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Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposes Revised Crypto Mining Ban To Boost Energy Efficiency

Steve Kornacki

BySteve Kornacki

Oct 18, 2023

Adjusting Energy Bill To Address Crypto Mining Impact

Democratic Rep. Greg Vitali of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives has removed a proposed two-year pause on crypto mining permits from his energy conservation bill. The latest move indicates progress for the state’s energy sector.

The Cryptocurrency Energy Conservation Act, introduced in June 2023, was initially intended to enforce the ban and address the crypto mining industry’s intensive energy consumption. Vitali emphasized that crypto mining consumes more energy than Argentina and Australia.

The lawmaker added that rising energy consumption accelerates the climate crisis and raises consumer costs. However, the move to revise the bill shows an effort to create a middle ground between energy conservation and the needs of the crypto-mining industry.

While the legislator recognizes the economic importance of crypto mining, he also highlights the reasons for reducing its environmental impact. According to Vitali, the amended bill aims to regulate the industry’s energy consumption without putting it out of business.

The latest development is a step toward finding a long-term solution to accommodate the crypto-mining industry without endangering environmental conservation efforts. The bill will address the concerns about energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining while ensuring the industry’s economic viability.

Lawmaker Advances Revised Energy Bill

The Democratic Rep, who also chairs the state House of Representatives Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, introduced the energy conservation bill without the proposed crypto mining moratorium earlier this week. More importantly, the committee approved the bill and the amendment, passing the bill by a single vote.

Vitali told the Pennsylvania Capital Star that he realized that strict environmental policy might not be widely supported. Hence, his reason was to lift the moratorium to improve the bill’s passage on the House floor.

Vitali’s decision to present the bill without the moratorium reflects a strategic move in the legislative process to navigate the complexities of environmental policy. The lawmaker’s decision to change aims to strike a balance between ecological concerns and the economic benefits of cryptocurrency mining.

Hence, the revised bill will become a viable proposal for the House. According to industry observers, this development represents a pragmatic approach to addressing energy conservation in the context of crypto mining, indicating a commitment to finding solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders in both industries.

The bill’s passage through the House committee is a step forward in Pennsylvania’s ongoing efforts to enact meaningful energy policy.

Growing Concerns Over Crypto Mining

The revised bill will focus on reporting obligations for specific crypto-mining facilities and call the Department of Environmental Protection to conduct an impact assessment. The focus on reporting and impact studies reflects a collective effort to gather critical data for officials to make informed decisions in the future.

Policymakers across the United States are concerned about the energy-intensive requirements of crypto mining. Recently, several official moves have been made to check the impacts of crypto mining in many American states.

Recall that New York has imposed a two-year freeze on new mining facilities in 2022 while Washington DC has enacted unfriendly crypto mining policies, prompting miners to advocate for more accommodating policies from legislators.

Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki

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