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Official: Ronin Accepts U.S. Credit Cards Purchases For Axie Infinity Gamers

Gilbert Perry

ByGilbert Perry

Dec 29, 2021

U.S. gamers wishing to play the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity have been given a New Year present, as the game’s side chain Ronin now accepts credit card transactions. This will enable gamers in the United States to purchase SLP and WETH tokens conveniently via their credit cards.

Ronin is a chain developed for the popular blockchain P2E game. The platform allows gamers to buy assets and trade items for the game. With Ronin accepting U.S. credit card purchases, more gamers will troop to play one of the best selling NFT games of 2021. 

Ramp Network Gets Excited About The News

Ramp Network, a team of intellectuals that aims to create a decentralized and robust structure to make the purchase of cryptos with fiat convenient, tweeted about the Ronin/Credit Card partnership. On its official Twitter page, the network disclosed that gamers can buy Wrapped Ether and $SLP tokens with fiat on Ronin. 

U.S. gamers who have never been opportune to play the Axie Infinity game can get ready for battle. You can buy these tokens with Ramp in the United States on Ronin.

Another Step In The Right Direction

The news shows the drive to facilitate the adoption of blockchain and NFT games. Making convenient crypto payments through Credit Cards and other array of methods has been one of the major issues in GameFi. With Credit Cards support, gamers will no longer be held back when they want to make purchases.

Before this news, Ronin had previously partnered with Binance to integrate crypto payment for the Axie Infinity game in September. Through the collaboration, the crypto exchange will make it straightforward for gamers to acquire $SLP and $AXS and implement transfers with nominal fee.

The deal didn’t sit well with some U.S. users, as the feature was only available to users in specific locations of the country. Axie Infinity gamers based in the U.S. will be excited to finally know that there’s an easy method to do this, thanks to Ramp Network.

Axie Infinity Sales Decline

Nonfungible.com reported that NFT sales reached $297M in the past week. The stat may sound impressive, but when compared to week over week, completed sales witnessed a decline.

Axie Infinity, the popular game developed by Sky Mavis, experienced a decline in sales, according to Nansen data despite posting a 508% increase in sales activity in June. Prominent blockchain expert Wu Blockchain, stated that Axie daily addresses dropped to below 300,000, a 70% drop from its peak.

USD daily volume dropped to $5M, while ETH volume dropped to less than 4k. It’s possible that NFT sales are undergoing a phase before activities increase again. Time will tell if the opposite is the case.

Gilbert Perry

Gilbert Perry

Gilbert Perry, a proficient contributor at Big Trends Signals, combines his rich trading experience and excellent writing skills to deliver comprehensive guides and detailed online trading reviews.

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