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XRPL Banking Interface Prototype Debuts On Ripple’s UBRI Connect

Steve Kornacki

BySteve Kornacki

Aug 30, 2023

According to Wrathof Kahmeman, a prominent figure in the XRP community, Ripple’s UBRI Connect is preparing to unveil a prototype – an XRPL banking interface. He added that the University of Waterloo is playing a significant role to play in bringing this prototype to life.

The University of Waterloo document also revealed that William Park was trying to find a “Research Assistant.” This assistant would have worked for a specific tenure from May to August 2023.

This role required a firm grasp of various tools and technologies, including Python, XRPL, React, Flask, and TypeScript. The task included research to evaluate the feasibility of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) based on the XRPL blockchain.

Additionally, there was a critical task of prototyping a banking interface. The interface would leverage React, Flask, and the xrpl-py library to organize and analyze banking transactions on the XRPL blockchain.

The culmination of this effort would be a presentation at the UBRI Connect event in 2023. The UBRI Connect event is scheduled in Toronto from October 12 to 13.

It serves as a platform to bring together scholars, researchers, and thought leaders from the UBRI network. The goal is to spotlight blockchain initiatives, share knowledge, and set the stage for future research endeavors.

In a June 2023 blog post, Ripple Labs hailed the event organizers for their commitment to nurturing talent and innovation within Canada, particularly in Toronto’s thriving crypto hub.

University Collaborations And Ripple’s Canadian Expansion

URBI (Ripple’s University Blockchain Initiative) has been cultivating collaborations with various educational institutions to strengthen its ties in Canada. One notable partnership is with the University of Toronto.

Accordingly, this institution has launched a separate XRP Ledger validator and actively recruits XRPL campus ambassadors for upcoming batches. Professor Andreas Veneris of the University of Toronto commended Ripple’s early leadership in blockchain technology.

He commended Ripple’s educational goals and promotion of social well-being through blockchain education. UBRI’s impact on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research in Canada has been remarkable.

Over the past five years, UBRI has invested more than $2 million in premier Canadian educational institutions. This strategic investment has nurtured a culture of innovation and growth in blockchain-centric research and education.

Within a year of establishing an engineering hub in Toronto, Ripple actively sought top-tier technical talents. The success of their Toronto office has exceeded their initial expectations, paving the way for implementing their other plans in the years to come.

Ripple’s Focus On CBDCs And The Private Ledger Solution

Ripple’s focus on a private model of the public XRP Ledger designed for Central Banks is noteworthy. This endeavor has resulted in the creation of the CBDC Private Ledger, a solution designed to facilitate payments.

Built on the technology powering the XRP Ledger, this private ledger guarantees efficient, reliable, and almost instantaneous transactions. The CBDC Private Ledger also benefits from RippleNet technologies, ensuring robust security and customization to match unique privacy and policy requirements.

Meanwhile, several countries are already in the process of piloting CBDCs on the XRP Ledger. Notable examples include Montenegro, the Republic of Palau, and Hong Kong. These pilot programs are poised to shape digital currency adoption and utilization.

Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki, a respected author at Big Trends Signals, uses his deep online trading acumen to create comprehensive guides and balanced reviews, empowering traders in their digital pursuits.

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