Samson Mow Leaves Blockstream to Work on Bigger Projects

Samson Mow is the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream who shared his last day at the firm today. Mow is the person who consulted the government of El Salvador on the matter of Bitcoin adoption into the national legislator. Mow recently claimed that he was heading towards another big goal focused on Bitcoin. He has spent 5 years serving as the CSO of Blockstream.

Mow claimed in his latest tweet that his new Bitcoin conquering land is Mexico. He also claimed that he will be working on a new project related to the top coin. At present, there are no signs from the Mexican government about adding Bitcoin as a legal tender. However, some politicians are working towards the goal.

Mexican Business Community and Bitcoin Mining

In his latest tweet, Mow received some questions from Ricardo Salinas Pliego. RSP is the third richest man in Mexico. His questions showed an interest in working with Mow on the matter of Bitcoin mining. With the backing of the local business community, it seems that Mow is heading to a good start. His mission is to make Bitcoin trading more popular and increase BTC adoption in the region.

Another important person from Mexico to correspond with Mow is Indra Kempis. Kempis is a Mexican Senator who has been working towards removing the misconceptions about the flagship cryptocurrency in the region and working towards introducing friendlier Bitcoin adoption in the country. Mow recently posted that the stakeholders from Mexico emphasize immutable, permission-less, and truly decentralized monetary channels.

Fidelity Capital financial experts issued a forecast last year that state-level adoption of Bitcoin in 2022 will be visible across the board. The firm also postulated that while most countries are approaching cryptocurrencies through tight regulations it seems that a complete ban is out of the books. According to Fidelity reports, it is nearly impossible to impose a ban on the decentralized crypto network at this point.

The firm claims that the countries that manage to acquire Bitcoin reserves today will be able to face the financial and economic challenges of the future in comparison to the nations that have refrained from it. Fidelity also made a case for Bitcoin as a viable hedge against inflation for the national reserves around the world.

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