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Global CTB Review – Is Global CTB Scam or Legit?

Michelle Gilbert

ByMichelle Gilbert

Mar 28, 2021

Global CTB Review

When you start browsing the legitimate brokerage firms, you will see the name Global CTB. It was established in 2016; since then, it has been providing its services globally. People appreciate it despite the fact that it is comparatively new in the market. However, if you research deeply and take reviews from its customers, you will know that it has successfully won its users’ trust. Being a genuine brokerage firm in the market, it has a comprehensive understanding of the trader’s demands; therefore, it efficiently provides multiple options accordingly. The brokerage firm has intelligently devised perfect packages for everyone because the leading team is an expert in the crypto trading and equity markets. They have briefly described all the features and trading scenarios to get the best profit ratios.

The financial industry has grown tremendously from the last decade. During this evolutionary process, the market has experienced a lot of changes to ensure the circulation of funds at the highest rate. After the adoption of modern technological tools, every industry has been revolutionized to give maximum returns. The same is the case with the financial market, which is still giving unbelievably high results every day. The modern age has been preparing the mindsets of getting the maximum by giving the minimum efforts. For this purpose, people are looking for multiple earning sources in their routine. If someone is doing more than one job or business simultaneously, then the other is combining both. In order to find shortcuts and smart ways of earning, a large number of investors and businessmen are selecting the Forex market.

Brief Intro to Global CTB

The brokerage firm is specialized in the trading of digital assets, stocks, CFDs, and currencies. Other than Bitcoin, the investors can enjoy the trading experience by investing in more than a hundred crypto projects from this platform. These digital assets include Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and many others.

Global CTB website

Licenses, Regulations, and Legitimacy of the Broker

You might have a doubt in your mind that either the broker is totally licensed and regulated or it is a scam and fake. So stay calm because the brokerage firm has got a license from security commissions and is totally regulated by financial institutions. This is a strong indication that the financial authorities have completely regulated the company because only those institutes demand to show these identity protocols which are controlling this legitimate market at the International platform. Everything is done to ensure the security of the funds and to keep them safe.

Another outstanding security feature of the firm that has relieved its investors is the policy where the investors and the broker’s accounts are kept separate. This is done to ensure the transparent liquidity of the funds, which adds another layer of trust to the brokerage firm’s security. The reason is that if a broker mixes its assets with the assets of its customers, there is always a complete ambiguity about the profit and loss ratios and security of the funds. On the other hand, if a brokerage firm keeps both accounts separate, all the hidden doubts are cleared. If the broker is bankrupted and has lost all of its assets, then your assets are only safe due to a separate account.

Trading Markets

The word Forex has been derived from two words, “foreign and exchange.” With the addition of technological tools in the earning platforms, new digital currencies have started to develop in the Forex market.

The base of this revolutionary trend started in 2009 when an anonymous personality, so-called Satoshi Nakamoto, introduced Bitcoin, which is also known as the leading cryptocurrency. At that time, people didn’t show any interest in the first-ever digital currency. However, after 2017, Bitcoin reached a market price value of $19,000 and made its investors’ millionaire overnight, ultimately increasing everyone’s interest to trade with this trading instrument. Today, several other cryptocurrencies have launched in the market, but Bitcoin is still leading on the top. The main concept behind the success of cryptocurrency is its decentralized nature because it does not need any institution or a particular central platform where someone can control its trading activities.

Nowadays, investors in the Forex market do not need to fulfill the conditions of banks and other institutions to continue their trade. Forex, being the biggest market in the world, has a trading volume of $5.5 trillion per day is a source of generating the highest revenue in the least time span. Every day, more and more people are getting the awareness to enter into the Forex market.

Like every other market, the Forex market also has some specific principles of trading. One of these basic rules is the presence of a broker. No one can trade freely in the Forex market; therefore, everyone who wants to trade in the market needs a broker. You can consider these brokers as the gateways to enter into this market. These brokers have got the regularities and licenses from specific institutions and financial commissions.

With the presence of more than 15,000 brokers in the forex market, there is a high saturation and ambiguity in choosing the right brokerage firm to start the trading career. Several brokers provide their services, and you can choose the one that completely suits your career goals. If you start your browsing to find a reliable and legitimate brokerage firm, you need days and weeks to make a wise decision, but you are still unsure whether the brokerage firm is 100% authentic. Finding the right broker is very important because this market has become a heaven`s gate for scammers and fraudsters. People put all their wealth on the line and ultimately lose everything because of a lack of awareness. Not only the wealth but your personal information can also be used for illegal activities giving you another rude shock. On the other hand, if the broker is genuine and reliable, it will make your journey smooth and profitable. However, you will still choose the one that provides you with the best features in your interest. In short, brokers should be selected wisely after comprehensive research.

Multiple Options for Trading in Cryptocurrencies

A successful broker is the one that knows the demand and needs of its customers. In the presence of thousands of brokers working successfully in the market, Global CTB has proved its identity by fulfilling its customers’ requirements. Nearly all the new and old crypto brokerage firms are providing a platform to trade in stocks, forex, and many other instruments, but no one is giving the variety to choose from. For example, these trading platforms allow you to trade in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and that’s it. Not everyone wants to trade in such limited options when there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies for trading out there.

