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What is Bitcoin? A Beginner’s Guide

Hassan Mehmood

ByHassan Mehmood

Apr 8, 2021

Today, on the internet, Bitcoin and its related stuff are the pieces of discussion of every single individual. With the brightest feature and highest value position, Bitcoin is emerging in the line of cryptocurrency (digital currency).

Bitcoin (BTC) is a broad subject and holds several paths, which cannot be covered in just a few words. If you are new to cryptocurrency and want to know everything about it, you are in the right place. In this beginner’s guide, we will discuss every important aspect related to Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency or cryptocurrency; part of electronic money is based on a decentralized system. As it is a digital form of money, it does not have a physical form. All Bitcoin’s processes are performed online through online networks, platforms, or systems.

Most importantly, Bitcoin is stored on digital addresses, which are unique to every single transaction. Nowadays, potential companies are trading Bitcoin and also have started selling and buying products through it.

Bitcoin as Decentralized Digital Currency

Bitcoin is called decentralized currency, which means that it is a currency transacted without a central bank. It uses a peer-to-peer blockchain network to be sent from one user to another. You only need an internet connection to send and receive Bitcoin all over the world.

There is a profound relation between Bitcoin and blockchain. People mostly confuse while discussing them as currency. But in simple words, blockchain is the source provider of Bitcoin, and without it, Bitcoin is nothing.

History: When and Why Bitcoin Arises

Bitcoin was added into the financial system in 2009 for the first time. Till now, it is unknown that who developed Bitcoin as a name (Satoshi Nakamoto) was circulating. It could be either a single person or a group of people behind the arousal of Bitcoin.

In 2008, big banks started exploiting money borrowers, client cheating, system draping, and charging high fees. Bitcoin pioneers tried to control the seller, remove any middleman, negate all fees, and make transactions clear.

For this purpose, these pioneers created a decentralized system. In this system, you could look out for your money and know all the ongoing procedures without asking a bank to check for you. This was the basis of the development of a new digital currency, Bitcoin (BTC).

Current Status of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has got fame quickly and reached the highs of the digital world in no time. Companies from all around the globe are into trading Bitcoin, buying and selling it. They perform transactions and use them for buying and selling products and services.

From small startups to highly developed businesses, everyone uses Bitcoin for their financial setouts. Although it holds no regulation; in the beginning, websites started promoting it. Even its publications started from different magazines, including the Bitcoin Magazine.

Today, Bitcoin is the source of business for many companies. The reason is their highly stable value and little fluctuations in prices. It possesses its own application programming interface (API), price index, and market exchange rate.

The only problem now faced by traders and investors is hackers attempting to steal accounts and transactions hampering. In contrast, however, people in economically developing countries can get Bitcoin as their most reliable sending and receiving money channel.

Working of Bitcoin: Concept of Blockchain

Bitcoin works inclusively on a public ledger, which is a full system called the blockchain. It contains any transaction performed and confirmed. For validation, the blocks enter a system for broadcasting to the peer-to-peer computer network of users.

This makes the blockchain a trusted platform for its users. The information of a user is kept private, and every user knows about all the transactions. Hence, any kind of thieving action or multiple spending is avoided from a person’s account.

For new users, “how does Bitcoin work” is a confusing question as they don’t know it from its basics. Let’s give you a quick basic overview of Bitcoin working for a beginner user and it can be easily understood by everyone.

  • Getting Started

When starting the Bitcoin journey for the first time, you have to install Bitcoin Wallet, an application, on your mobile or computer. Once you sign up, you will get a computer-generated Bitcoin Address that you can use for transactions.

To receive money from anyone, use this address without any worries; consider it like your phone number on which people can contact you. The only thing you should not disclose is the payment ID you receive on receiving payment.

  • Spend through BTC Wallets

As we have mentioned earlier, the blockchain acts as a shared public ledger upon which the entire Bitcoin network depends. It is consists of every transaction that is performed, confirmed, and verified utterly.

