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New Ethereum Updates are Coming as Ethereum Core Development Team has Closed AllCoreDev Session

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Apr 15, 2022

Ethereum blockchain recently hosted a major AllCoreDev meeting. According to the press coverage, the meeting was focused on getting a dialogue from all major stakeholders about the future protocols and projects for the network. As a result of the meeting, it seems that the network developers have voted in favor of the long-awaited PoS transition.

The details about the meeting were shared by one of the Core developers of the Ethereum network named Tim Beiko. He talked about various factors that the core developers group discussed and commented on. It is worth noting that Beiko also headed the core developers meeting. The first agenda of the meeting was the update for the Merge hardfork.

While testing the forking updates for the Goerli, the core developers switched to the shadow forking method to test the transition. The shadow forking can enable the clients to fish out the issues connected to block production logic and difference in timeout predictions. Thus far, the developers have stimulated two shadow forks.

In the upcoming weeks, the Ethereum core developers are planning another shadow fork. According to Beiko, the third shadow fork can highlight the issues related to mainnet run-ups and operating time. He also claimed that there are still some lags in the current timeouts and difficulty bombs. The setup diverts to attack vectors and creates unexpected blocks. He claimed that thus far, the developers are working to resolve this diversion and will soon find a solution.

Ethereum’s PoS Consensus Layer

Beiko also commented on the importance of the PoS consensus layer added to the Ethereum network. He explained that the highly anticipated PoS transition is likely to take place in the ongoing year. He also shared that the transition may be completed as soon as summer ends. It means that the Ethereum network users can expect a PoS merger sometime in May or June.

He claimed that four months is quite a good amount of time to make the transition happen. He also claimed that after the successful testnet roundup for the merge and Kiln testnet completion, stumbling blocks would reduce to the point of diminishing. StakingRewards recently shared that after the announcement, ETH staking has reached $37 billion, sitting next to Solana at $52 billion.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

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