Buy Bitcoin before the Next Bull Surge, Says Famous Fund Manager

Bitcoin seems to be a controversial cryptocurrency that gets celebrity-like treatment. This can be confirmed through all the hype that is being created for the cryptocurrency on the social media platforms by financial influencers such as Elon Musk and the likes of him. Not a week before, Bitcoin was soaring at almost $63.8k, which is a new all-time high at the moment, but then again, the recalibrations kicked in, and at the moment, Bitcoin is about $62k worth. According to a fund manager, all the current graphs show that it might be time to start investing in Bitcoin as the opportunity to buy is here before another surge takes the price up.

Bitcoin is a little shaken up at the moment, and this trend shows that bullish trends are with Bitcoin, but some consolidation also needs to be done in terms of the price calibration. It is possible that the next price leap for Bitcoin is around $65k, which is more of a milestone, and that is why the opportunity to buy more Bitcoin at the moment has sprung up. Vailshire capital management CEO, Jeff Ross, thinks that the stage is set now, and with the current numbers and trends, the only wait is for the support resistance flip, and if it remains successful, then both Bitcoin and USD will continue their treading north.

Investors are Restless to Get their Hands on more Bitcoin

All the levels seem to be in the right places, and the investors are adamant about keeping on buying the Bitcoin because let’s get one thing right that this is an opportunity right there like no other before, and for that reason, the likelihood of investors jumping in is more ambitious than ever. Even on the Binance trading platform, investors are lining up to have a piece of Bitcoin. If all the numbers remain consistent and nothing out of the blue hits the crypto market, then Bitcoin will keep on rising along with various other cryptocurrencies. For those who have had a fair share of Bitcoin hidden somewhere, now is the time to bring it forward and chip it in if they are willing to make something out of it. 

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