Blockchain lets users calculate their spendable balance using Bitcoin wallets. It ensures that newly performed transactions can be verified and make sure the actual account holder owns them. Its purity and chronological order are executed with cryptography.

  • Understanding Transactions

The transaction is the transfer of values between Bitcoin wallets that are involved in the blockchain. These wallets hold secret information known as private keys or seeds. This seed is used to sign transactions, giving an arithmetic proof of belonging to the account holder’s wallet.

The sign is also used to prevent the transaction from changing by anyone once it has been performed. Each transaction is sent to the network and starts to be verified within 10 to 20 minutes normally. This confirmation occurs through mining (we will discuss below).

  • Processing of Transactions

Mining is a shared consensus system applied to confirm pending transactions on getting included in the blockchain. It makes a chronological order within the blockchain, keeps the network’s impartiality secure, and enables various computers to allow on the system’s state.

For confirmation, transactions need packing in a block that applies stringent cryptographic rules validated by the system. Such rules restrict earlier blocks from altering because they could nullify all the succeeding blocks.

Mining also makes a competitive lottery that prevents any person from promptly connecting new blocks continuously to the blockchain. So, no individual or a group of individuals can manage what is present in it or replace its parts to retract their spending.

Transactional Process of Bitcoin: Using Your Assets

Once your transaction is wholly processed and you get your assets into your account, you can use them for further activities. These activities might be buying some stuff or anything, but using assets for it is also called a transaction.

Features of Making Bitcoin Transactions

Once your transaction is completely processed and you get your assets into your account, you can use them for further activities. These activities might be buying some stuff or anything, but using assets for it is also called a transaction. Some features of the Bitcoin transactions are:

  • Funds Irreversibility

Once any transaction is confirmed, it cannot be reversed back to the sender’s account. Even the blockchain itself cannot reverse it. So, you need to be careful while making transactions. If, for instance, you sent money to a scam account, you cannot get it back.

  • All-Unknown

In the blockchain, nothing is related to actual identities, neither the account holders nor their transactions. You send and receive funds at an address containing about 30 characters, which is random and altering.

Although it is somewhat possible to look over the transaction flux, it is impossible to label any address with someone’s identity. This feature of Bitcoin and its technology is ideal for many users who want to remain anonymous.

  • Quick and Worldwide Access

Every transaction in the network is relatively fast and just takes a few minutes to get confirmed. Also, you can perform transactions in all of the countries on the planet. It does not affect the pace of transaction as performed through global networks.

Whether you make transactions within the country or outside the state, it will take a similar time. So, the process is the same all over the world.

  • Secure System

The technological advancement brought into use for the Bitcoin system made it highly secured. All funds (BTC) are kept locked in the system of public-key cryptography. Only a person with this key can perform transactions.

It is almost impossible to break this robust cryptographic technology and tricky public key numbers. This system is more secure than the Knox security of Samsung.

  • No Permission

In a Bitcoin transaction, you do not need to ask anyone to allow you to use cryptocurrency. You can use your funds anytime and anywhere you want. You just have to use the app installed on your phone or other devices.

Bitcoin system is like your home; you can go in and out without anyone’s permission. You can send and receive Bitcoin with a few taps.

Bitcoin Transaction: Safe or Risk

As Bitcoin has got a very high value, there are risks and great opportunities with it. It has been fascinating to offenders because of its anonymity and without any regulation. Bitcoin comes with many benefits for everyone, and we enter the marketplace along with accepting risks.

As Bitcoin owns no governing body, so in case you lost your funds, you cannot get them back. As we mentioned above, once a transaction is performed and confirmed by the blockchain, it cannot be reversed.

Bitcoin is entirely new, and still much is not known about it. Also, its value is not fixed and varies significantly from time to time, even daily. But the blockchain technology offers it enough security that you can deal with your assets without any risk.

Store Your Bitcoin for Safety

In 2018, cryptocurrency prices increased significantly but made a significant decline across the past two years. Despite this, cryptocurrency prices have continued to rise in recent months, surpassing their all-time highs.

