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BitOpps Review – Is BitOpps Scam or Legit?

Jerome Palmer

ByJerome Palmer

Mar 14, 2021

BitOpps Review

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The biggest drawback, comparatively more in the case of cryptocurrency, is the fear of losing your assets. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right platform to start with. It is the point where BitOpps plays its role. BitOpps is the hundred percent scam-free brokerage firm that is focused to groom and build the investor’s portfolio in the market. The brokerage firm is working with the purpose of providing guidance and all the information which is needed to support the investors in the market. In BitOpps review, you will get to know everything about the brokerage firm.

If you are thinking about driving in the crypto market then you should definitely consider the platform of BitOpps, to make it a success story. In my point of view, there will be nothing better than starting your trading career with BitOpps. If you are new or an expert, this review is surely going to help you in making a wise decision. In the first decade of the 21st century, a unique and unbelievable form of money was introduced which was named cryptocurrency. It didn’t have any physical appearance. A programmer with the code name of Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the idea of cryptocurrency in 2009 while launching Bitcoin as the first crypto asset. The crypto industry struggled for 1 to 2 years in the start but then started to rise up rapidly without looking backward. The idea behind the establishment of this industry was to transform the traditional financial market set up with a modern and comparatively secure outlook. In 2017, the awareness and increasing demand of Bitcoin caused the pioneer cryptocurrency to suddenly shoot up in the market and it resulted in gifting unbelievably large amount of profit to its holders. Due to this reason people started to rush into this market and today, cryptocurrency has become the biggest trading instrument across the globe. In the present time more than 1.7 billion people in the world do not have their personal bank account the biggest cause in this regard is the presence of a long list of restrictions imposed by these banks and this is the point where cryptocurrency play a vital role. This is the reason, a remarkable trend has been seen in crypto trading by the biggest business tycoons of the world due to which empty spaces are being filled day by day without leaving any space behind.

To increase the crypto trading efficiency, different brokerage firms have been introduced in the market. They are established to cater the services of their customers who are interested in trading by using cryptocurrencies. As you are directly dealing with money and currencies so the risk factor increases with the same ratio. Scammers use the forex platforms for their interests and can leave you empty-handed. Due to a lack of complete awareness and proper information traders face hundreds of problems especially at the beginning.

Let’s dive in the further details to discuss the pros and cons to have a better understanding of this amazing brokerage firm.

Why BitOpps Is a Great Trading Platform?

BitOpps is a trading platform, built with teams of the analyst, experts, and developers. The reason is that the team of BitOpps does not compromise on customer services, and it provides the best support to its traders. This platform is specially designed to make it easy to use for even new traders.

When you log in to your account at BitOpps, you are equipped with trading strategies, easy exchange methods, and low withdrawal and deposit fees. All these features make Bitopps a reliable platform that promotes the growth of your business.

BitOpps website

Accounts Offered By BitOpps For Trading

It is always a good approach to learn a bit about the things that you are not already aware of. Before you invest and open an account with a broker, let me give you some fundamental knowledge about cryptocurrency, so you could make a profound decision. Cryptocurrency is digital money that you have in your e-wallets provided to you by the broker of your choice. This e-wallet is given to you after you open an account with them. Cryptocurrency is money, with no physical presence. These are the digital coins with which you can invest, mine, use for quick payment, for money-free transfer, and transaction.

Now to start operating with cryptocurrency, you will need an account based on your preference. And for that, BitOpps provides you with 6 types of accounts. These accounts are specially built by keeping in view the trader’s preferences and needs in the market. So let’s just get right into it.

  • Basic Account

This account starts with an investment of €1,000. This account is the best option for the newbies in the business of trading. Basic accounts present you with all the necessary features and facilities that will aid your trading activity. This account includes live support provided by BitOpps, it also comprises an educational center and price alerts for keeping your trading up to date.

