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Today we are writing a CFDAdvanced review for you and are giving you all the info you need to know before signing up with CFDAdvanced, we want to recommend CFDAdvanced for online trading because it is NOT a scam.

CFDAdvanced Review

CFDAdvanced logoOnce you make your way into the trading world, you would come to know its vastness. In the trading universe, you will come across hundreds of opportunities of becoming a rich and healthy person. But there is a need for some hard work on your side as you are required to find a place where you can trade hundreds of assets without any fear of security manipulation. But the question arises how you will find that site? A lot of research is needed in order to find the right broker where there is mental satisfaction.  I can help in finding that trading website that will help you not wasting any time on research. CFDAdvanced is a broker, which I am going to explain in detail.

In the CFDAdvanced review, I will unravel the characteristics of the broker that will be a lot helpful for those who are thinking about creating an account with the trading platform.

Brief Introduction of CFDAdvanced

CFDAdvanced does not need an introduction as it already has made its name in the list of reputed brokers. You would come to know that it has made hundreds of people rich by guiding them on how to trade various assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs. It does not matter whether a trader is small or big; the company provides an equal opportunity of becoming rich to every person who creates an account with the website. The diversity of features categorizes it in the top-notch trading platforms and makes it trendy in traders and investors’ ranks from across the entire world.

The account managers of CFDAdvanced serve users to their full capacity and give their best in providing extraordinary services to account owners. What’s more, traders find financial freedom after making their accounts with the site, the facility which is not available on any of its competitors. The company’s friendly environment gives traders ease to do things, which can change their lives forever.

CFDAdvanced website

Different Account Types

There are five different types of accounts, which a trader finds on the website. These accounts vary depending on their unique functionalities and services and satisfy investors belonging to different classes in terms of investment. If you have low investment, you must fund the Silver one by submitting only 10,000. The VIP account is specially made for those whose bank accounts filled with a lot of money. In the following section, I will elaborate on each of the five accounts in detail.

Silver Account

Upon opening the Silver account, users receive up to a 20% bonus on their funding amounts. The account’s funding rate is fixed at 10,000, which suits the needs of people at the beginning of their trading career. The leverage option is set at 1:20, exceptional quality of the trading platform. Other features of the Silver account include Senior Broker, Standard Trading Room, and Platform Walkthrough.

Gold Account

The gold account holders can enjoy leverage up to 1:40 while they claim a bonus of up to 40%. The senior broker is at the service of people who create a gold account on the platform. Access to the trading room makes you understand better how to trade different trading instruments. The website’s trading education section teaches people about the techniques and skills that are basically needed to trade various assets. The gold account allows you to trade fund at least 25,000 to start your trading journey.

Platinum Account

The Platinum account is specially rolled out for those traders who belong to an average class of investors based on their money level. In order to open the Platinum account, you must have at least 100,000 in your fund account and is ready to take risks. According to the given information, people can access leverage up to 1:60 and will be able to claim up to 60% bonus. Moreover, the premium trading room availability and educational access are also possible with the Platinum account.

Diamond Account

The Diamond account unlocks when you put 250,000 in the funding account of the trading website. Instead of a senior broker, the Diamond account owners will be assisted by a top broker having years of experience. Investors can claim a bonus of up to 80%, a very big amount. The leverage for the Diamond account has increased up to 1:100. Similarly to the previous three accounts, facilities of education and premium trading room are provided once you own the Diamond account.

VIP Account 

As the name shows, the VIP investment plan is for VIP customers as the minimum funding amount is fixed at 500,000. In order to assist VIP account holders, a special team of brokers is always ready to help traders when making important decisions. The VIP account’s bonus amount has increased up to 120%, while the leverage is hovering at 1:150. It is not recommended for those who have money but do not have enough experience. On the contrary, the premium account is designed only for VIP account owners.

How to Begin Trading with CFDAdvanced?

The process to begin your journey with the CFDAdvanced is easy and smooth, with no lengthy or confusing process. Let me explain to you how to build a strong relationship with the CFDAdvanced. I will divide the whole process into a few steps, including account creation, funding, account selection, and trading.

Account Creation

The first and foremost step of becoming an official member of the company is to go for account creation. In order to sign up with the website, you need to put the necessary information in boxes available on the registration page. For instance, users will tell about their first name, last name, phone number, country of residence, email, and some other information. If you want to secure your account from hacking, there is a need for strong password creation.


If the first phase goes successful, you will go into the second phase, where funding is required. The funding rate depends on which account you are going to choose for trading: if it is a Gold account, the amount of 10,000 is necessary, and if you go for the VIP account, you need to add 500,000. So, it is dependent on how much you are going to earn in the future. For funding, CFDAdvanced has listed a bundle of payment options for customers so that they can immediately start trading assets on the platform. It will make you happy that the company deducts no fees or commissions when you deposit funds in the wallet of the broker. The option of credit card and debit card is also at the service of people who make their minds of starting with the CFDAdvanced.

Selection of Account

As I have mentioned earlier, it offers a wide range of account types, including Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, Diamond account, and VIP account. It is advised that beginners should think about the Silver account as its funding limit is low but has recognized features that let you trade in the best way possible. On the other hand, the premium account can only be afforded by investors who have money in bulk amount.


Trading various assets can make you a rich person, but you require a versatile broker, such as CFDAdvanced. In the broker’s trading room, traders will find multiple assets, including CFDs, crypto assets, and Forex trading pairs. Trading is a thing that can change your life entirely and will make you a healthy person, but it also requires some efforts on your side. As long as you stay on the platform of CFDAdvanced, the professional team of the trading firm helps you out in the trading process. The assistance of professional account managers can maximize the potential of your trading manifold.