This occurrence has also resulted in an additional number of hacking activities being reported. Many investors are unfamiliar with the network and may not be aware of how to maintain their assets safe, so hackers are unleashing innovative strategies to steal money.

The most notable hacks are those that were done openly: some hacks even moved tokens from one wallet to another. As they watch their tokens disappear, they realize that they have no other option just to stare at.

Digital wallets are just like physical wallets in that Bitcoin can be stored in hardware or on the web. You can get them on a laptop or a phone, whichever works best for you.

What can make a personal digital wallet secure? The answer to this depends on how each wallet is managed. Each wallet has a set of encrypted private keys that enable the holder to access any digital currency it contains.

Bitcoin is most vulnerable to theft, loss, and disclosure when a user loses the private key. If the users someway lost the key, they cannot see or use their Bitcoin. Losing the private key and hence, Bitcoin can also be due to hardware failures with the computers.

Ways to Ensure Bitcoin Safety

All our assets, including the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), need to be stored securely for future use. So, they need a long-term storage space just like our money is stored at banks. To avoid any issues with your funds in the long run, follow these best methods.

  • Backup Your Wallet

Any data on our personal accounts are usually backed up either automatically or we do it manually. Similarly, your wallet that contains Bitcoin needed to be backup for safety. It is the only way you can recover your Bitcoin from these backups.

Moreover, be sure to back up every wallet.dat file and store the backup at various protected locales such as a USB, hard drive, or discs. In addition, make sure the backup is protected with a strong password.

  • Keep Wallet Up-to-Date

A wallet operating on old Bitcoin software versions can be a vulnerable spot for hackers. The newest version of software adds a more robust security system, improving your Bitcoins’ security. So, it would help if you kept the software of your wallet up-to-date.

The wallet’s enhanced security may allow you to evade a big crisis if your software is updated with the latest security fixes. You should regularly update your software and operating system on your computer or mobile device to keep your BTC assets more protected.

  • Apply Multi-Signature Rule

The multi-signature rule is a concept with great fame to secure the Bitcoin when transacting money. It includes the process of approving transactions from some people, three to five, and then the transaction is confirmed.

By applying this rule, thieving actions are limited as they can’t handle multiple accounts to hack at once. They even don’t know who to target to release the funds. The sender and receiver ask another person for approval, and then funds are either sent or received.

Bitcoin Mining: Creation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is a complex process to create new Bitcoin using powerful computers by solving computational math problems. This process is crucial for maintaining the base of Bitcoin, the transactions ledger.

Over the last few years, miners have grown very advanced, using complex tools to accelerate mining processes. It has made the Bitcoin network likely to function well and is its whipping soul. The increasing amount of Bitcoin makes it difficult to create much more Bitcoin.

Elements of Bitcoin Mining: Machines or Miners

Initially, before 2013, mining was performed on personal computers before the launch of mining software. When ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit chips) was introduced, the productivity increased by many folds.

Although mining can be done with computers having older hardware, it will not be a profitable option to go with. An updated hardware system could come up with the fastest mining solving hash problems. After that, you are rewarded with Bitcoin as a miner.

When miners performed mining using the old machines, the mining difficulty was barely in line with Bitcoins’ value. With the arrival of new devices, issues build-up related to the enormous price to get and running and making possible the latest tools.

Final Words

Well! That’s all about “what is Bitcoin?” till now. Today, Bitcoin is the most potent currency in terms of its value. As a beginner, you must know the basics of Bitcoin, from mining to its safety.

Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most used cryptocurrencies due to its most extraordinary worth. Other coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc., could not compete with BTC. The prices of these coins are much lower than Bitcoin.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the best possible option. Once you made a position in trading Bitcoin, you will enjoy its benefits at the end of the day. All you need is proper training and learning where to invest your assets and how to trade the top digital currency.

We hope that you have ended up with the information you were looking for. If you still have any questions regarding Bitcoin, let us know in the comments to guide you.

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood

Hassan Mehmood, a valued writer at Big Trends Signals, uses his profound online trading expertise to produce in-depth guides and unbiased reviews, enabling traders to navigate digital marketplaces efficiently.

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