  • Bronze Account

A Bronze account starts with the funding of €10,000. It presents you with an educational center, live support, and price alerts. Additionally, it features an account manager of a senior level to monitor all your activities, which manages and guides you with your account.

  • Silver Account

With this, you will get price alerts, live support, an educational center, daily market reviews, and a senior-level account manager. All these features are available in the Silver account, with the funding of €25,000. This account has many other features like personalized trading strategies, 1 on 1 trading trainer, range of markets, and many more.

  • Gold Account

With the deposit fee of €50,000, you can subscribe to a Gold account. Along with the basics features of sliver account like personalized trading strategies, 1-1 trading trainer, range of markets, and daily market reviews. You will also get professional-level price alerts, a senior account manager, exclusive position access, and a VIP range of markets.

  • Platinum Account

After the deposit fee of €100,000, you will be eligible to get access to all the premium level services provided by BitOpps. This account offers more luxurious features like an Islamic account option, premier events, VIP level exclusive position access, trading strategies, and a VIP account manager.

  • Black Account

To gain access to this account, you will need to contact your account manager. It’s a most professional account for people who are experts in the field of crypto trading. It has many leisure services, but the most highlighted ones are VIP primer events, VIP exclusive positions, and a VIP account manager.

Crypto Assets

Being one of the prestigious trading platforms in the world of crypto, BitOpps is supporting and rotating more than 2000 crypto assets in the global market. Among these several trading options some of the assets are leading in the international market and hence they are highly supported by the BitOpps. These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and many others.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Being the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has achieved the highest tag price value in the crypto industry. No matter where this industry goes, Bitcoin will be on the top. Starting from 2009, Bitcoin is the first digital asset that laid the foundation of digital market and still holds the highest market capitalization in the industry.

When we talk about the price of Bitcoin, it has shocked the world already with its high speed growth and value in the market. Talking about the trading in the BTC, your investments can give you an unbelievably high amount of profits in a very short amount of time.

  • Ethereum (ETH)

Moving on to the second-biggest crypto blockchain which is none other than Ethereum in the market. Like Bitcoin, it has also won the status of acceptance by some of the biggest online banking sites and showing its bright future. According to the statistics, the market capitalization of Ethereum is soon going to compete with the BTC. The launch of Eth 2.0 has further increased the demand and market capitalization of this currency.

  • Litecoin (LTC)

According to the crypto analytics, it is also known as White BTC. Litecoin is also being recognized worldwide so it would be a wise decision to make investments in the Litecoin.

Security Policies and Regulation Protocols

As a responsible brokerage firm, BitOpps has adopted some of the serious protocols to ensure the security of its customers. It has planned its customer services in such a way that the security of their funds, as well as the secrecy of their information, have been kept on the topmost priority. BitOpps has won the hearts of its customers by adopting one of the most protective cryptographic protocols called the ‘SSL’ which ensures the smoothness of the complete security framework. It is not only responsible for critically recording the exchanges and transactions but also moves the operations peer-to-peer without allowing the disruption of any element outside. In short, no one can take any of your data outside without your notice.

No Additional Charges and Low Transaction Fee

You would have probably aware of the fact that in online businesses especially in the case of brokerage firms and trading platforms, everything is not explained in the first place but there are certain amounts of extra charges for fees that are kept hidden before the satisfaction of the customer. Once you have deposit a certain amount of money in your account, then you get to know about these hidden but mandatory charges which you have to pay without any choice. This is another feature that not only presents the customer-friendly behavior but also the transparency protocol of the brokerage firm. Another promising feature of the BitOpps is that you don’t need to worry about your funds at all. You are presented with transparent and straightforward exchanges in front of you, without any fear or doubt of anything. If there will be anything additional or something like that, you will be already notified about that particular policy. There is another good news in this regard which is the amount of fee you pay during the transaction. The transaction fee is relatively much lower as compared to the other platforms.