Some of us want to invest in digital currencies, which are not quite popular yet, and they expect these to give them profit in the future. This is the point where Global CTB has won the hearts of its customers. Taking care of traders’ concerns, the brokerage firm has tried to remove all the boundaries in the way of profit and successful trading. Besides Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, the firm has introduced some other cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies include Ripple, Dash, Monero, and NEO. One important thing that must be noticed is that the firm does not add any cryptocurrency as a trading option, but there is a special team of experts to decide it. The team checks all the background and the founders of the currency to ensure its reliability. Thus, if the firm has added a particular currency as a trading option, then there is a strong indication that a specific currency has some reliable background and it is going to stay in the market. There is another fact about these digital assets that several cryptocurrencies are coming out every day, but most of them are Ponzi schemes that take your funds out.

On the one hand, you can diversify your crypto trading experience by using multiple cryptocurrencies in trading, and on the other hand, you can use this option to protect your volatile digital assets by investing in more than one currency. Similarly, you can multiply your profit by trading with more than one currency.

Security and Privacy of Customers

Having a secure website for an online business is the key element for successful trading. A sense of security is essential for a trouble-free trading experience. When you start choosing from thousands of brokerage firms online, there is a good chance that you might not consider the security features as much because of all the other alluring features.

Global CTB is a reliable platform for all your trading needs, but the most essential and prominent feature is its security policies. These policies are more vital than you might realize. If someone steals your information online, they could use it for anything; for instance, when you become a victim of a cybercrime, the hacker or the criminal could use the sensitive piece of information from your records and use it to log in to other web platforms, they might also steal all your assets or funds and transfer it to international accounts. For this purpose, Global CTB uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which protects clients’ private information from any third party.

Global CTB also has a robust firewall system that eliminates any sort of cyber activity threat. For these features to work, you are required to accept their privacy policies and submit documents like proof of identity, passport, and an identity card. To eliminate any fake account activity, they will also ask you to submit a bank statement and a credit card picture.

Global CTB website

Trading Platform

Efficient and profit-oriented trading needs an efficient trading platform. You have seen many people in the Forex working with multiple brokers, and nearly all of them have one common complaint that their trading platform is not comfortable. If the trading platform is problematic and difficult to control, it results in causing delays in the trades, and you can ultimately risk all your wealth. Almost all brokerage firms have provided specific applications for the sake of trading. Now, in order to perform successful trading, you need to have a smartphone or a tablet, and then you need to download and install a particular application. It means that if someone can’t afford a smartphone, then he cannot enter the Forex market. Considering this fact, the Global CTB has given the option of web-based trading. It means that you just need an active Internet connection to enter the world of Forex. In order to perform your trading activities successfully, it does not require any smartphone or any application installation. You just need to open the website and put your commands into it.

Besides that, the broker has made appreciable efforts for the trading platform’s exceptional working because the expert team of the broker understands the importance of a good trading platform. The website is designed in a particular way that anyone, either an expert or a beginner, can use and master within no time. This is a highly comfortable option, especially for beginners that they don’t need to face difficulties while using a trading platform. The account dashboard is highly user-friendly and shows everything. It does not require you to search for anything. The broker has provided its users with a number of features and tools, including live rates, graphs, custom trading indicators, charts, and a one-click trading facility. Last but not least, the platform is facilitated with 128-bit encryption for the sake of ensuring the safety of all trades.

Customer Services and Support

Although Global CTB provides several features to compel you towards itself, however, the most prominent feature of this broker is the extent of customer support that it gives its clients. This broker never neglects the needs of their users and presents them with several options to fulfill each requirement. They have laid out an FAQ section in case of any query regarding their website. Along with that, they have displayed an email address and a contact bar on their website for the direct services. Despite these, you can also opt for a live video chat alternative to get professional advice. These services are available for you 24 hours a day.

Low Trading Cost

You may have seen thousands of traders becoming successful in the world of trading; therefore, you have decided to join this market. However, in order to reach such a high amount of profits, you need to consider the cost of trading first. In order to get the highest profits, you may want to keep your costs as low as possible, but everything depends upon the brokerage firm because every broker has set its own policies. It doesn’t mean that you should join the cheapest broker in the market because many of the firms are not more than scams and victimize their customers by providing ideal conditions.

One thing should be completely made clear that the broker can get profit in two ways, either through charge spreads or through commissions from its customers. Commissions depend upon the trading volume and are applied accordingly. They can be low and high in the same way; therefore, spreads are better. When you start your trading journey with the Global CTB, you will get a pleasant surprise that the firm does not have any commission policy, and zero commission will be charged on your trading. In order to take care of its customers, the firm has selected the spread model. In addition to this amazing opportunity, they do not have any policy of applying any additional charges in the name of maintenance fee, trading fee, inactivity fee, etc. No extra charges are kept in the name of deposits and withdrawals either.


Indeed, 2020 was a tough year for many businesses. But with a partner like Global CTB, starting a business and getting success in cryptocurrency trading has become an easy task even for the new traders. There is no better platform out there that gives you such a high comfort level. They present adequate and to-the-point information regarding your domains and offer you professional guidance towards the right decision for your trading venture.

You won’t face any difficulty working with Global CTB due to the library of resources they offer, such as low trading costs, multiple account choices, educational resources, and customer support. Based on all these points, I can confidently recommend you this platform even if you start small.

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert, a skilled writer at Big Trends Signals, merges her online trading expertise with exceptional writing to produce detailed guides and insightful reviews, facilitating informed trading decisions.

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