San Marino Signs off National Level NFT Project for COVID-19 Vaccination Recording

San Marino is a relatively small European nation with a population of 33,000. The country has become the next Salvador in terms of non-fungible token adoption. A few months ago, Salvador became the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as the legal tender in the world. Now, San Marino is doing the same for NFT. However, the scope of this crypto project is different.

COVID-19 vaccination is a top priority of the governments of all countries at present. The usual VISA and passports are not enough to indicate the legitimate vaccination status of an individual. VeChain is a blockchain project that is focused on supply chain management and enterprise adoption. It has partnered with DNV to create a digital version of a passport that will record and display an untempered status of the correct COVID-19 history for any person.

The Adoption of the New Enterprise NFT Passport has been Written into the San Marino Legal Decree

The natives of San Marino will be able to hold a globally verifiable digital passport that can be used to record COVID-19 related details. The passport holders will get two QR codes. The first code can be supervised by the European Union health regulations. Passport holders will have to get a verification seal from the selected members of the state.

The other part of the QR code will be made public, and any legal authority in the world will be able to verify it. The state officials have already signed up the drafted legislative charter that has been elevated to Decree Law# 109. One of the key features of these vaccination passports is that it is almost impossible to forge or tamper with them.

DNV or Det Norske Veritas is a type of certification for any healthcare service that is CMS compliant. This certification increases the integrity of data like vaccination attempts, the number of doses, negative testing results, and others. On the other hand, the VeChainThor Public blockchain and NFT technology make it impossible to duplicate or counterfeit.

Renato Grottola, Global Growth Director for DNV, told the media that the use of digital ledger and smart contracts technology adds more value to the project and makes the digital vaccination certificates more reliable and trustworthy. VeChain has also signed a contract with a medical institution situated in the Mediterranean, Cyprus, that will store COVID-19 vaccine-related data on the blockchain.

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