Simplest Deposit Method

During this process, you are provided with a number of options for your ease. You can transfer your credits using the wire transfer method, can use the electronic method of transfer or you can use your credit card information for the sake of money transfer. In the case of BitOpps, the brokerage firm provides you a golden opportunity to enter into the crypto community, just at the cost of one Euro. After they receive your deposits, thy convert them into euros according to the market rate at that particular time and then make your deposit.

Strict Implementation Of AML AND KYC Policies

A trader that has been in the market for some time knows how much policy can affect the whole experience of trading. And besides experience, it also has a major impact on the privacy of the customer. For a broker that deals with cryptocurrency, it is important to make everything private between the two parties. And no third party should be involved. For this purpose, we provide you the best platform of 2021 in the market in regards to privacy policies. BitOpps is considered best because of its KYC and AML policies.

  • KYC Policy

It is the mandatory framework for the customer identification process. BitOpps is based on Know-your-client or know-your-customer policy. You are obligated to provide basic information about yourself like your full name, address, income, your identity, and photo to your broker. This information is taken to avoid any illegal activity in the future.

  • AML Policy

AML or anti-money-laundering policy was introduced back in 2002, after the increase in the crime rate. This policy was built to avoid any criminal activity and to reduce and eliminate the threat of money laundering.

BitOpps monitors every activity of their user to ensure the safety of their assets. Each user goes through their system, this helps detect any suspicious activity. If they recognize any such pursuit, the account will be deactivated immediately.

These policies are also governed by higher authorities to make sure the safety of your asset. So no company can use or leak the private information of their customers.

You Can Get A Referral Bonus 

In order to increase the traffic and community of the cryptocurrency brokerage company, the firm has started a policy of referring a friend. In simple words, you can refer your friend and get a commission for this. The bonus will be the motivating factor for you to further tell your friends about the brokerage firm. After the investment of your friend with BitOpps, the minimum bonus or commission you can get is 328 euros, for the sake of the maximum you can contact your account supervisor to get further information.

Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy With BitOpps

The two most important aspects that you should consider while selecting a broker are depositing and withdrawal fees.

Usually, trading companies trick their new users with attractive features that come with high fees. So, it is crucial to explore the market and then pick the broker that does not have hidden means of making money out of your assets. For this reason, we have selected BitOpps for you.

BitOpps provides its users with easy and safe money transfer and transaction methods. So, now you do not need to wander through the markets for a budget-friendly platform, as BitOpps covers all the requirements of the best broker

How Do Withdrawals Work?

Although you might find BitOpps procedures quite extensive for asset withdrawal. Nevertheless, these measures are taken due to security reasons. To make a withdrawal, you will need the following steps. First, add your identity card number, and lastly your residence address. This ensures the safety of your savings by verifying the eligibility criteria.

After the confirmation of the request, you will be allowed to withdraw your money according to the rules of AML. All these measures will take up to 5 to 15 working days.

Customer Support Service

BitOpps provides options even when it comes to customer support. If you have an urgent issue and you need help, BitOpps provides its helpline number on its website for its users. This helpline number is active from 6 am to 3 pm UK time. But if you have a query about something, an email address is given on the main page of the BitOpps website, to which you can write an email. They get back to you immediately with professional support.

Education And Learning Center

If you are a new crypto trader, this feature will be a great help for you. BitOpps grants its users’ learning and education center. This center can help you grow your business by learning all the new methods and techniques. The cryptocurrency market is not like other markets, you will have to be updated about the trends all the time. For example, if you are earning 2,000 dollars each month, with proper learning material and education methods, you can easily earn up to 4,000 dollars a month.


Education governs our success, and for beginners in the crypto market, constant learning is essential. BitOpps provide brief data and information on each asset, so you could make a profound decision. Planned strategies and investments help in building a business that will add more money to your accounts.

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer

Jerome Palmer, a prominent writer for Big Trends Signals, leverages his deep knowledge of online trading to craft comprehensive guides and unbiased reviews, equipping traders for market success.

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