What Makes CFDAdvanced a Unique Broker?

The broker has many fabulous features, which you will not confront any other broker site. First, it takes traders as beginners and tries to assist them in the best possible way. The company has hired those people as account managers who spent a lot of years in the trading sector. Everything is easy and uncomplicated, from the time of account creation to the transfer of profit on investment to your bank. The company makes a true and friendly connection with its users and does not make them uncomfortable on the platform.

Second, as the name suggests, CFDAdvanced is specially made for those traders who are most interested in CFD-based products as it is a renowned broker for CFD trading. A comprehensive list comprising hundreds of functionalities will make your path easy and reliable on the website. Besides CFDs, it also ensures the availability of other popular trading instruments, such as Forex trading pairs and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a futuristic asset that involves unlimited profits. Currently, the crypto market is known for its high volatility, but it has a lot of potential and has a track record of success stories. It is a perfect time to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as these are now standing at the initial stages of growth. Once the institutional players make investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum, both prominent coins’ market caps can reach billions of dollars.

In terms of facilities, such as user interface, security, and privacy, it has also won its users’ hearts. In terms of security, it has made the arrangement of security walls that protect the broker site from all external security breaches and attacks from hackers. The user interface makes it more pretty and charming for people who want to invest in heavy amounts.

User Interface

The user interface of CFDAdvanced is interactional and is based on a user-centric approach. The in-built state-of-the-art theme of the site gives traders a professional feeling when they land on the site’s first page. I have reviewed its customers’ feedback and have found that traders are happy with its features, including the user interface. The process of going forward is brief and easy on the platform like its other operations. For instance, when you open its homepage, you will find the option of “open account,” press it, and you will arrive on the registration page. Once you complete the registration procedure, you will become an official member of the broker community. Furthermore, the user interface remains friendly and interactive irrespective of device, which means it will serve you on a mobile device as well as a computer. The website’s highly navigate options would make your walkthrough simple and comfortable on CFDAdvanced’s trading site.

Special Features of CFDAdvanced

There are a lot of features of the brokerage firm, but there are some specialities that need to be discussed. So, I will elaborate on each one of these features in detail.

Rapid Trade Execution

Time of trade execution matter a lot as it saves time for traders who bet on several products at a time. People avoid those sites which take a lot of time in trade execution as they want a trading room where trades execute in seconds. It is written on the first page of the website that CFDAdvanced lets you execute trades in milliseconds. Within a little time, a trader can place multiple trades that help in increasing the profit on trades.

Analyzing Tools

If you want to become a successful trader, you need to learn how to trade with the help of advanced analyzing tools. As per the opinion of expert traders, tools maximize the potential of profit and let you know the current markets’ current situation. Indicators and tools work based on the historical data, which helps speculate the future price value of assets. But one should learn first how to use tools in making a pile of money. For this, the platform provides you with trading education and account managers that let you fly high in the trading world. Warren Buffet becomes one of the richest persons on the earth because he knows how to utilize strategies and techniques in the best way.


With each investment plan, the company adds an additional facility of education. The educational section comprises information about both technical and fundamental strategies, which are crucial in the trading process. Education is really important if you are a beginner and want to build a career in the field of trading. To overcome the fear of trading complexities, CFDAdvanced has rolled out its professional educational section. In the educational tutorials, you will find everything about trading technicalities in detail.

Online Assistance

Online assistance or customer support will make you a fan of CFDAdvanced because the company pays great attention to its customers. The customer agents are dedicated only to provide support service to traders at any cost. They provide 24-hours customer support and resolve queries of traders on time. Users endorse the fact that support agents give prompt replies to their queries. Due to highly functional customer support, a fantastic and friendly relationship has been created between agents and traders. However, the facility of online chat is not available to customers, but they can join support staff via the “Contact Us” section. Moreover, they have also pasted the phone number as well as the support email address.

Professional and Experienced Team

The broker’s experienced and professional team serves customers to its full capacity and makes them comfortable while they use trading services. The staff members sitting at the customer support desk also have years of experience in the trading industry. The foundation of the website became possible when some professional financial experts and developers decided to create a reliable and consumer-centric website for the trading of instruments. Their attempt has succeeded as the company is now offering trading services to thousands of investors and traders across the globe. Users are happy with the services of CFDAdvanced as it has made hundreds of people rich and healthy, thanks to hardworking staff members. When people open their accounts and submit funds, the trading firm’s staff takes full responsibility for their funds and account management.

Secure Trading Platform

If you are looking for a platform that can give you security protection along with fabulous trading services, then CFDAdvanced is best for you. Professional traders or investors who spend a lot of time on trading assets prefer CFDAdvanced over other trading sites because it provides full security protocol to users. The deployment of strong security layers prevents it from internal and external breaching attacks or high-level security attacks. To date, users of the company do not face any kind of security manipulation or any other kind of breaching attempt.

It is regulated by a concerned authority which builds more trust about it in the minds of people. All of its products have also complied with the regulatory body. Furthermore, it also follows the rules and regulations in the form of know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) policies, which is enough to create trust in the minds of people. Once you become an official user of the site, you will feel mental satisfaction.

Final Verdict

In the end, I would like to say that CFDAdvanced is a trusted place for trading. I have tried to unravel everything about the broker and make everything clear to you about it. Now, it’s your turn to join the CFDAdvanced and become a rich person.

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