RoyalCBank Review – Top Reasons to Sign up With Royal C Bank for Bitcoin Trading

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RoyalCBank is a great choice for traders and investors that are starting their trading journey in the cryptocurrency market.

RoyalCBank Review

Interested in cryptocurrencies? You are not alone. Thanks to Bitcoin’s peak in late 2017, this market got a lot of exposure and this prompted the interest of investors all over the world. Before then, cryptocurrencies were largely unregulated and were not as mainstream due to the lack of regulation. However, 2017 saw it help numerous investors earn huge returns in a matter of months and so it drew the attention of many people. After all, wouldn’t you want to make such significant profits in a short amount of time? Since then, the market has expanded considerably and many other cryptocurrencies have also stepped up.


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If you are thinking of entering the world of crypto trading, you will first need to choose a broker. As the market is relatively new and quite popular, there are many brokers you will find at your disposal. However, if you have done any research, there is a good chance you have heard about crypto scams as well as hacks that have happened in the past. Many traders lost a great deal of money due to these reasons and you definitely don’t want to face the same. Hence, you want a reputable and qualified broker to help you with crypto trading.

During your search, the name of RoyalCBank will pop up because it has gained attention for offering quality services to its clients. The people behind this brokerage have considerable experience that they got after years of trading successfully. They have put this experience and their market knowledge to use by developing a broker that can cater to all your trading needs. Their team is well-versed in the ups and downs of the market and has provided tools and features that can help you in enjoying a smooth trading experience in the crypto market. Still unsure? Here are the top reasons why signing up with Royal C Bank is a wise move:

  • The FinaCom regulation is a benefit

As there are many unregulated brokers in the market and most of them are at the heart of scams and frauds, you definitely don’t want to start crypto trading with one. You don’t have to worry about regulation with Royal C Bank because it is a member of the Financial Commission. It is true that its membership is relatively new, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Moreover, some brokers are known to mislead traders by claiming to be regulated, when they aren’t.

RoyalCBank does nothing of that sort. It has added its certificate of membership with FinaCom on its websites where you can view it easily. It has been added to the highest category available for brokers, which is an automatic assurance for traders and the broker is also required to maintain the strict standards outlined by FinaCom. Also, the international organization also serves as a dispute resolution service so their services can come in handy if you have any complaint regarding the broker’s services.

The security measures are quite impressive

One of the major concerns that traders have when signing up with a broker is the security measures that have been put in place. As mentioned above, there have been many scams and people have had their identities stolen. You don’t want to be a victim and so you want a broker who can create a secure environment for trading. Royal C Bank will certainly prove itself worthy in this regard. Their technology architecture is top-notch and you can benefit from enterprise level security that the broker has to offer. Secure Socket Layering (SSL) is used by the broker for preventing any unauthorized access to the trading information and to personal data of clients.

All information, as soon as it is entered by a trader on the broker’s website is encrypted immediately. This includes all kinds of information, both personal and financial. Only authorized employees are given access to this information and they are also kept up-to-date on privacy and corporate security practices. When it comes to financial security, according to FinaCom’s rules, RoyalCBank maintains segregated accounts for keeping all client funds. The terms and conditions of the broker states that they do not use their clients’ capital assets for their own use.

Thanks to FinaCom’s membership, traders also enjoy an insurance policy with the broker, which is around $20,000 per client. This is also maintained in a separate account. These security measures can give you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about your information being compromised.

There are many cryptocurrencies available

Why do you join a crypto broker? You want to trade cryptocurrencies. But, do you want to restrict yourself to one, such as Bitcoin, or do you want to keep your options open? It may be difficult to decide when you are just getting started, but it is necessary to consider it in order to choose a broker. Even if you want to start with a single asset, there is a chance that you may want to diversify your portfolio later on. Therefore, signing up with Royal C Bank is a wise decision because the broker offers you a variety of cryptocurrencies to invest in.

You can get started with Bitcoin, if that’s what you prefer and then spread your investment to some of the other top cryptocurrencies in the market, such as Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. The broker has made it a priority to only provide its clients with access to profitable and promising projects instead of reliable ones so they don’t put their hard-earned money at risk. Only quality ones that pass the security tests are allowed to be on the platform. You can trade those cryptocurrencies easily and reap the returns.

