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Users Claim Almost Half Of Total Cardano Network Nodes Were Down, Situation Explained

Summer White

BySummer White

Jan 28, 2023

The Cardano node is an essential component of the Cardano network, providing support for the web.

There needs to be more information regarding whether or not fifty percent of the nodes that comprise the Cardano network went offline. The decentralized nature of the Cardano network must be kept in mind.

This indicates that at any particular point in time, it is not under the control of a singular organization. As a consequence of this, it may be challenging to provide an accurate estimation of the number of nodes that are currently active in the network.

In addition, nodes can be down for a brief period for various reasons. This could affect the overall functioning of the network. Include any necessary repairs or technical concerns, and then come back online.

When checking the network’s status and health, it is necessary to use many different resources. Such as, the Cardano explorer provides users with the most recent information regarding the network and is updated every minute.

As well as the official community channels maintained by the Cardano project. And serve the purpose of disseminating information and making declarations.

Tom Stokes, the operator of Cardano’s stake pool and co-founder of Noe Shark, tweeted about the situation.

He tweeted that half of Cardano’s nodes had stopped working a few hours earlier, an unnerving development. This revelation was alarming to the Cardano community.

Cardano Nodes with Access Issues Exceeding 50%

“In the course of the last few hours, accessibility issues have arisen for more than half of all Cardano nodes. As a result of this, decentralization is an essential concept.”

If one is to believe the graphic of network synchronization that Stokes provided, there is a problem. It came as a surprise when the network synchronization fell from 100% for more than 300 reporting nodes.

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, it is hovering just under 40%. On Sunday morning, the temperature suddenly dropped. This took place in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday.

If Stokes’s calculations are correct, after the sync dip, the network immediately recovered and was back at 87% within a few seconds.

It is possible to deduce that a network maintains a high degree of performance simply by looking at its history. It achieved a synchronization rate of one hundred percent on the primary network.

The unanticipated disruption to the network cannot be traced back to a specific source that can identify.

The assertion that gained offline access to fifty percent of the network’s nodes was refuted by a Twitter account called Cardano Whale. He responded, “No, not true,” to a comment posted by a user on the website.

Block production continued regardless of being slowed down for a few minutes. The network performed what it intended to do,” he added. Despite the slowdown, the network did what it was designed to do.

Currently, no private nodes are available for use with Cardano.

One of the Most Reliable Networks Is Cardano

The Cardano node is the most fundamental component of the Cardano network, as it supports the whole network.

At its most elemental level, a blockchain network consists of. Nothing is more than a collection of nodes that are connected. These nodes verify transactions and construct blocks by achieving a consensus among themselves.

Transactions in the Cardano network are handled by the node, which is the entity in charge of handling these financial dealings. It is accountable for determining whether or not the communication channel is valid. When the pool is joined to the network, this resource is used by it.

This company does more than just block manufacturing. Cardano has successfully upheld its position as one of the most reliable networks operating in the cryptocurrency market. Because of this, it has been called the “most stable network.”

This is a result of the fact that it has normally been functioning for over five years now without any problems, even though there were multiple times of highly heavy use.

Summer White

Summer White

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