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Safe Holdings Review – Is Safe Holdings Scam or Legit?

Steve Kornacki

BySteve Kornacki

Apr 17, 2021

Safe Holdings Review

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If I find a profitable trading firm in the trading market like Safe Holdings, I will be more than happy to write my review on it. We all realize the fact that the international financial market is gradually shifting towards crypto trading and the exchange of digital assets. After passing from a critical period of rejection and adoption, cryptocurrency has proved itself a potential candidate to dominate the financial market. The Safe Holdings review will make you familiar with the broker and its features.

As a result of statements to predict Bitcoin as a futuristic asset, the market value and the fans of the leading cryptocurrency are increasing with every passing day. After the introduction of the first-ever cryptocurrency named Bitcoin in 2009, the international concept of centralized institutions to control the exchange of currencies started to stagger because the framework of digital currencies was entirely independent. Intelligent minds of central government institutions and international banking experts recognized it as a strong opponent, especially against the banking system. As a result, the digital currency did not experience any considerable market value in the initial five to six years. In 2017, a spontaneous elevation in the market value of the pioneer cryptocurrency was seen. As a result, its value increased to become double overnight. It was the time when investors and institutional experts started to use it as a threading tool. From then till now, its adoption is increasing day by day.

The value of the leading digital asset is increasing and touching the new sky heights every day. Due to the high volatility of the crypto market, it is becoming an attractive concern for investors because it has the potential to make them millionaires overnight. But there is another side of the coin as there are chances of loss with the same ratio. Still, the investors are adopting it as a trading tool. Generally, it is a common phenomenon that the chances of loss can be minimized by investing in more than one digital asset. It means that if one market is going down, then the investor will get the profit from the other one.

To start a business in such a profitable market, one must need a particular trading platform which is usually provided by the brokers in the forex language. As a result of the increasing popularity of crypto assets, most brokers have designed their platform in such a way that investors can trade in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. There is also a high ratio of fraudulent firms in the market which have purely been established to get your savings. But if you have completed your research, you can easily differentiate between a legitimate and a scam brokerage firm.

One such legitimate and safe-to-use platform is Safe Holdings. I completely understand your concern about choosing such a platform where you feel free about trading crypto assets in the market. Therefore, you need to relax now because Safe Holdings has earned a valuable reputation in the international market in a very short time. Furthermore, I have concisely discussed every feature in my review so that you can have a brief understanding of the broker before making your final decision.

Overview of Safe Holdings

Safe Holdings is a brokerage firm founded in 2018 that claims to offer leverage trading on various top-trading assets, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ether (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), etc. But that is not all, as it also offers its clients a variety of assets, such as forex, commodities, shares, and indices, so traders and investors would not have to face any sort of limitation while trading. Furthermore, Safe Holding allows its users to trade CFDs.

If you look at the history of this broker, despite being relatively new in the market, it has proved to be a top trading platform that has become a leading choice for many investors and brokers worldwide. Safe Holdings has managed to spread its network across 150 countries in the world and is still expanding.

Safe Holdings provides an environment that is secure, efficient, and productive, so it helps flourish its users’ business. They have put intense focus on the implementation of security and privacy policies, and due to these efforts, Safe Holdings has made its security system the safest. At the end of this review, you will realize that this broker leaves many other brokers far behind due to its remarkable qualities.

The fee structure of the brokerage company seems very charming and competitive. Many traders expect low fees from brokers so that they can trade without any fear of high fees. Users of Safe Holdings are very lucky as they have found a broker that deducts the lowest commissions on trading.

Moreover, the company claims that it will make every possible effort to protect the funds and private information of those who are linked with the broker for trading purposes.

Safe Holdings website

Crypto-Friendly Trading Platform

A critical analysis of the trading platform is important to know about its top-notch features. This is because a true versatile trading platform has a greater role in traders’ success. It does not matter how much diversity of cryptocurrencies a particular brokerage firm is offering, but it should be a reliable trading place. A trading platform is actually a type of software used by traders to manage their trading activities, make timely decisions, and monitor market activities. If you have a good platform to carry out your trades, then there is no chance to miss any profitable trading opportunity in the financial market. The trading platform must be efficient and user-friendly because it can even cost you an unbearable loss of money. If you have just decided to start your trading career in the crypto trading market, it is obvious that you would not like to finish in the beginning just because of a poor and slow trading platform. So, a wise decision would be needed to choose a brokerage firm with an easy and client-oriented trading platform.

The experienced team of Safe Holdings truly understands these concerns and purely wants their clients to build a reputable trading portfolio. Therefore, they have designed the most convenient and easy-to-use trading platform where you can efficiently execute and enjoy your trades. This strong and industry-leading platform is designed in such a way that both expert users and newcomers feel comfortable while trading. The addition of highly advanced and innovative technology has increased the performance rate, ultra-fast order execution, low latency, and ability to compile efficient market data. Moreover, the clients are also provided with a variety of trading tools to boost their earnings.

Asset Index of Safe Holdings

When you choose trading as a profession, then like any other field, you will require a partner that will guide you through your career. So, Safe Holdings can be your trading partner in this whole journey. You will have to do the research to pick a secure brokerage firm. You have to look closely into every detail that a broker is offering you, as a lot of things are needed to be considered in the trading profession. One of the important things that you should look for in a broker is its asset index. If a brokerage firm is offering an asset index that includes many products for trading, then this is a sign of a great broker. However, if a broker is offering only a limited number of assets or asset index, it is probably not a suitable option.

