After High Court, Brad Garlinghouse is also Defending Himself on the Social Media

The Ripple Labs executive Brad Garlinghouse cannot stay out of the firing range for a long time. He is already facing the heat in the court of law through the ongoing SEC lawsuit. Now, a new grill campaign has been launched against him on social media platform Twitter. The members of the crypto community were incensed after Garlinghouse’s scathing remarks about Bitcoin blockchain in his recent tweets.

A few hours ago, Ripple labs hopped a climate change advocate program called Crypto Climate Accord. This new green movement is a preparation to eliminate the carbon pollution from blockchains by 2025. Garlinghouse exclaimed in his tweets that the Bitcoin mining process and its PoW consensus algorithm take up a lot of energy and the XRP token is 100,000 times more efficient. 

Garlinghouse Wishes Well for Bitcoin Boom

Garlinghouse has become the target of trolls by the members of the crypto community after his recent remarks. The Ripple Labs CEO started his Twitter thread by exclaiming that he is on board with the Bitcoin program and the decentralized transition. He also does not advocate a possible ban on Bitcoin as the flagship currency contributes 50 percent of the entire $2.2 trillion market cap of the digital currency market. 

However, his comparison of one Bitcoin transaction taking up the equivalent of burning 75 gallons of gasoline has become the subject of ridicule and criticism from many community members. The Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, Samson Mow, even drew a clowning comparison of one XRP transaction being equal to 75 pages of court documents. The Ripple Labs executive, however, has kept his cool and urged the Bitcoin community to focus their attention on the real issue at hand.

Can XRP Take over Bitcoin?

For the time being, there is a world of difference between XRP and Bitcoin evaluation. Bitcoin is trending at $63K while XRP is at $1.71 per unit. Both digital assets are in a completely different weight class. On the other hand, the huge supply of XRP tokens allows the Ripple labs executives to gain control over the entire market and change the market stakes whenever they want. 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is a 100 percent decentralized system that is managed by the stakeholder’s independent behavior. Without the presence of first-born digital asset, the chances of a full-blown collapse of the entire DeFi markets are very high. With the ongoing SEC case, the Ripple Labs and XRP are in no position to challenge the flagship currency that has started to register a new ATH daily.    


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