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$TARO, A Token Targeting Metaverse, And NFT Brings In Strong Influx Of Investors

Summer White

BySummer White

Dec 1, 2022

The cryptocurrency industry has recently introduced a new protocol that has been dubbed “RobotEra”. The protocol is emerging to be high traction among investors due to the audience it aims to target.

RobotEra was launched in Nov. 2022

The protocol has been launched in the month of November and it has garnered a great amount of success despite being in the presale phase.

Its native token “$TARO” has become one of the hottest cryptocurrencies to gain so much attention even during its presale period.

The Presale Success of $TARO

It is the best opportunity for investors because the token is in its first presale phase. The teams have pre-decided the value of the $TARO token during its presale period.

In the first presale period, the value of the token has been set to $0.02. According to many market experts, the token is among the hottest buys, promising huge gains to early investors.

The most attractive part of owning the $TARO token is with each presale phase, its value will continue to surge.

The teams have already communicated that for the second phase, the value of the token will be $0.025. For the third presale phase, the value of the $TARO token will be set to $0.032.

Guaranteed Gains for the Investors

The investors purchasing the $TARO token in the first presale period are already in for a treat. This is because the value of the $TARO token would surge by 60% in the third phase of the presale.

Just to clarify, this is an increase guaranteed by the developers and not a forecast based on the sales of the token in the first presale phase.

The investors purchasing the tokens in the second presale session will have recorded a 28% profit in their investment as the third phase launches.

The teams behind the development of the asset have very high hopes for the $TARO token. They are confident when the token debuts on the mainnet, its value will have surged tremendously.

With a wide public taking interest in the token, the value of the token will rise tremendously, another good sign for early investors.

Token Allocation in the Presale

The developers have confirmed that for now, the maximum supply they have allocated for the $TARO tokens is 1.8 billion $TARO.

However, they have only allocated 270 million $TARO tokens for the presale purpose. They have already placed a hard cap on the tokens during the presale period.

According to the update, the hard cap placed on the maximum value of the presale is $7 million.

$TARO is a P2E Token

As communicated by the developers, the $TARO token will be available in the system as a play-2-earn (P2E) asset.

It is quite common for P2E tokens to witness great pumps in value when the cryptocurrency markets are mainly bearish. This means even when crypto such as BTC and ETH are down, P2E tokens can remain bullish.

The teams working on the project have urged the investors to move out of their safe zones and invest in digital assets. The token has a lot of potential as it offers utility, which is rare even among the major altcoins.


RobotEra aims to offer a very unique gaming experience to users. It offers them a scenario where they have a destroyed planet that they need reconstruct.

The players have the ability to interact with the in-game environment as well as other players in the form of NFT avatars that are robots.

The players can purchase lands in the RobotEra metaverse and build their own structures and buildings. As the value of the land rises, the players can sell it to make profits.

The $TARO token can be used in the RobotEra metaverse and ecosystem for purchases and to interact with other services and tools.

Summer White

Summer White

Summer White, an esteemed writer for Big Trends Signals, combines her online trading expertise and articulate writing to deliver exhaustive guides and fair reviews, assisting traders in digital markets.

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