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Money-Back.com Review – Is Money-Back.com Scam or Legit?

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Mar 27, 2021

Money-Back.com Review

Money-Back.com logoBefore starting the main features and technicalities of this company, I believe it’s important that you know how useful such firm can be and what it can do for you in a long run. For new investors, exploring the market is the main step before starting a business. But there is an even more important step when it comes to secure and successful trading which is choosing a platform that will help, protect and recover your assets.

As the Forex market is becoming more and more popular these days, the threats of cybercrimes are also increasing. With almost 15000 Forex brokerage companies offering their services online, it is becoming a task to choose the right one. And even though some of them are authentic, but the majority are still scamming and profiting from their customers. For this purpose, companies like Money-Back.com help to detect these scammers and get the victims full recovery of their funds.

While online trading comes with a lot of advantages and opportunities, it can still be misleading and become a flight risk. If you are not vigilant with your trading, you can surely lose all your assets to a scammer. This usually happens when the broker isn’t authentic or verified by the laws. It is the most common mistake many people make that costs them their savings. But if you are an expert in the field of trading, you can surely look past the charming features and identify these tricksters. But for those who are new, companies are available to help in these matters. Money-Back.com is a prime example of such a company that makes fund recovery easy and assessable for every victim.


The founder of Money Back.com is Mr. James Anderson and the company was established in 2007 and it`s headquarter is in Israel. The company has offices across the globe prominently in Canada, Switzerland, UK, and Australia. In a world of scam artists, Money-Back.com has decided to stand against these cyber-crimes and online fraudulent firms. In addition to providing the services of recovering the lost money, the firm is also providing pre-investment consultancy services to eradicate the risk of scams and to fight against all the fraud sporting activities in all circumstances. Recently, the company has also started to collaborate with the small business firms in supporting them with best taxation and accounting practices.


Multiple Services at Single Platform

While fighting against the fake and unregulated companies, Money-Back.com has stepped forward to provide multiple services so that people can get assistance at various steps of their businesses.

Online Funding and Forex Scams

With the trillion dollars trading volume of the Forex market, scammers feel pleasure in snatching the money of innocent people. For this purpose, they have made several platforms for the sake of investment and trades. If unfortunately, you are tricked into any of such illegal embezzlement, you must not have to sit idle. Rather you should look for ways to recover from your loss. For this purpose, Money-Back.com is there for you. The firm holds the primary objective to the public, of returning the scammed funds to their original owners.

They have compiled everything you need. These assets include a comprehensive amount of knowledge and considerable marketing experience with regulated and license brokers. To provide their customers with the best service, they have also collaborated with international banks, credit card companies, and legal advisories.

Money-Back.com website

The Price Negotiation System

The company has successfully managed and solved hundreds of cases around the globe. As far as the commission fee is concerned, the company has not stated any particular amount. The reason is that the commission fee will vary according to the nature of the case. Yet, the company has defined a certain range when it comes to recovery of the lost funds. This range can vary between 7% to 35%, which will depend upon the amount being recovered. Another promising and catchy feature of the firm is that the commission fee is taken after the recovery of your assets.

The Money-Back.com platform is nothing less than flexible for its users. They have provided multiple ranges of services along with various charge rates. The customers are allowed to negotiate their case and price with the company, as no hard and fast rule of fees applies here. Although, charges may vary according to the severity and nature of the case. But the contract is still signed before to avoid any future complications.

Money-Back.com is the only platform that gives you the advantage of flexible price negotiation. If you were to search through the market for a money recovery platform, there is almost a 100 percent chance that you will land on the Money-Back.com platform. As even to date it is the only company that provides this service. Along with many other perks of Money-Back.com, the facility of individual attention to each case is a prominent one.

Five Steps of the Recovery Process

  • Contact With The Representative

The company has provided multiple sources of the contact. For example, the client can reach the representative simply through a phone call or just by sending an email.

  • Claim Evaluation

Money-Back.com will completely assess your claim first. If your claim will be worth pursuing, only then it will be considered. In any other case, if your money is not recoverable the company will not charge you any blind fee.

  • Problem Settlement

To go through all the aspects and possibilities, a multi-directional approach will be adopted. It may include their lawyers, contacts with the credit card companies, and bank statements while ensuring all the formalities. The respective brokerage firm will be approached by sending a formal letter to the respective government department where the brokerage firm is not paying the tax.

  • Patience Is the Fundamental Key

As such cases may include complexities; therefore, it is very important to be patient. According to Money-Back.com, the recovery of the lost funds can take place in one to six months.

  • Final Recovery Of The Funds

Finally, your money is recovered either completely or partially according to the possibility. It is done either in your bank account or through a cheque back after the settlement. After that the commission fee is charged by the firm.

Transparency And Professionalism Of Money-Back.com

Transparency is a golden trait that can give an advantage to both the investor and the company itself. The Money-Back.com company is based on the agenda of complete professionalism and transparency for their users. This platform does not believe in giving false hope to its users. Everything is filed and registered according to the laws. They first ask you to submit the evidence of the scam along with the documentation before reviewing the case. After a thorough study of all the possible outcomes, they contact you through email with the most profited option.

As any partnership is a two-way road, Money-Back.com expects its users to be as transparent with their dealing as they are with their services. This Professionalism of the staff in their respective fields makes the company a comfortable platform for their users.

Facility Of Consultation Services

To get rid of the risk of being victimized at any platform, people spend a big amount of their time finding out reliable platforms yet most of them still have certain doubts in the minds. Therefore, Money-Back.com has been providing another service where you can consult the experts before investing your valuable assets. It commonly includes advice for selecting a particular brokerage firm to trade with. Money-Back.com has a complete data set about the histories of reliable brokers so they provide their consultancy services, accordingly.

How is Money-Back.com Unique?

Here are some of the important factors that will help you make your decision.

  • The team at Money-Back.com is experienced in dealing with both small firms and big-scale scandalous firms. They have multi-language facilities to help interact with traders all across the world. Money-Back.com is also extensively acquainted with international banking, accounting system, and legislation scenarios and provides you a complete briefing about the plan of action according to your case.
  • They explicit a vast variety of expertise in the field of marketing, strategy development, business development, refunding techniques, and restructuring. Such a high level of expertise prevents you from any discomfort of large-scale meetings and expensive expert advisory in the future.
  • They have also designed their website and policies to ensure the ease of the customers. Money-Back.com has presented a contact us button on the top of their website, in case of any inconvenience or query.
  • And lastly, the transparency of the company is highly appreciable, as they do not deal with any hidden motive. They are true and honest about every situation and won’t keep you on the edge just for the sake of fees, like other companies.


The modern age has provided us all the solutions to our problems. Now you do not need to worry about your assets because Money-Back.com has started the free consultancy before you start trading in the Forex. On the other hand, the company is there for you to recover your loss if you are scammed by any hard luck.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood, a valued writer at Big Trends Signals, uses his profound online trading expertise to produce in-depth guides and unbiased reviews, enabling traders to navigate digital marketplaces efficiently.

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