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Bitcoin’s Price Falls Below $23,000 Support; Will Bulls Rally?

Summer White

BySummer White

Mar 2, 2023

Now, Bitcoin’s price action needs a large upward push to confirm the continuation of the gradual rise that started in early 2023. Throughout the course of the weekend, the price of bitcoin dropped below $23,000.

BTC has lately maintained a price level that is more than $22,700, which has prevented additional price drops. Since January, Bitcoin has been on a steady ascent, but in the last week, it has dropped to low levels.

The price has been reduced to $22,700 from its previous level. Bitcoin (BTC) eventually caved into the selling pressure and dropped in price.

During the past several days, liquidation data has increased due to Bitcoin’s movement and the market’s largest cryptocurrency’s uncertain future.

According to the data provided by Coinglass, there has been nearly $200 million worth of ranks dissolved since February 22nd.

How strong is the current Bitcoin bull market?

In a post on Twitter, data and crypto analyst CryptoCon explained how the current positive connection between the USD and bitcoin.

As seen by the DXY Index, and taking into account how this might potentially feed the subsequent bull trend for bitcoin. To understand the relationship between the US dollar and bitcoin, we need to look at the DXY Index.

Given the strong connection that has been observed between the BTC and DXY since the end of the bear market in 2022. According to the market analyst, the bull market has reached its full potential and entrenched itself.

This connection has served as a leading indicator before BTC rallies on two out of the three occasions, namely in 2011 and 2015.

It’s the fourth time the correlation has correctly forecast an established bull market, and it’s all because of 2019’s surge. When the cryptocurrency sector began, DXY index variations have been linked to cryptocurrency price swings.

When the DXY index experiences a drop below its yearly high of $105, as do Ethereum and Bitcoin on their individual charts. The recent correlation has turned positive, indicating a favorable relationship between the three.

The CryptoCon added: “Bitcoin may be correcting, but it is still well positioned for a bull market rally to the upside.” When compared to July 2015, the current market structure is radically different from what it was then.

Bitcoin may soon boost liquidity

Rather, it mirrors the surge that occurred in November 2015, just before the start of the bull market. As Bitcoin’s price is now on the rise, this is one of the best times to make a purchase during this cycle.

The recent reversal in price action for Bitcoin occurred at a level that was anticipated to provide significant support, namely $23,500.

As a direct consequence of this, a whole new barrier wall has been constructed for the primary currency. Bitcoin will probably be able to fuel liquidity at higher levels in the near future.

If the price movement of Bitcoin continues to wipe out the long and short positions by moving sideways. This liquidity may help Bitcoin break past the $23,500 and $24,000 barrier levels and attempt $25,000 again.

Since Bitcoin is guaranteed to breach the finding of $30,000 in the mid-term, analysts see this barrier as the final obstacle.

Bitcoin is now dealing at a position of $23,300, which is lower than the crucial support level. The price dropped to $22,700 during the course of the weekend, which resulted in the barrier being breached at that point.

Bitcoin has witnessed a tiny rise of 0.7% in the last twenty-four hours despite the price dip that just occurred. The price of Bitcoin has suffered a decline of -3.9% during the course of the past week.

But it has been able to retain gains of 7.1% and 1.1%, respectively, in the fourteen-day and thirty-day time frames. When looking at larger time frames, the price of Bitcoin has observed a reduction in its price.

Summer White

Summer White

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