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Is There A Bright Future Ahead For Cryptocurrencies Dubbed “Ethereum Killers”?

Summer White

BySummer White

Mar 3, 2023

Several people remain skeptical of Ethereum despite the many arguments in its favor. It is possible that the network will fail at some point in the future.

The persistent failure of one of the most well-known blockchains, which is generally believed to be capable of unseating the Ethereum network.

It sparked a conversation amongst members of the community over the possibilities for blockchains that have been dubbed “Ethereum killers.”

Members of the Reddit cryptocurrency community raised the possibility of an alternative to Ethereum and questioned its viability in the present market.

This discussion on Ethereum was brought up by a participant due to their interest in the topic. According to a member of the community, the projects have been given the moniker of “Ethereum killers”.

Are not as widely used as Ethereum and do not have the same level of popularity. As a direct consequence of this, the likelihood of any of these concepts being implemented successfully is extremely low.

A member of the community made the additional observation that even in the event that another chain becomes faster than Ethereum.

The market value of the equity of Ether, which is $1,657 as of this post, is still substantial. This was spoken as a response to the fact that a member of the community had previously made the aforementioned comment.

The user of the cryptocurrency is of the belief that no ETH killer will truly destroy ETH as a consequence of this fact.

Many community members shared their perspectives on the issue with the audience after being given the chance to participate in the conversation.

“ETH Killer” Claims “ETH Killers” Failed

The future of ETH killers has been called into doubt by members of the cryptocurrency community in a number of different ways.

These responses range from abandoning the moniker “ETH killer” to arguing that “ETH killers” have failed to deliver.

There is no such thing as an Ethereum killer, as mentioned by a member of the community who took part in the conversation.

The Reddit user thinks Ethereum is the only layer-1 platform, and the others are competing for the remaining market share.

One Reddit user suggested dropping the “ETH killer” nickname because Ethereum (ETH) has shown itself as a cryptocurrency alternative. Despite the fact that Ethereum can yet be dethroned, one community member believes it is impossible.

According to them, to become a statistical outlier, you must wipe out the market. Even though most of the reasons for Ethereum are positive, some still think the network might fail.

The claim that Ethereum “would never fail” was termed “crazy” by a community member and with good cause. A commenter on Reddit stated that just because Ethereum (ETH) was adopted does not mean that it is a done thing yet.

This commenter’s statement was in response to other comments that stated the market for cryptocurrencies is still in its early stages.

After participation from additional users, the level of tension in the online chat rapidly increased. Even to the point of attempting to inject some humor into the heated debate.

Ethereum Is the Killer

In light of the fact that it does not eradicate ETH, ETH continues to gain strength. A member of the community asserted that Ethereum itself was the true killer behind Ethereum.

The talk took place a few days after another issue had been detected on the network of Solana. Which is widely considered one of the Ethereum killer blockchains with the most potential.

On the network that Solana uses, the issue was located and discovered. On February 25, the number of blocks being created on the Solana network dropped, necessitating a network restart.

The occurrence resulted in a wide variety of disruptions to the transactions that were being carried out by users. The situation has also sparked outrage on Twitter, where people have mocked the network and called it a “transaction killer.”

Summer White

Summer White

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