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Tesco Share Price Outlook Ahead of Interim Results

Barry Douglas

ByBarry Douglas

Oct 4, 2022
  • Tesco’s share price has witnessed massive bearishness lately.
  • It has plummeted by over 30% from 2022 highs.
  • The stock might retreat after the earnings announcement.

Tesco share has kick-started an unease revival over the past three days, and market players await the upcoming company earnings. The stock climbed towards the 210p peak – higher than 199p last week’s low.

Tesco’s Upcoming Earnings

Tesco shares have witnessed massive pressure over the last few weeks amidst worries about the leading British retailer. TSCO shares have lost over 30% from 2022’s highest mark. Other UK’s leading retailers such as Boohoo, Marks & Spencer, and Ocado have deteriorated by over 20% in 2022.

Several reasons explained Tesco stock’s plunge. First and foremost, the pound has declined by over 20% in 2022. Tesco remains prone to this weakness due to its robust imports. Thus, the company has to pay more for overseas purchases.

Secondly, Tesco’s share crashed due to the soaring inflation that has slowed demand. Retailers tend to record less shopping when inflation surges faster than wages. Thirdly, the company experiences significant competition from the German discount firm Aldi.

The company dominated the market share and remained the 3rd-largest retailer in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the market focus changes to the upcoming Tesco earnings, scheduled for Wednesday. Analysts predict revenue to have increased to 63.63 billion.

Also, they anticipate Tesco’s revenue to keep soaring to 64.9 billion pounds within the coming fiscal year before hitting 66.15 billion pounds in financial year 24-25. On the probability front, economists anticipate the firm’s adjusted operating profit has increased to 2.63 billion pounds.

Tesco Share Price Prediction

The 24hr chart indicates that TSCO maintained enormous downtrends over the last few months. The downward journey amplified after the shares slumped beneath the vital support at 242.5p. Meanwhile, it dropped beneath 25 and 50-day MA.

The RSI (Relative Strength Index) exhibited massive bearishness. Thus, the stock might keep plunging, targeting levels below the 200p low of last week. However, s surge past the crucial resistance at 220p will cancel this view.

What are your thoughts about Tesco’s current outlook? You can share your views below.

Barry Douglas

Barry Douglas

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