The account options are varied

Royal C Bank aims to provide its clientele with account options that can address their needs in the right way. Therefore, instead of the traditional three account offerings, the broker has offered several more, with each account providing an extra feature to provide a better trading experience. The deposit requirements vary for every account and you can choose one as per your comfort level. There are some features common in all accounts, such as access to the education center, 24/6 customer support, Daily Market Review, PRO webinars and price alerts.

While the Welcome bonus is also consistent in every account, the percentage is different for every account type. The account options start from Basic, which can be opened with a 250 deposit in EUR, GBP or USD, depending on your country’s cryptocurrency. The welcome bonus for this account is 30%. The next account is called the Beginner account and needs a deposit of 10,000 to be opened. The bonus is increased to 40% and traders can also benefit from the availability of a junior account manager.

The third account type is called Medium and the deposit requirement for this one increases to 25,000. The welcome bonus is now 60% and the junior account manager is replaced with the senior account manager. With a deposit of 50,000, you can open the Advanced account with RoyalCBank and the welcome bonus is 70% here. A VIP account manager is now assigned to the traders via this account. The next account option is the PRO account, which is for professional traders and so its welcome bonus reaches 80%. Its deposit requirement is 100,000. There is an additional account option called VIP, which is only offered to exclusive clients of the Royal C Bank. In order to open this account, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled, which will be disclosed to you by your account manager.

With these account options, you can easily find something that suits your level of experience and your budget and gives you the freedom to execute your trades comfortably.

It has a comprehensive trading education center

As cryptocurrency is a relatively new asset and quite volatile, traders should have some knowledge about it in order to trade it profitably. The problem is that while you can find plenty of information on the internet, not all sources are reliable. In order to help traders in this regard, Royal C Bank has developed an education center where it gives people access to resources they can use for learning the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market.

They can get this information in the form of videos and tutorials as well as detailed e-books. The webinars are also a great way to learn top trading strategies right from experienced and skilled trader. This can be immensely helpful for new traders because it helps them in minimizing their mistakes and losses, while experienced traders are able to learn new strategies that can be used for maximizing returns.

It has made deposits and withdrawals smooth

RoyalCBank has also made an effort to ensure that its traders are able to add funds to their account and withdraw them without any hassle. Money matters often get complicated and cause delays, which can be frustrating for traders because they are unable to take advantage of movements in the market due to this reason. The broker offers three main methods for both deposits and withdrawal; you can use bank wire transfer, Visa or MasterCard or cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit amount is 250 and the minimum amount for opening a trade is 10.

One appealing fact about Royal C Bank is that they don’t charge any withdrawal fee from their customers, which is a plus because it can add to your trading costs considerably. The minimum withdrawal amount is also just 100, which is quite reasonable. However, for security reasons, it should be noted that you can only accounts and cards that are in your own name. You cannot use any accounts or credit cards belonging to third parties. Moreover, the broker doesn’t store any credit card information on its servers for security reasons.

The deposits are usually made instantly, when you use cards, but wire transfer requires a bit of delay. But, they don’t require any sort of processing. Withdrawals, on the other hand, first need to be approved. As far as processing time is concerned, it will depend on what method you choose, with wire transfers taking the longest.

It has top notch customer service

The customer service offered by a broker can have a big impact on a trader’s decision of whether to sign up or not. Crypto trading is new for many and they will have some questions and concerns they need addressed at some point. If the broker is unavailable, it can lead to a lot of problems because traders may miss opportunities or suffer from losses. Royal C Bank is perfectly aware of the importance of customer service and so they have made sure their own is top notch. Instead of sticking to just one channel, the broker has added several for their traders to get in touch with them

You can use email to get in touch with their team and there are multiple email addresses provided for different queries. You can also use the live chat option for a quicker response or the phone numbers for the fastest replies. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions that might save you from having to contact customer service at all.


These are some excellent reasons for any trader to use Royal C Bank for their crypto trading needs. The broker also provides its clients with access to a wide array of trading tools that can make trading a whole lot easier and effective. Apart from that, the signup process is also quite easy and doesn’t take long for people to get started. RoyalCBank has also provided customers with their own trading platform that offers a seamless performance and is powered by innovative technology and features. With all these features combined, it is a great choice for starting their trading journey in the cryptocurrency market.


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