The limited options of assets can be a major setback in the long run for you. When you begin from scratch in the trading business, starting with a small-scale broker might seem like a natural thing. But in online trading, you will need to expand your portfolio all the time to be at the top of the game. And this is only possible if you pick the right broker from the beginning of your career. Choosing a broker with multiple assets options is a clever thing to do as it will enable you to trade in all your favourite assets and not worry about any future limitations.

It’s better to select a reliable broker at the start of your career. Therefore, I would suggest you choose a broker that can provide you with multiple top-rated products on a single platform. For instance, the broker that I am reviewing today, Safe Holdings, offers a wide variety of trading assets on its platform.

For beginners, this platform provides a lot of opportunities for investing in crypto assets. There are numerous digital trading assets available on their website. Along with BTC, many others are also included, such as EOS, ETH, XRP, and LTC.

After crypto, next in line is forex trading which is known as the biggest online trading market. Almost everyone in the trading community has heard about forex, and if you are even a little bit aware of its trends, then you would definitely know its worth.

Other than crypto and forex, Safe Holdings also presents an opportunity to trade with commodities. The famous commodities offered are oil, coal, gold, natural gas and agricultural products, etc. Lastly, the option to trade in indices is also feasible, such as NIKKEI 225, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and ASX 200, among many other top indices.

A few very few trading companies provide access to such a wide range of markets, and Safe Holdings is included in them.

Easy Registration and Sign Up Process

Safe Holding has designed a simple and quick sign-up process for the sake of the convenience of its traders. To sign up with Safe Holdings, you are not required to follow multiple and complicated steps. In fact, you only need to give your basic information in a short sign-up form. You can start your registration process just by visiting the home page of the brokerage firm. Just click on the “Register” option, and you will get a page where they will demand your basic information. This information can include your complete name, contact number, email address, country, and promo code. After that, you are just required to accept the terms and conditions and ensure your age above 18. Citizens of the United States are not allowed to register with Safe Holdings as the trading firm is not functional in the US due to regulatory concerns.

Safe Holdings easy registration process

Account Types

To fulfil every client’s needs, Safe Holdings has established five different account types. These account types include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. I will clarify a lit bit about these accounts in the given below section.

  • Silver Account

As the name indicates, this account is a basic beginner-level account that includes all the things a trader needs to start or set up a pace for his career. Safe Holdings has particularly made this account for its beginner users with a low setup cost of €20,000. You can also start this account with a deposit fee of €10,001. This account gives 24/6 client support along with a leverage of 1:20 and a welcome bonus of 20%. Moreover, this account allows withdrawal request completion in seven business days.

  • Gold Account

This account is a little more professional and advanced than the silver one. To open this account, you will need to deposit a minimum fee of €20,001. The unique features of this account include withdrawal approval in five business days, money management plan, market reviews, money cashback, educational courses and leverage of 1:40.

  • Platinum Account

The Platinum account is dedicated to intermediate traders. As the features provided in the platinum account are more advanced than the previous accounts, the account holders of the Platinum account will have access to the best trading platforms, such as Web Trader, Mobile Trading, and Meta Trader 4. Other prominent features of this account include a welcome bonus of up to 60%, access to the premium trading room, and a monthly exposure worth $300,000. All of these features are given with a deposit fee of €100,001.

  • Diamond Account

This account is created considering the requirements of retail forex traders. To open this account, you will need to deposit at least €200,001. The premium feature that makes this account exceptional is the access of traders to the VIP membership program.

  • VIP Account

This is an account that can help experienced traders to gain high returns on investment. VIP account is different from other accounts because it provides exceptional things which are not possible with other investment packages. So, in order to activate this account, an investor will have to deposit at least €500,000.

Top-Notch Security System

In a group of many other features, privacy and security policies should be at the top of the list. Safe Holdings not only considers it as its prime responsibility but also facilitates its uses to trade with the privacy-oriented platform. It promises and ensures the protection of funds, financial assets, and information. The broker has designed and launched a highly advanced cybersecurity system whose functional framework is developed in such a way that it not only keep a record of previous trading activities but also provides its clients with the confidence to trade without any doubt of losing money or data. To prevent the entrance of any unrecognized and unauthorized entity, the system has incorporated the “Two Factor Authentication system” (2FA). Moreover, the firm has hired a special technical team of professionals who provide its services to conduct regular checkups and timely testing of the platform to prevent technical errors.

Customer Support Service

Beginners usually don’t have any exposure to the market. On the one hand, they need to learn the market scenario, and on the other hand, they must need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the trading platform or the brokerage firm they’re working with. Similarly, some of the investors don’t have proper information about an asset they want to invest in. In such cases, they need some support from account managers.

Customer support service is one of the most significant parameters for the evaluation of a broker. This is because most of the brokers are just interested in grabbing your money and do not respond to your requests. We can say that if a broker provides all other facilities and somehow fails to provide appropriate support to clear the queries, then that broker should not be put in a list of good brokers. However, if we compare Safe Holdings with other brokers, we come to know that this broker has built a good portfolio in terms of providing highly efficient and client-friendly customer support. Whenever someone needs any consultancy or advice, he or she can get it without any hesitation. The support team is always active and possesses the complete market knowledge to advise you to discuss your problem. You can reach them easily, either by using your email or your phone number.


After having a complete understanding of all the features, I am quite impressed by the features of Safe Holdings. I would like to recommend this broker as your future trading partner as it has all the necessary features. In a lot of things, it has priority over other brokers in the market.

Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki, a respected author at Big Trends Signals, uses his deep online trading acumen to create comprehensive guides and balanced reviews, empowering traders in their digital pursuits.

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