocurrency, the billionaire has some friends who will likely invest over it, and the whole network will push the network towards the sky.

MicroStrategy is Willing to Buy More BTC

When MicroStrategy purchased more than $400 million in Bitcoin, the whole cryptocurrency space welcomes the decision and appreciates the move of the investment company. As the price is trading above $18k, the firm has already gained a profit return in millions. Seeing the potential of Bitcoin, Saylor, recently, hinted at purchasing more Bitcoin options.

The largest crypto management firm Grayscale witnessed an exponential increase in volume over the last few months as the assets under management have crossed the figure of $13 billion.

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